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Part 47: Toxa Episode 21 Chapter 11 - Knight's choice, her choice pt.2

Toxa Episode 21 Chapter 11 pt.2

"Are you going to decipher the Text? You can do that later."
"Have you forgotten our motto?"

Toxa is feeling particularly bloodthirsty this time around, so he's manning a cannon. Little does he know that he hits harder than the cannon

"I can decipher the Text..."
"Ha, ha, ha! I can't let you do my work just so that I can get some sleep."
"Using Kartia requires concentration. You should really get some rest."
"Please get some rest, Alana."
"Hmmm... I guess I have no choice... Misty, I'll leave the rest to you."

And so Posha and Alana leaves. Sometimes I wonder why Posha even exists at all.

"Either way, we have to protect the fortress. Duran, in case I don't make it, please protect Mona on my behalf."
The guy who rare gets wounded in battle is fearing for his life. That's rich. Besides why do they have to protect the fortress? Their immediate goal is to protect Mona.
"Toxa, I'm sorry... I really feel bad about this..."
"What's wrong, Misty...?"
"I want to apologize to you now, since this may be my last time to. I made a horrible mistake. One that can't be forgiven."
"Don't worry about it, Misty. Besides, if we didn't run into you, I would not have met Mona."

Wow, I guess we were really early. Did the Rebels have to make a toilet stop somewhere or what?

"Good job, Misty. You can trade with Toxa."
"I'm fine..."
"I understand how you feel, but you need to rest..."
"Misty, you're doing too much."
"It's my fault that everybody is in this situation."

"Don't get cold feet now. We have no choice, we have to win!"
"You're right..."
"Posha, go get the others!"
"Those are official Akueldo soldiers..."
I thought Akueldo was supposed to be secret, so why do they have official soldiers?
"So, they're experienced in Kartia. Sounds like fun..."
Take note of this sentence, remember it for later. It's of minor importance.

"They're here..."
"What? Where?"
"Where are they? I don't see them!"

They send 7 guys at me? I don't want to be all here, but that's much less than what I expected.

Can we?

"Don't get cold feet now. We have no choice, we have to win!"
"You're right..."
"Posha, get the others!"
"Those are official Akueldo soldiers..."
Akueldo; a secret organization has official soldiers. Doesn't that sound incredibly dumb?
"So, they're experienced in Kartia. Sounds like fun..."
This is going to be relevant in exactly the way you imagine, if you know how this game has played out so far.

So we're just east of the Ponds skirmish we had with the thieves a good few chapters back.

I'm not sure if we have to murder everything or simply just the human characters. But we are gonna kill everyone and thing anyways.

So we start off at this bridge, with a coherent and reasonable formation for once.

As we saw earlier we are in immediate range of 4 Common Pardosi.

Further down, we see the new Phantoms for this map. These are the Minotaurs.

Gone are the days, when newly introduced Phantoms were lvl 1. This one is lvl 3!

So Minotaurs are straight up Beheads Mrk. 2. They can't wear helmets and they have better equipment stats.
Personally I think the Pardosi are better because they have higher movement, but in this small map, that's hardly going to be all that relevant.

Further down and at the end of the map is this mashup of Thieves, Encrypters and Soldiers.

Soldiers are the Thief Mrk.2 with better equipment stats. But that's irrelevant as they're wearing E/D equipment.
They do have a higher magical resistance though. So I suspect these might be harder in the future.

Encrypters are the Thief Mrk.2 Variant Shit, that says a lot in this game. They have better average magical resistance than the Soldiers, but shittier equipment rank.
Also note that they have slightly less or equal magical resistance to Toxa. Other than that they are completely unremarkeable.
I don't believe they cast better spells than Thieves or Soldiers.

And on the other side of the first Minotaurs are of course some more. So that's the opposition.
But we have a Tactical Advantagetm. Given that we are fighting near a fortress that we hold we have access to these:

These are the same cannons that Toxa encountered in Chapter 5. That means they will always deal 50 damage. Unfortunately
our characters all have ways of dealing more than 50 damage. And considering how this map is gonna play out, their range simply isn't enough to hit anything.
But we have them! And that's what counts.

Wait... Aren't I forgetting something?
Oh yes, remember that god awful filler in Lacryma's Chapter 10? I don't because I blocked it out, but I'm sure you do.
Anyways there was a significant benefit to that.

Misty has stopped being a terrible unit. She gained +2 Armor rank stats and +1 Kartia stat.
That is HUGE. Armor is always better than weapons.

