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Part 41: Ra-Seru Buddies

Update 41:Ra-Seru Buddies

Sorry for the delay, everyone. This update's a bit short, but also quite sweet.

Music: Battle Theme

First things first, let's check out that Genesis Tree!

Hari: Noa and Terra, human and Ra-Seru who have traveled from the past! Tieg now gives you the last of his power for you to use to correct history!

Hari: I have given you...the last of my very spirit...

As you might guess, each Ra-Seru has a corresponding Genesis Tree that powers them up to their max level (9 for Meta, 8 for Terra, 7 for Ozma). And the next time you're looking through your menus, you may realize the benefit of doing this...

Once a Ra-Seru gets powered up, they can be summoned in battle by their corresponding human (so only Noa can use Terra's magic). Let's give it a try!

Meanwhile, in West Voz, there's a treasure chest by the dead Genesis Tree. By taking this to Zalan, we can get an accessory that confers the ultimate Dark magic, Jedo.

While I was playing this, I realized that we never quite learned what the deal was with Songi's Ra-Seru. I assume that Jedo is the Ra-Seru he was bonded with, but even so we don't really know anything about it's motives or state of mind, or why it decided to team up with Songi. I personally like to think that Songi just had so much willpower that he was able to subjugate Jedo to his will, but I really don't know. It's possible that it was an evil Ra-Seru like Rogue, but if it was, then why would it try and destroy the Great Genesis Tree – knowing that it would die, too? Hmm.

(Silent contemplation) I am shocked. How could Songi do such a thing? Songi was my pupil. I am responsible for what he has done. The way I raised Songi was completely wrong. Vahn, your family in Rim Elm must be terribly worried. I don't know if this will be of any solace to you, but I have lived through unimaginable carnage. I am sure that you, Vahn, can save Rim Elm. I have faith in you!

This feels more like a conversation based on Rim Elm's plight rather than Songi's death. I guess they didn't give Zopu a unique conversation for that. Oh well. The other monks still seem to say the same old stuff they did way back when, so let's just move on.

On the way to East Voz, I tried out my new dark spell.

Who needs damage output when you can just make something be dead?

Another thing I just thought of; Gala and Songi's Ra-Seru get sort of switched here. Gala found Ozma in West Voz but powers him up in East Voz. Songi found his Ra-Seru in East Voz, but we find Jedo in West Voz. It just strikes me as a little odd.

Vahn's Genesis Tree is in Sol, of all places. Obviously Rim Elm would make more sense, but that tree is kind of busy being digested, so I guess this works well enough.

Yeah, those were pretty fucking great. I also plan to show these off in video form once I have all the magic (besides maybe the last one) if anyone's interested.

That's about it for now, bu before I go, let's see what our Ra-Seru look like now. The first pic is before Seru-kai, the second is after (but not full power), and the third is at full power.

I haven't really brought this up before, but depending on their level, the Ra-Seru attack command sometimes gains additional properties. Occasionally, if your final hit is a Ra-Seru command (and is not part of an Art), the attack will hit twice. It's usually kind of negligible and just a nice bonus if you happen to work your attacks that way.

However, Terra has just gained an even better property. Now, when Noa uses the Ra-Seru command, it hits twice – even if it's not the final attack in the string. Which means that Noa can basically double the amount if hits she gets by using Ra-Seru. Which means...

Noa can now do as much or more damage just by spamming Ra-Seru than she can with even her Miracle Arts. I probably won't do this much because it's just not as interesting, but that's some absurd damage output for what is basically a vanilla attack. actually I'm full of shit and Ra-Seru spamming is still weaker than Noa's best Arts, but it's still pretty respectable damage if you feel like hoarding AP for whatever reason I guess.

All right, that wraps it up for now. I'm still not decided on where to go next, if anyone has any suggestions.