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Part 9: Lacryma Episode 2 Chapter 1 - Meeting Pt.2

Lacryma Episode 2 Chapter 1 Pt.2

Toxa had a similar screen when we started his campaign. Though his read "Record of Fake"
Coincidence? Probaly not.

Vigilance HQ - Meeting Room.

The game can be somewhat inconsistent with titles. Sometimes it says "Bishop Aile" and other times it's just "Aile"
Similar to how sometimes Duran is "Shrine Warrior Duran".

Aile "Lacryma, take care of everything while I'm gone."
"Please be careful."

Aile leaves.

"Yes sir. I will take care of Vigilance while you're gone."
"Great, Also, look after Posha as well."
"As you wish."

Lacryma kneels, after Rimzan leaves.

After praying to God, Lacryma views her duties as taken care of and goes back to her room to continue her research on the much elusive "Roastbeef" Kartia.

I still can't get over the fact that these, amulet things are actually Kartia. There isn't even any Text inscribed on it!

"What are you talking about? By the way, where is Rimzan?"
"On the way to Pentagram. He's guarding the Bishop."

If you don't remember, Pentagram Cathedral is where Akueldo kidnapped Mona from.
Since we are in Episode 2 properly, these events take place after Toxa's run in with Misty.

"By the way" counter: 3. I get that in this case Lacryma is just copying Troy, but come on. You'd think I wrote this dialogue.

"No rest for Lacryma until our leader returns. I respect you."
"Kissing my butt doesn't change anything. Why are you late?"

A swear word!? IN THE 1997'ies !? I... I can't... What the hell? It's not even "bleeped" out like in FF7. Though to be fair Barret probaly has a pretty foul mouth.
He does have a stereotype to fit into. Butt still.

"Kartia exist to be used. Hence, a resource."

Why am I getting those hippy vibes again? Oh right 90'ies game.

"You're only serious when it relates to Karma."
"I want the Unlimited license by this year."
"That's higher than the Advanced license"
"Everyone's an Encrypter these days."
"I understand what you mean, but you're late. I want you to make it up by making Kartia."
"Yeah yeah... Whatever you say, boss lady."

Lacryma is a pretty harsh boss. Especially considering the nature of Vigilance as an organization.
What licenses are... Well Troy will explain them more a bit later, so let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

"If Pentagram has money, they should use it for Text research. This way, we'll have more Kartia"
"The World Tree is used for Kartia. What good will it do to lose the World Tree?"
"I think it's stupid to spend money on the World Tree."
"Our present life style is based on the power of Kartia."
"In the past, the World Tree was the only material used for Kartia."
"That was then. Now there are cheaper materials."
"Some Kartia can only be made with the World Tree."
"World Tree Kartia has nothing to do with everyday life. World Tree Kartia is impractical."

You take that back, you filthy liar. You take it back RIGHT NOW! World Tree Kartia is the strongest Kartia in the game. Stop being so wrong Troy.

"People with no faith can't possibly comprehend."

Yes, just cut down all arguements because they're faithless. That's how people on the internet argue Lacryma, you're better than that.

"That's great."
"Why is that?"
"Rimzan is guarding the Bishop. Alana and Duran are gone. The Knights are also gone. With only the two of us..."
"Two? What about Posha?"
"I'm talking about people who can fight."
"Don't say that. Besides, fighting is not everything."
"When it comes down to fighting, she hinders us."
"Not true. I always make up for her mistakes."
"See? She's dragging us down."

What Troy doesn't know is that Kartia early game is super easy. Except for a certain aspect of Lacryma's second chapter.
Because fuck the RNG gods. But that's also getting ahead of ourselves.

"I'm looking for Vigilance Headquarters. Do you know where it is?"
"Yes I do. Why?"
"I'm looking for Chief Rimzan... Why do you ask?"
"You must be Kun, the new member of Vigilance."
"Why do you know my name? Are you a member?"
"Yes, My name is Posha. I'll take you to Headquarters."

"Rimzan told me that Vigilance work is very dangerous. I never knew a girl would be in Vigilance."
"...You're right."
"I can't do anything right. I'm useless."
"Oh, I... I didn't... I didn't mean it that way."
"It's OK. I'm not good with a sword. I only have a beginner's license. I'm a burden to everyone."

Damn Posha. Way to just barf up all your insecurities on a guy you havn't even known for 5 minutes. Holy shit. If this were a date, then these are the absolutely do not date flags. Just... Run. Run away and never look back, lest you find yourself stalked by a psycho. I've seen enough anime to know where this could lead.

The noise of people screaming can be heard

Lao "Help! Somebody help!"
"Mr. Lao, are you OK?"
Lao "Those damn Phantoms... They appeared and started to destroy my place."

Lao "Posha, I heard you are now a member of Vigilance. Will you take care of the Phantoms for me?"
"But I... I can't kill Phantoms..."

"Sir, is there anyone else left inside?"
Lao "A few customers..."
"Sir, if you could go to Vigilance Headquarters and get help, I'll get the others out."
"Could you get the people outside? I'll take care of the Phantoms."
"But you're not a member yet."
"That has nothing to do with it. People need help."

Kun. Providing an insight into every young male's mind. Showboating and being the hero.

Posha, the anti-matter to everything awesome. Also stereotypical logic.
Shut up Posha, I'm obviously cool by owning a sword and swinging it around with no practice,
where the most realistic outcome would be self mutilation. I've played video games. I know how to fight!
Now get me my fedora, I've got a neckbeard to grow.

Posha and Kun heads inside the pub.

To be continued...

Next time we'll briefly cover combat again... very briefly.