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Legend of Kyrandia 2: Hand of Fate

by Hyper Crab Tank

Part 1: Introduction

Video: Opening Cinematic (Youtube)

The opening cinematic is narrated by Joe Kucan - in other words, the newly crowned King Brandon. He does not otherwise appear in this game.

Narrator: Kyrandia is disappearing!

Narrator: Rock by rock and tree by tree...

Narrator: Kyrandia ceases to exist!

Here's all our old pals: Darm the elderly wizard, his pet dragon Brandywine, Brandon's grandpa Kallak, Brynn the priestess, and Zanthia the alchemist. And a very colorful fellow in the top left, who we haven't seen before.

Narrator: Every reference has been consulted.

No, you shouldn't really know who Marko is. He's a new character, and so is his weird handservant.

That's very convenient.

Narrator: And finally a plan was approved that required a magic anchor stone...

... maybe not so convenient after all. If the best plan you can come up with involves journeying to the center of the world, you know you're in deep.

Hurry up, Faun! This should be enough blueberries to open a portal to the center of the world.

I guess this does explain why she wanted blueberries in the first game. Sounds like we've got this one covered already.

Finally a game where we don't have to engage in a series of convoluted puzzles just to get to our destination!

Why is nothing ever easy?