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Legend of Kyrandia 2: Hand of Fate

by Hyper Crab Tank

Part 14: Wherein Candy is Stolen From a Baby

Music: Enchanted Tramway (Tindeck)

Last time, we discovered the horrifying truth about the Hand, and finally made some progress towards making it out of the enchanted forest. To wit, we found this sky tram, which looks like it can take us up to the Wheels of Fate. All aboard!

Hey! I wanted to ride the tram.

Damn union squirrels.

Please. I have to get up to the top.

Sorry. I have to take my break.

Couldn't you make an exception?

Is there something I could offer you?

Sure. Stop trying to corrupt me. I'd appreciate THAT!

I don't know, I think he might be open to a bribe or two. He said he was in the business for some lunch, right? Let's try giving him some nuts. I mean, he is a squirrel, right?

I hate these!

The squirrel rejects the acorn... but eats it anyway. How about a nice walnut?

And yet, he eats this one too. Pinecone..?

See ya!

... but how can I use the tram?

So... the squirrel took off with our nut collection, and didn't even bother telling us how to operate the tram. Looks like we're on our own again. For the record, you can give the squirrel any of the three nuts in any order - he will always complain about the first two, then leave when you give him the third.

Getting the tram up and running again is pretty simple. All we need is some rotational force to drive that treadmill. Like, say, the rolling stone we've got sitting around in our inventory.

I sure hope this works.

It does! If we'd tried to put the stone in the treadmill while the squirrel was still here, he would've stopped us. Now, with the tram operational, we can ascend the mountain.

What's this? Noises from up ahead. Sounds like... Marko?

You'll pay for this!

Yup. Marko has also wised up, and is fighting the Hand. Suspended on a duck, several hundred feet up in the air.

After a fierce bout, Marko is tossed off the tram, hurtling to his doom.

I hope he's okay.

Well, he is a mystic. Sort of. He'll be fine. What's worse, though...

... the tram has stopped.

What has that Hand done to the tram?

Don't be ridiculous, Zanthia, who knows how far there is to go before we make it to solid ground again. What are you going to climb, anyway? The cable?

... huh. Whelp. Okay then.

Wish I'd brought my skis. I lost everything climbing that cable.

Well, we made it somehow, although we lost our inventory again. At least we've still got the Alchemist's Magnet.

Music: Snowy Mountainside (Tindeck)

Let's see what we've got here. This is the crappiest ski resort ever. Aside from the tram station, the only other building is what looks like a hunter's lodge. The woman with the baby looks entirely uninterested in us. Can't blame her. Anyway, we don't have time to stand around here. We've got more climbing to do. Leaving to the south takes us to a new location.

All right, looks like the right way to go. However...

Boy, this cliff is too slippery to climb without special mountaineering gear.

... we need some gear to get up that wall. Maybe we can borrow some from the lodge. Let's backtrack a bit and check out what's inside.

Music: Hunters (Tindeck)

That's quite some lodge. Look at those hunting trophies! Seems they've got some equipment to spare, too.

Could I borrow that rope?

What's that, punk?

Surely you wouldn't refuse a traveller aid?

We'll need that rope ourselves to tie up the Abominable Snowman. He's a mighty dangerous critter I hear tell.

Come on now, everyone knows yetis are just a myth.

Please. This is an emergency!

As soon as we get up our courage a mite more, we'll go out and get the vicious varmint...

Ugh. You're useless. How about the other guy, on the left there?

Can I buy some climbing equipment from you?

All right these guys are dicks.

I need to climb up to the Wheels of Fate.

Sorry. We're going hunting ourselves soon.

Tough. We're after the Abominable Snowman ourselves.

Okay, so the hunters are entirely uncooperative. They're unwilling to share their gear because they're about to go on an expedition to hunt down a yeti. However, they seem unwilling to set out just yet - by the sound of it, they're scared of the beast. Perhaps we can use that to our advantage.

First, let's steal everything that isn't nailed down.

Clicking the trophy in the top left corner gives us... this weird thing. Placing it in our inventory reveals it to be a clump of musk. Presumably, that's supposed to be a musk ox (although the horns look nothing like musk ox horns).

Over here are some... cannonballs. I don't see a cannon, though. Let's take one anyway, just to spite these jerks.

This thing's heavier than that anchor.

Let's go outside and talk to the mother and child.

What a beautiful child you have.

Why is everyone at this ski resort such a butthole?


I don't even know what this is supposed to be. Some kind of grunt.

Go away!

This person has very few lines, and they're all along these lines. She won't talk to us. We can click the kid instead, but...

... it's no more productive. There are a few items here though. See that cleaning equipment leaning against the shack on the left?

We'll just snap those up. Now, it's time to have a look at our book of potions. There might be something in here that will solve our present problem.

Bingo. An Abominable Snowman potion is just what we need to scare those hunters out of their lodge so we can steal their hunting gear. There's snow all over the place, we found some musk earlier, and the feather duster should do for the next ingredient. All we need is some sugar.

You know, that kid's got a lollipop...

Yes, we're literally going to steal candy from a baby. We need to distract his mom, though.

Lead cannonball, gold cannonball. A little appeal to greed may get that task done.

Giving her the gold cannonball makes her turn around for no obvious reason. She doesn't even comment on it, she just takes it and drops it on the ground.

But, it does let us steal the lollipop. Zanthia can be such a bitch.

Whoever said taking candy from a baby was easy?

All we need now is a flask.

There's one right here that we missed earlier. It's kind of hard to see sitting all by itself on that shelf there.

Snow, musk, feather duster and lollipop all go in the cauldron. The result is...

One Abominable Snowman potion. Let's drink it!

Fine. Go outside, then drink it.

Whoa nelly. Okay, so we're a yeti now. Time to scare some punks.

... they're not impressed. Damn it. What did we do wrong? Maybe if we roar a little more.

That sure did it! Man, those guys sure get spooked easily. Now, let's just...

Oh no. We've been yetinapped! What will happen to our quest now? Find out next time.