Duran ranked up to become Pre-Tournament Toxa, but with +1 Kartia stat.
I don't particularly have anything else to add to this.

This is Alana after I've made new equipment for her. She now has better defense than Toxa. To be fair, Toxa's equipment is still Big Armor set.
And as a minor "challenge" to myself, I won't be upgrading his armor until I find or create A rank armor.

So here is why B rank Armor on Misty and Duran is so huge. See this Platinum armor? See it? Well it looks pretty tough.
But if you make it "Tough"'er...

It turns into Diamonds. I want to show off one other thing that has been mentioned in the thread.

I didn't highlight it, but the last Silk Text I added was "Ultra" and it's just as Ultra as it sounds.
It adds +3 to any item or spell you create. Yes, any and all. Because oft his, most of our party can cast +4 spells almost all the time.



Duran is now sporting 63 Defense!

Duran went from 8 to 26 damage. Misty is just a carbon copy of him without the 26 damage.

Instead she get's the Platinum Sword for a 21 damage. Not too shabby.

The only feasible upgrade for Posha was a Buddha Robe, so I made a +4 for her. 32 defense to all resistances are pretty good.

So let's try making one of these Minotaurs, and let's completely break it in half.
It has pretty good item stats, and as you've seen stats we can take advantage of the most is C-B.
So there is no point to make it's stats A rank in equipment. Instead, let's just do this.

Why yes, that is +3 movement. Last chapter I got the "Beast" Text, and when you add that to a Phantom it gives +2 movement.
Combined with the "Fast" Text you get +3. So how far can it move then?

Pretty far. I think it's either slightly more or equal to our Pardosi movement range.

I gave it a full outfit to the best of our current Textnology. It is almost one hitting Pardosi It's pretty great.

Toxa isn't doing fairly well for wearing several chapters old equipment. He is still taking 1 damage though. Man I hope we can get A rank armor soon.


You'd think that these Chess pattern spells would be bad for hitting things, but more often than not, most things line up perfectly.

For some reason I didn't +4 this spell. I don't know why. Also, Quake Disaster sounds awfully close to "Terra Disaster" which was the summon spell name for the Minotaur Brothers from FF8. I think?
Why can I remember this shit, but not what day of the week it is?

It sort of looks like a winged Minotaur. If you squint.

I rarely need Red Flames hit area, but in this case the Check Pattern didn't hit all the targets I wanted it to.

Tech Shoes and Diamond +2 stuff? Stop giving me outdated crap

Let's try these Cannons out for our selves.

As you can see, I'm almost done cleaning up the Pardosi and Minotaurs, I got Posha to the Cannon as fast as possible and yet, only one Minotaur is in range.
The AI isn't even set to be aggresive, so really they're a novelty to use.

That was exciting!

Wait what's this?

Oh no! It's an Alana!

Alana really is the disaster here.

On the other side, Misty appears and almost one shots this thief with her normal attack.

I didn't actually attack with Misty, I just wanted to show you how much damage she'd do.
Duran has a magic trick to show us instead.

Oh look it's raining embers, it looks so beatifu-

That took over half their hp in damage.

It was so pretty the first time, so let's do it again.

This Text must have been written on a rock or something.

So close

This beefed up Minotaur is really good. I'd place it somewhere between Duran and Misty in terms of physical attacks.

The Pardos is attacking with a spear here, because this is the one place were having one would be good, and it still doesn't kill him.
Spears and axes are terrible.

This is my last action this turn. I've wounded most enemies and there shouldn't be enough around to one shot a human. Let's see what happens

Fucking nothing, that's what. The enemy completely passed up it's turn. It didn't even move.
Yeah I'm really quaking in my boots over here. Why are we afraid of these guys again?

The enemy is almost subdued so let's dig out the one items that's here on the map.
It's actually underneath the tree so burn that first.

Shake the ground a little for it's lunch money.

And voilá, a shitty weapon drops out for our Pardos.

But now we have a full set. Hooray!

And now to loot the chests.

This soldier had a Text on him.

And now the final blow in this map.

Goodnight sweet prince, you did nothing to defend yourself. You were a terrible Soldier.

Yeah, that was my reaction too.

"I think so..."
"Yes. The battle is over."
"We won! We won! I protected Mona."

I sort of expected more, you know? Reinforcements of some sort? Only 20 guys? Call me when you're 50 or more

We got a lot of new Textnology at least, so that's something.
I imagine the Bull Armor is Phantom Armor for our Minotaur.

Next time, we are gonna get an exposition dump. So get ready for some truly shit.

Toxa Episode 21 Chapter 11 pt.2 END.