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Part 30: Lacryma Episode 14 Chapter 7 - Part of Eden pt.1

It's 4 in the morning. I have a headache, and I only see half of the colors I'm supposed to. Better make another update!

Lacryma Episode Something Chapter Whatever. pt.1

We continue, where we left off last time. When Troy were about to complain about why everyone hates him.

"I always get blame for something..."
"Can you tell me about Pales before I got so sleep?"
"We should sleep first."
"I'd rather listen while I can, because I may be dead tomorrow."
Unlike yesterday, where you might've been dead today. Sheesh didn't you know you're only supposed to get PTSD after the war Troy?
"That's not funny Troy."
"I'd rather die after hearing the story first."
"I don't worry about death. I always come bach."
Du Du Dun Dun Dun

Most people would say most cities pales in comparisson.

"Words can't describe the beauty of the city. The city represents eternity. It's like a dream."
"That's romantic... How can we get there?"
"The city is open only to the highest nobles."
"Then why were you there? You're not a noble."
"That's what I want to know. What exactly were you doing in Pales?"
"The people there are collectors. They ask me to dig out rare items. I go around the world and bring it back."
"That's lovely! I always wanted that kind of freedom... You're like an adventurer in the fairy tales."
Nah, he is more like a private market Indiana Jones. Who also happens to know spells and how to conjure artificial life... Private market Wizard Indiana Jones.
That's way too many hats for me to edit into his portrait.

"I am an adventurer. It's getting late. I'll tell you the rest after the battle."

Ele, Kun and Lacryma goes to bed.

"But it was worth it, right?"
"I think so..."

Holy fucking shit... How retarded do you have to be to build a city UNDER a giant floating rock?
I mean, yeah. It floats now, but nothing lasts forever. Who am I kidding. It's upheld by giant chains! It could never fail.

Just in case it's a bit hard to read, it says "Chapter 7 Part of Eden"

We return to this gaudy place, where I can only assume is in Pales.

"The ladies already do, so don't sweat it."
"Thank you."
Noble "What would you like as a reward? You could have whatever you want, except my daughter!"
"That's fine, I don't like to revisit."
"If possible, I'd like that sketch of the Kartia."
Noble "Kartia..? I presume the Original?"
"You said it, sir."
Noble "That is why you served me..."
"I can't lie, sir."
Noble "Ha ha ha! Fine, go ahead! The Original was sealed in his majesty's Encrypter School."
It's unclear if he is refering to the Cross Land king or the Idorus king. Assuming that Cross Land is a kingdom, of course.

THE Original Kartia? So there's only one then? I guess I should be relieved that there are only a single reality destroying fantasy nuke in play here.

Oh. So we have "Nothingness", "Life" and "Death". Great... Just awesome.

To be clear, this is just a sketch of the original, it's not like the nobles of Pales have Original Kartia laying around. I hope.

Noble "A sense of disobeying the law. The thrill of having the forbidden card. THis is the only thing that gives me the reason to live."
"!!! My heathen criminal senses are tingling! There must be a wrongdoer in need of death somewhere."
"I understand... How did you get it?"
Noble "It was sketched when the Original was dug out. It's illegal, but I bought it from him."
"Actually, you hired him to sketch it, right?"
Noble "Everyone screamed that this is forbidden, yet they say that it's a gift from God. I don't think God would give us something we couldn't touch."
Literally referring to Eve and the Wisdom Tree here. His logic makes sense... In the real world. But in God world everything is a test.
"You have a point..."
Noble "I really like you, but I can't give this to you. It's not that I don't trust you. If an Inquirer saw this, my life would be in danger."

"Demon..? Interesting choice of words."
Noble "They will do anything to achieve their goal. Once they have their eye on you, you're doomed."

Bachstail was/is an Inquirer! Unholy banana twist!

That's the end for today, I feel like snot is coming out of my ears and that I can taste colors with my nails.
Next time, on Law and Order. We'll be seeing some new friends, and old friends and averagely aged friends.

Lacryma Episode 14 Chapter 7 pt.1 END