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Part 43: Toxa Episode 19 Chapter 10 - Kindness pt.1

Toxa Episode 19 Chapter 10 pt.1

If you value your sanity, then run away. RUN FAR, FAR AWAY.

Why didn't they just create the food with Kartia? Just leave Ele out of it, or you'll just get sour tangerines.

No one likes Troy anymore. And certainly not me after this chapter.

Alright here we go.

"It looks weird, but it's very nutritious..."
"It may be good for your health, but we're having a party!"
Kun is one of those awkward types that only brings healthy food to a party, like... I don't know, soy milk?
Point is, don't invite Kun to parties where you have to bring your own food.

Oh man, this is so dumb you guys...

"Phantoms in the river? How did they get there?"
"I wonder if someone excited the Phantoms and caused them to fall in the river."
This would imply that these Phantoms are wild. They are... In a manner of speaking. But they didn't occur naturally.
"When the Phantoms get out of control somebody will call us."
"I bet they're illegal..."

Wait a minute... Illegal Phantoms, didn't we know something about...


"Do you have any idea of where these Phantoms came from?"
"Me!? Well, yea... sort of..."
"We can't ignore those Phantoms in the lake!"
"She's right! We have to kill them all!"


Alright so we are here. I'm gonna give you the highlights and then we never speak of this reused
crap again. Understood? Good.

First of all, let's check the status of our party members.
Toxa is lvl 13!? That's actually pretty high compared to where we are in the game.
So remember when Kun got his upgrade in Lacryma's chapter? Well he isn't the only one.
In fact everyone who went to the tournament got better.

Toxa is now sporting double A ranks. And he got a Kartia stat upgrade.
Unfortunately I can't actually create A rank Armor yet. But we can equip the Zweihander that we stole from Rimzan, way back.

It's... err... Shit. To say the least.

Alana also got +1 to both her ranks and a Kartia stat upgrade. This is really good for us since this allows us to make better gear.
In theory.

Yep, Kun has his upgrade here too, just checking.

Posha got shafted since she only got an Armor rank upgrade and a Kartia stat upgrade.
I can't actually make any D rank armor that's better than E rank at this point. So we're sort of in an odd transitional phase
were we can't make the most of our new stats.

This is how the Zweihander looks like.

Gotta make some pretty clothes for Posha.

There's a 6 attack difference between Zweihander +2 and +4. That's larger than any weapon we've seen so far.
The downside to the Zweihander is that it's somewhat inaccurate. Where we'd normally have 97-100% chance to hit.
We'll be sitting around 75-80 with the Zweihander.

Alana gets a massive upgrade with the Dream Sword.
And I also give her +4 Silver armor. Because why not?

Posha actually isn't a tomato at this point and is now better than Ele. So that's something.

And Kun doesn't get jack shit, because he is a temporary member.

We also have access to Pardos Textnology. And with our increased Kartia stats, Toxa can create one with an A rank in weapons.
I could have finagled A weapons on other Phantoms earlier, but I didn't see a particular need to.

Of course, Alana is better at reading so she get's A weapons and +1 movement on her Pardoses... Pardosi?

There is a reason why I didn't delete my Lizauro's.

And that reason is that Pardosi can't cross water. At all.

This isn't even a remotely challenging map.

Case in point, My Pardos can oneshot Polypens with a type advantage.

Of course the Pardos misses and 83% chance to hit. This is why I don't like playing Xcom.
Toxa shows us how it's done doing 89 damage.

Burned some pot, acquired knowledge. If only getting an education was this easy in real life.

Yes, there's some buried crap in this map too. Nothing too interesting really.

See. I didn't get the chest with 99 of every kartia, and I still have a massive stockpile of Kartia. I don't think I'll ever be able to use it all.

Also reinforcements show up. Like 1 or 2 phantoms at a time. It gives the Pardosi something to do, I guess.

Toxa thinks a little about the bullshit filler he is in, and goes nuclear.

This is effectually worthless.

Set yourself on fire, acquire knowledge. Everything really is a learning experience.

One of our new spells is a giant rock with a face, getting slammed into the ground by a midget.
Maybe we should burn less pot.

Interestingly enough, even though our Lizauro is on the brink of death, it still managed 20 damage on the Garork.
Girlpower yo.

It's mediocre B rank armor.

There is a ton of text in this map.

Woah, wait wait hold up. Just back off a little. There's a spell called Flame King?
Gotta Gif that shit.

And then I killed the last enemy.

Is it just me or does Posha look cross eyed?

After all the text we already got in the map, the game throws even more at us.

Bring your booze, because next time is party time.
Not you Kun. You're not invited. No one wants your Tofu cake Kun. Go away

Toxa Episode 19 Chapter 10 pt.1

Addendum: You have no idea how much I just wanted to cut out the whole combat section entirely.