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Legend of Kyrandia 2: Hand of Fate

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Part 7: Wherein Law Enforcement is Thwarted

Hi and welcome back to the magical land of Kyrandia. Last time we started exploring the fertile farmland surrounding Morningmist, encountered a farmer obsessed with strange radish-based condiments, fixed a waterwheel, and ran into a ghost that apparently haunts haystacks for some reason. Now that we've had some time to gather our courage, let's talk to this specter.

Zanthia gets straight to business. We're getting into that city. Nothing else matters.

Get me a big body and I'll beat them up.
I'd love to help you, but how?

That's... not quite what I expected, but awfully convenient.

Why can't you get inside a body by yourself?
Somebody has to do it for me.
If I do help you, will you help me?
Well, I know you'll feel better about yourself, and that's a start at least.

I guess that's close enough. In the bottle you go!

I wonder where I can get this guy a body?

How about this scarecrow? It's not exactly very beefy, but it might get the job done.

Hey, thanks!

Hey, you were supposed to help us beat up those guards! Get back here!

Get back to work! You haven't fulfilled your contractual obligation.
No way, Fatso! I'm not working that garden again! See ya!

Instead, the ghost/animated straw man decides to antagonize Farmer Greenberry. You know, this works too - with the farmer out of the way, we can finally get into that basement of his and have a look around!

Aha! Now to investigate.

This cellar is bigger than the house! I know there's SOMETHING useful in here.

All right, we've got a whole bunch of stuff here. Most of the floor is occupied by a strange-looking machine with a big lever.

"ACME Cheese Maker".

We're in the business for some cheese, so this might be helpful. However, we need some raw ingredients to put in that hopper before it will produce any cheese for us, and we're all out of dairy. Sitting on the back wall is an assortment of horseshoes and a pair of shears.

We'll grab the shears and some horseshoes. You never know when random junk will come in handy in an adventure game. Nothing else down here will help us right now, so let's get out of here and see if we can't find some milk for that cheese maker.

Well, it's a little more involved than that, usually. Sheep's milk should do the trick for cheese, though.

Now there's milk in there. Let's try it now.

Is that Cheddar or Colby?

Neither, given that neither Cheddar nor Colby are locations that exist within the Kyrandia universe.

Anyway, now that we have some cheese, we're 1/4 of the way towards making that delicious, juicy sandwich potion. Next up, we need some lettuce.

Did you notice this valve last time we were here? We neglected to turn it back then, but we'll do so now.

What does that do?

It fixes the elephark watering system! We could have done this at any time, of course. Now that the valve is open, we just click the hose-trunk, and...

Wow! That must be very fertile soil.

Instant veggies! Didn't even need any fertilizer. What's Farmer Greenberry growing?

Halfway to a sandwich already!

Strange as it may sound, as you'll recall, radish is part of the recipe for mustard in Kyrandia. Oddly, Kyrandian mustard contains no actual mustard. We already have the other ingredient - vinegar - in our inventory, so we're just one item short of done with our shopping list.

Wheat rounds off the list nicely. Now, we can't just chuck all the ingredients in the pot and hope for the best. Radishes and vinegar by themselves do not equal mustard, and the wheat has to be ground into flour before it'll work. Remember that poundy fisty machine we repaired last time? It's a grinder. We could use that.

On the way there, we're going to steal this dragon's feed bowl. We're going to need it for something.

Taking it makes the dragon cry for a brief moment before going right back to sleep. You can collect the tears, and as far as I can tell it's the same reptile tear item we used to make a swampsnake potion earlier. We have no need for one of those right now though, and none of the other ingredients at any rate.

How can I scoop it out?

Throwing the wheat at the hand predictably crushes it to flour. This is what we need the bowl for; to get the flour out. It's as simple as using the bowl on the hand, and voila: wheat flour.

We're going to need to re-use the bowl shortly, so it's time to start the sandwich-making process. The flour goes into the pot, and it flashes a little. While we're at it, we can just throw the cheese and lettuce in there too.

Now to make some mustard. We can crush the radish and scoop it out the same way we did the wheat.

A dash of vinegar from the bottle we nabbed earlier, and...

Into the pot it goes!

Let's find out, shall we?

Yup. Using the potion on Zanthia liberates the sandwich from the bottle. We can get two sandwiches from this batch; we don't really need that many, but there's no reason not to.

With sandwich in hand, we have a shot at getting past these two goofballs.

Zanthia sets a cunning trap.

(Now to hide...)

Too busy arguing over the sandwich, the guards have left the gate wide open! Zanthia stealthily shuffles inside.

Inside the gates at last! It was a lot harder than it needed to be, but we're one step closer to the center of the world. This is the port city of Highmoon, den of scum, villainy, and pirates.

We'll explore Highmoon next time, and see about boarding a boat.

Intermission: The Truth of Things

It was pointed out earlier in the thread that the Alchemist's Magnet has an additional function and I promised to show it off, then promptly forgot about it. So now we're going to check that out! The Magnet, aside from turning lead into gold, can be used on people. What does it do?

It makes people admit things about themselves! I'm not entirely sure why it has this specific function, but it does. It makes the fishermen admit they've never caught anything. We can use this on almost everyone, and sometimes you can actually get hints this way.

Herb doesn't like flies, which is kind of too bad when you're a toad abomination.

I, uh... is there a joke here that I'm not getting? Either way, both frogs say the same line here.


That's nice, Marko. I'm going to go over here now, and you can just... go play with your Hand.

I'm not surprised by this revelation at all. Strangely, using the Magnet on Brueth doesn't give you a special line. Onto Morningmist! There are actually not that many people there that we've encountered so far.

We figured!

Makes sense. Farmer Greenberry, much like Brueth, does not have a special line.

That's it for the people we've encountered so far. Going forward, I'm just going to use it on people as we encounter them.