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Part 75: Lacryma Episode 33 Chapter 16 - Invisible chain pt.2

Lacryma Episode 32 Chapter 16 pt.2

I'm unsure if Eden blew the buildings up like this or if it was the Phantoms.
I wonder if Mythbusters would do an episode of Eden falling?

Assam "Chief Rimzan?"
"I'm glad to see you're alive!"
Assam "Same here, sir!"
I'm reading that as Assam being glad that Assam is alive. Because who wouldn't be happy that they're alive?
"You're injured... Leave the rest to us and retreat..."
Assam "Thank you, sir."

After the riveting dialogue with Assam he leaves the rest to us.

Why not? I mean the city is already clearly razed and you have rescued the sole survivor. Well, I guess the Phantoms could migrate to other cities to raze them.

"There's only a few Phantoms... This should be easy."
"No, there's more... They're hiding somewhere..."
"You can sense them?"
"I can sense their murderous intent. It's just intuition..."
"It's too dangerous to rely only on your intuition."
"Her intuition tends to be reliable."

What? The city has a name you know! It's not just a piece of land!

Anyways, as opposed to Toxa's Chapter 16 and the fight with Cross and Asty, Lacryma only gets to murder more Phantoms.
This map is only more difficult than Toxa's because it's larger and are thus a larger test of your patience.

Now that Kun has become a full fledged Knight. He get's all the bells and whistles.
That means A rank equipment and a WHOLE 3 KARTIA STAT. So Kun turns out to be a worse Toxa who cannot create Phantoms.
He also doesn't get to ride any sweet 6 winged red Dragons. I bet Toxa painted red flames on his, so it'll fly faster.
I know I would.

I'm able to create a +4 Kusanagi Blade, because Lacryma get's "Soul" Text before Toxa does.

If you can recall, and I don't blame you if you don't, I've been digging up a ton of treasure and equipment.
More specifically I've been getting the "War God" Armor set. It's A rank, so it should be really good considering I've not been able to equip it before... Now...

It's shit. It's worse than fucking Diamond Armor. So the only real use of this garbage is to give a Phantom A rank Armor so they can wear it?
And I could just have given them Diamond Armor instead? Waste of my Silk Kartia

Dream equipment on the other hand, is lighter and provide elemental resistances, so it's vastly superior.

Equipment Montage

New Kun

Old Ele.

New Ele. The best E rank armor I can create for her is Leather stuff and Enamel boots. Something something dominatrix joke.

New Lacryma

Old Troy.

"New" Troy. Don't tell him, but I got the Platinum Armor from a used items store.

So the map itself is just infested with Phantoms.

This is a rather large map, so I won't be giving you the whole tour. Considering there are no gimmicks on the map.
It's just more Phantoms to kill. Really that's it.

Oh and I have an army of Dragons. So just a few highlights and then we're outta here.

This is our first real opportunity to use Takeru Thunder ourselves. But at this point we have better Wind spells. Hey speaking off...

So the highest tier single target spells we have averages at about 120ish damage. Not Thunder Copy.
That beast sits on a staggering 150 damage.

Unfortunately this Shadow Dragon does not have more than 56 Wind Resistance.

So Lacryma used the most powerful spell available to us to open her mother's grave? Are you kidding me? It one shots a Shadow Dragon!
It's her mothers corpse were in that grave, it would have been mutilated! Good thing it weren't then

With nothing else of value to show in this mission, (Except Dragons shooting Phantoms from a 5 square distance? ) We'll end this with Troy getting the killing blow.

Oh hey, he leveled up.

"Hey, we won. Be happy!"
"But the town is destroyed..."
"Thinking like that won't help."
"All of this has no meaning."
"I agree."
How nihilistic of you. Everything has meaning, it's just that sometimes you don't like the meaning.
Wait... What does "nihilistic" even mean? Well unfortunately I have no time for online dictionaries.

To have to, or not to have to. That is the question. But really, those lines must have been translated incorrectly.

I spared you 30 minutes of reading about Dragons killing Phantoms. You're welcome.

