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Part 55: The Quiet Sea

I took a trip to Lumina and found some soldiers looking for a siren that sank their ship. Turns out the siren I knew there was gone, so I went to Polpota to search for clues about the shipwreck. I found Monique there, and it turns out they captured her friend Elle, who the soldiers claimed had sunk their ship. Monique tried to convince her to leave her birdcage prison, but Elle didn't want to risk sinking more ships. I then had to get by her mermaid friend who was guarding her and defeat this horrible plant monster. In the end, I freed her, even though she still didn't want to leave her prison. At least she's happy, I guess.

Maybe not happy, but uh... I just want to feel like that whole ordeal wasn't a waste of time. You understand, right?


I don't see any point in holding on to this thing. I'm trying to reduce clutter at this point, so I might as well make use of it.

My, that's a fine-looking ship! I think I'll go adventuring on it!

It looks even more fine up-close! Glad they let me tag along.

A bit shaky, though. Guess I'll have to get used to it.

Yep, these guys are real men of the to speak.

What a nice display of pirate loot! The captain must enjoy living the fine life.

Then ye gotta stop saying those stupid jokes of yers.
If I stop sayin' jokes, I can become dandy!?
Ye can try not to say yer jokes, but I'll bet it's impossible.

I've heard their jokes. Yeah, they have no hope.

Well, how do ye like the ship? Ain't she a beaut?
This is certainly the finest vessel I've come across in my journeys.
Ha ha! Well, ye got what it takes to be a man of the sea!

Glad to hear it!

So this is where they steer and navigate.

I'm SS Buccaneer's steersman, Ramtieger. Which direction do you wanna go?

Wow, he's letting me navigate? Might as well give it a try.

How about the south?

Let's go to the east now.

Then let's keep going east!


I guess I could go ahead and explore the rest of the ship.

But a real man of the sea is grateful even when there's no wind.

Spoken like a true captain.

I'm starting to think there's a few things not quite right with these penguins...

Hope they don't mind me wandering around here.

Wow, the lower decks are crawling with monsters! I wonder how the pirates live like this.

They certainly don't seem to mind the monsters, at any rate.

Nice pad.

Hm, I wonder what's down here.

Uh...Why are you telling me this?

Nothing but Polter Boxes here.


Surely this boat can't go any deeper...

Oh wow! An egg, all the way down here!

Boy, is it a fast one!

Between its speed and this small room, it sure is a tough one to catch!




Ooh, an Aura! Haven't seen that one yet!

Let's try playing it a serene tune to calm it.

Alright! Got two gold from that performance!

Nothing really of note in the rest of these rooms. Guess I'll take the navigator's advice and do a bit of fishing.

Looks like this guy's got the only rod. Guess I'll wander around for now.


Whew, it gets boring quick on a boat. Wonder if the penguin's done yet...


Oh not again.

Well, guess I better take care of this ghost problem. This is become too common an occurance for me...

Looks like all the penguins are paralyzed with fear.

Guess you gotta find the bottle first for that.

Good thing the good Captain knows what to do. Now to find the penguin with the bottle...

Ghosts ain't gonna scare me! 'Cause I'm Ramtieger!

Glad to see one of these penguins has bold enough nerves to weather a meager ghost problem.

Because the rest of these guys certainly aren't up to it.

...Who does he think he's fooling? I bet he's the one with the bottle too.

Captain Tusk is calling all penguins to come to the deck immediately!
Tell the cap'n that I flew south with my flock!!
You don't understand! The ghost has vanished!
Yeah, RIGHT! I can see through your lies!!

Bah, nothing's working... What could I say to get this guy's attention...

...Of course!

Hey, is that...a pretty girl?

Well, that got his attention. Just need to grab him for a second.

Gotcha! Now I just need to deal with the ghost itself.

Let's do this!

Video: Boss - Gova

You sure look much beefier now!

No matter, though! Just lets me have some more fun!

Like so!

Better steer clear of his tongue, as poor Avenger's stunned.

Ack! He's leeching my strength!

Better knock it outta him, then!

Nice cyclone attack. Try being next to somebody next time!

These guys just get beefier.

I don't even... You know what, forget this.

I'm ending this now.

Whew! I think I've mastered my two-handed sword technique!


Here. It ain't much, but take this.

...A crab? I guess I could put it in my study or something, but I don't know what...

...Oh. Yeah, this I could definitely make use of.