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Part 82: Toxa Episode 36 Final Chapter 18 - Eternity pt.2

Toxa Episode 36 Final Chapter 18 pt.2

Strap in kids, this is is! The final fight in Toxa's campaign.

So this is our objective. Saradiart is the hardest opponent we've faced yet. Obviously.
But even that is hardly enough to stop us. We're way past magical elven bullshit.
We have kartiatic human bullshit.

So Saradiart is lvl 20. Just like most of Toxa's party. He is also sporting a Dream Katana.
He is employing a tactic I've been using most of the game. You know you've got them on the ropes when they are
copying you. Other than that he has terrible equipment. More on him later.

I figure now is the time to show off all the Text's we've collected.
I am currently missing a Silk Text. It's a Text used in making the Novel set. Which increases XP gain. It's only wearable for humans.
As for where to get the Text? I have no clue. But whatever. It's not important. Most of our party made it to lvl 20 anyways.

I do have all the Mithril Texts. So yay, go me.

And I also have all the World Tree... Wait what? I'm missing 3? What the hell? Where could they be?
At this point I just don't see the point in getting the last Texts. I am 100% done with this shit.
At least 50% of playing this game is breaking open containers and opening chests to get Text. So fuck it.
I'm done with that.
Besides the Text's in question are not even worth the Kartia to dig up since they're only used in creating the Soul Blade.

Anyways we start here.

And there's just a shit ton of Phantoms.

And Saradiart is also spamming Phantoms. Great. But this map is really really easy.

Mainly because the game likes to fight to it's own disadvantage... If it even attacks at all. Most of these Phantoms AI are set to Wall.
So they won't attack unless we walk into their attack range. So you can for the most part ignore them.

See? The AI is stupid as... Well It's really stupid.

Choo choo get out of the way. Phantom Pain Train coming through.
I just hope Saradiart doesn't know how to "Blitz" But this isn't Final Fantasy VI So I have nothing to worry about.

He only knows the ultimate magic spells.

Turns out revenge isn't a dish best served cold, because Misty only took 18 damage.

Guess who forgot what Dream Katana does?

This guy! Man, that was totally intentional. Now I can farm out XP on Saradiart!

Let's see if Saradiart can take it as well as he dishes it out.

2 Absolutes Zero's, A Thunder Copy and a attack from Toxa and he is still only down to 47 hp.

Make that 67. Damn. What the fuck gives? Well he has 139 resistance in all elements and the most ultimate of spells only deal 150 before Mix shenanigans.
So my spells at best only deal 11-18 damage per cast. Normally I'd approach this from a physical attack angle, but Saradiart has the Dream Katana.
So a normal attack will have to deal more than 38 damage for it to be better than Kartia. So in short I can't one turn Saradiart.
It just takes two turns instead.

This is where Toxa's magic weakness shows. Damn 41 damage.
It's funny that Misty only took 18 damage, but she was knocked out stone cold in the cutscene in chapter 17,
while Toxa was just knocked down to a kneeling position. Not really reflective of game play elements.
But let's move on.

Oh by the way, the Kyau General is just fine.

Maybe I shouldn't have parked Karis right next to a Fynus Phantom.

Nah, it's totally fine. Dream weapons are over powered.

Anyways time to end it. Once and for all. First we heal up.

I thought it appropriate for Toxa to land the killing blow. (It's not at all because he has the highest physical attack.)

And that's for putting filler in Chapter 17! You dork!

Wait.. Really? No Final Forms? I'm kind of disappointed to be honest.

As a final fuck you. The game gives you an Odin Hat you'll only ever be able to use if you play the game again in NG+.
We also have a massive surplus of Kartia. But this is the final game section of Toxa's story. I hope you enjoyed it.(I didn't, not really. )

It also prompts us to save our clear file.

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Toxa Episode 36 Final Chapter 18 pt.2