Also, we got more of this mysterious Fynus stuff. Probably just trash.

"Since when did she become a fatalist?"
"Probably when she was born."
"What did you say?"
"Don't ask such a difficult question."
Don't be a dick Kun, he's just asking you to repeat yourself.


"You know, riding a Dragon and soaring through the sky have really cheered me up, I don't even remember why I was sad in the first place."

Back to Lacryma.

Assam "I see... I was hoping I can see her again."

Fuck yeah, join us Assam. I mean he is pretty badass, he did all... those... things?
Wait, what the fuck have Assam been doing other than being a reverse princess in distress?

Assam "I would love to join you, sir... But I think I'll stay here and protect these people."
Dude, you had trouble against Naga's. It's a wonder you have even survived at this point.
You're not going to be protecting anyone.

"If you think that the best thing to do, then do it."
Yep, they missed "is". I'm not taking responsibility for that typo.
Assam "Forgive me, sir."
"I don't even know why I pretended to care. We'll be leaving. Take care of yourself, Assam."
Assam "Yes sir."

Damnit, we almost made it away.

"Yes, Assam?"
Assam "I have a favor to ask of you."
"You mean besides saving your life? Twice? If it's something I can do...
Assam "Could you give this letter to Alana?"

"I can't say anything about your father... But when I think about the upcoming battle with your father, I feel sorry."
"You don't have to, Chief."

"Kainas is your father. You can't change that."
"Nuh-uh! He's not my father."
"Lacryma... This is sad..."
"What's sad is the day that I knew I had to kill him. Now I live only to kill him."

Man this dialogue just flows like a river doesn't it?

"Lacryma, what have I told you about taking things from strangers?"

"Wait a minute! If you use an Original, you will vanish like your mother!"
"I was born because my mother violated the law... This is fate. I can't change that."
"I see you're determined... But what about Vigilance?"
"Assign Alana to take my place. She can handle it."
"All I can do is pray you don't use it."
"I'm sorry..."

Really? Yeah, that's totally gonna happen. Every secret Ele have had, have been babbled on to someone else. Every. Single. One.
But no, go ahead and trust her with this.

"Are you listening to me?"
"That's right! We can win without using the Original! We're capable of that!"
Finally some recognition that we're bad ass.
"I can use this without the Text. And I'm the only one who can use it."
"Doesn't matter. Just don't use it."

This is sounding like Chrono Cross. Stop sounding like Chrono Cross. Please, for the sake of my sanity.

"You can't go against it. It's too powerful."
"It's our destiny to make the impossible possible!"
How could I not?

"Feelings end, but love lasts forever. When I leave this world, I decided to bring his love with me."
"What are you even talking about? When did you decide this? When you became an inquirer? You said we're all doing this together and you're going to die!? You're just a liar!"

God dammit Lacryma, just when I was beginning to think you were cool, you pull this suicide/self sacrifice shit.
Why can't you just believe in me who believes in you?

"What? Are you mad because I'm late?"
"No, I'm just not tired yet."
"Are you afraid of tomorrow's battle?"
"This is not like you. What's wrong?"
"When I saw the town destroyed, I got worried about home."

"You miss your father, right?"
"You're not sensitive, as usual..."
"What for... Tomorrow is the final battle. If you have something on your mind, say it now."

"I usually just run away... But Lacryma never ran away. She even has more problems than I have."
"I think she made it this far by fighting..."
"Troy, she's thinking of dying with Kainas."

"You think you can find how?"
"Out" is missing.
"I told you, I'm a genius."
"That's right... You're a genius."

"Ok, how's this... After the battle, we'll go to your mansion."
"I'll do my best."
"Hey, just don't push yourself too hard."
"Thanks Troy..."
"Just get some sleep. We cross the border tomorrow."

Somehow, Troy has become the person to hold things together.
Even though none of them really have an answer. Man, this update turned depressing.
But hey, we're the heroes, so I'm sure things will work out in the end.

Lacryma Episode 32 Chapter 16 pt.2