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Part 78: Lacryma Episode 34 Penultimate Chapter 17 - End of the dream pt.3

Lacryma Episode 34 Penultimate Chapter 17 pt.3

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I promise this is the last update today.

"I have no regrets... Go ahead, fulfill your destiny!"
"Farewell, father!"

"You're going to regret this!"
"Get out of the way..."
"I said get out of the way!"
"You don't really hate your father, do you!?"
"That has nothing to do with it. I must do it!"
"Your father may have done terrible things... But for a child to kill her father is worse!"
Errr... Really? Oh wait, sorry, this is a friendship speech. My bad.

"When you hit me, you were trying to teach me that human life and feelings are precious... Were you lying to me!?"
"I wasn't lying to you... But it is my mission as an Inquirer to punish violators of the law."
"What good is it to pursue your mission if it means to kill your father? You are the one who's going to get hurt in the end."
"This is my fate, my destiny... I can't forgive violators of the law."

"What do you want me to do? You both want me to violate the law?"

"Why Troy?"
"You're an Inquirer. You are no bound by your destiny."
"But if I don't kill him now, the world will not be saved."
"Listen to me. There's more to what your father said."
"He used to preach to me when I was a kid."

"A judge without love..."
"I don't think killing your father will save the people."
"Please stop, Lacryma... I don't want this to haunt me..."
"Lacryma... Put back your sword..."

And somehow that made everything better? That was rather... Uh anti-climactic? Okey I think it's dumb. But whatever, let's just roll with it.

"Take me to court, that is, if you will allow me..."
"That should be Ok, right?"
"Right, Lacryma?"

Right, so Kainas is no longer evil. I guess we frost burned that away or something.

"Toxa's group went after Saradiart... Should we help them or should we go after the Commander?"
I'm sure Toxa can handle an immortal body splitting magic half-elf super boss or two. No biggies.

"I have a favor to ask regarding that."
"What is it?"
"I want you to go to Pentagram to stop the tragedy."
"Why there?"
And what tragedy?

"Correct... To create Eden, the Original "Heaven" and "Earth" Kartia are needed. If the Original "Heaven" is used..."
"The Original "Earth" destroyed Idorus..."
"The Original "Heaven" Will bring more destruction."

What? No, that's dumb. That's like super mega dumb. The reason "Earth" cause destruction without "Heaven" was because gravity is a thing. Eden is literally just a large mass of land. It isn't inherently destructive.
"Heaven" would allow Eden to be suspended in the Air. What would happen if it had nothing to suspend? Nothing would be my best guess. Or maybe it would create an atmosphere for Eden. Considering Elves and Half-elves can breathe
in the human worlds atmosphere, I can't imagine that being such a terrible thing to happen. It sounds really, really contrived to me.

"Perhaps it will cause a worse disaster than Idorus... I want you to stop that."
If "Heaven" really would do that, then it would have done that when cast with the "Earth" Kartia as well.
"Pentagram is the territory of the Shrine Warriors. It should be perfectly guarded..."
"There are member of the Rebels, other than Akueldo."
"You mean Pentagram..."
"Cardinal Beltshumeltz..."
"The Cardinal is higher than the Archbishop. How can that be?"
"He thinks there is no God..."

Besides how could Beltshumeltz even use "Heaven"? They needed Mona to use it, as Beltshumeltz doesn't have memory of Edens "Heaven".

"What are you going to do, father?"
"I'll take responsibility for what I did. Good bye..."



And so, after kicking Kainas's ass. Lacryma ends up helping her father with the very thing she wanted to kill him for.
I don't even. What the fuck? I can't... Someone else will have to explain this to the thread, because I can't. No really.
As far as this subject goes, I'm out.

What do you mean fly?

"Ok, what do we do now?"
"To Pentagram! We have to stop the Cardinal!"
"But Pentagram is to the west."
"It will take a week riding on a Kyau. Can we make it in time?"

They... They wouldn't... Would they?

"I used all my energy and this was the result... I thought I was using Saradiart, but he was using me."

"Eden was the answer... Life is cruel..."
"It's proof we lived as true humans. We did a good job."
"You're right..."
"I want to ask one last question."
"Go ahead..."
"Did Shell know the price of using the Original was death?"
"She knew. I told her... She knew she was going to die, but she chose to use the Original to save Lacryma."
"I see..."
"Are you upset because I kept this from you?"
"It was her choice... But thanks for telling me."
"Shall we begin? We have to end this, my friend."

Don't see how this was a secret considering it was Shell who told Kainas that the price to use an Original was Death.

And so they battle.

"Will you stop babbling?"
"I'm telling you, this isn't normal..."
Look everyone, Troy is afraid of flying on Dragons!
"Are you afraid of the Dragon, Troy?"
"By law, humans are not supposed to be able to fly."
"Stop lying."
"What if we fell off? We don't even know how to ride this thing."

This is Troy getting his comeuppance.

"Yes, Daenerys. Yeah, yeah..."

Lacryma's party is stealing Toxa's flying dragon. Grand Theft Draconis!
Why isn't there a Grand Theft Auto mod, that turns every car into a dragon? WHY IS THIS AWESOME IDEA NOT A THING?

So Lacryma does get to fly on Dragons. I have to admit Toxa's introduction to them were cooler.

And that's a wrap for err.. now. I'm gonna sit back and chill before updating again.
Anyways I think now is a good time to come forth with a small confession.
To really wrap this LP up in a way that resembles sanity, I have played through
the last of Toxa's campaign and I'm really just missing the last Chapter in Lacryma's to have fully completed the game.
So I'm kind not blind anymore. If you feel cheated well, I guess that's just the perks of being the LP'er.

Lacryma Episode 34 Penultimate Chapter 17 pt.3