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Part 56: Gilbert: Love is Blind

For this adventure, I went aboard a pirate ship! While I was there, the wind stopped or ran out of fuel or something so the penguins went fishing. One of them caught a bottle, and inside was a ghost!

Yeah, and it started haunting the ship, paralyzing the penguins with fear! I had to trick the penguing into giving me the bottle so I could catch the ghost, after beating it up of course. In the end, everything worked out, as it usually does. That's it for now!


Wow, that's a big one!

It lives in the sea, it probably blows Bubbles. Why not?

Not a bad deal for Dood. I could always use a few more Lucre, as it's hard to make good money.

So let's check out my new traveling companion!

Its skin seems to interact with my weaponry somehow. I think this stuff could wreck up any Morphs I run into.

Speaking of my weaponry, it's time to put that Altena Alloy to good use!

Fortunately, I have enough material to make two of them! I'm always up for mastering new weaponry.

I think I'll take Bubbles to the beach to enjoy the sea. Better to let it feed itself, considering how large it is and all!

Oops! But while I'm here, I might as well check up on Elle. See if any of the knights are bothering her still.

Geez, it must be boring sitting in a cage all day every day, no matter how pretty it is.

That's fine with me.
Oh, really? Thank you so much! Let's go!

Looks like I have another traveling companion. I wonder how she is in battle...

Interesting. Looks like she only attacks with magic, but on the other hand she could shield me from magic attacks as well. That could be useful.

Oh, Bubbles.

Not bad. May not be as versatile as the twins, but she can hold her own. I still kinda see why she needs an escort, though.


Might as well let her enjoy her time out by taking her to the nearby harbor.

You know, take in the views and the local cuisine and the-

...people. This guy's still here?

Oh, how could I have mistaken you for anyone I know? I'm Gilbert, a poet of LOVE!

You must be my passionate messenger of love, baby!

Oh, but that's how love starts, my love. You will eventually begin to feel the burning passion! Just you wait, darling, and you will become mesmerized by my love.

Ahahahahaha! Guy tries way too hard.

The wiiiind will caaarry the looovers' hearts to the seeeaa! Weeee shall saaaail into an ocean of looooooooooooove!!

...Uh, ok.

I'll deliver it to you when it's finished! The wind knows the way! Oh, I was born to feel this throbbing in my heart!

I definitely can't miss this. Besides, Elle might need some backup in case Gilbert won't take the hint. He's definitely the determined type, that's for sure.

Well, at least Gilbert isn't here yet. I haven't missed anything!

Yes. I don't want to sink anymore ships.
Let them sink! Humans should swim or fly, like we do. Why are they acting like they own the rights to the sea? We were the first ones here, and we're being punished for that!

I know, Flameshe.
This only started when humans began to use ships!
......I know.

I'm sorry.
Don't apologize! It's who you are!

You know, I think Elle talked to me a bit about Flameshe earlier...

Oh, how the gentle undulation of the waves calms my soul! I shall drown myself in the sea of your love!

What the heck is that?
That's Gilbert, Monique's ex-boyfriend. Wow, he really came.

I don't think a five minute date where the two talked about having completely different dreams really counts as them having been boyfriend/girlfriend. Though I probably shouldn't bring it up, as then they might question why I was watching them the entire time.

It doesn't seem to matter whether you sing or not...

I bet your singing had nothing to do with the shipwreck.

I think that's a good idea right now. Gilbert can be...persistent.
Oh, really? Thank you so much! Let's go!

Well, um... I didn't come out to see you...
That's alright, Elle! What you're feeling is pre-love symptoms!

Oh, a mermaid girl! You are as beautiful as Elle! If I had a clone of myself, he would be in love with you! Ah, but Elle is the only one for me now, baby!
Oh, geez! This guy's weird!

I mean, Monique was his girlfriend!

Were they dating before I got there or something? Seriously, it looked to me like Gilbert was just some creep hanging outside her lamp store until I sold those lamps for them.

Look at the horizon. Can you see the ship over there?

That ship is us, baby. So small, compared to this vast sea...

...Welp. I'm not a very good bodyguard, am I?

Elle and boats don't get along, nor do Gilbert and women in general, so I better go rescue her.

Good, the ship hasn't sunk yet. For a baby, Bubbles sure is a good water ride!

Let us sing a song to praise our newfound love!
...... Thank you, Gilbert.

Don't say such sad things, sweet Elle...

You knew that? But if I sing, ships will sink.
Are you really sure that is what you should do?

Hm. I wonder if siren songs really can sink ships. Not that I blame Elle for not wanting to test that theory out.

Well, they're fine for now. Maybe I should check in on the good Captain while I'm here.

Looks like I'm in the middle of something.

What is it, penguin?
Why the heck did you let that horse come aboard our ship? You haven't become artistic all of a sudden, have you?

I don't know art, but I know what a thing's worth. We'll capture them and sell them to a millionaire! Things are set up, and we're just waiting for the right moment.
WHOA!! You're a real baddy, Cap'n!
Listen to me, penguin. Real pirates ain't always gonna follow the "right" way.

Right now, the evil otter's clattering seashells in my heart!

Uh... Weird otter-discussion aside, I better do something about this.

Looks like they'll be making their move soon. Better warn Elle!

Whew! They've only captured Gilbert. I was worried for a moment.

Tsk! The siren got away!
Oh, the tragedy that awaited the poet of love! ...This is too much to take! Ah!
Stop it! What has gotten into you penguins?
He he he he... We be pirates, after all!
When we gotta do it, we do it!

This is certainly an...awkward situation.

Gilbert's certainly not helping his case any.

Video: Elle's Song


Ack! What in the world!?

We've got a hole in the left hatch!!

A Tezzle-Mozzle's attackin' us! Penguin Platoon 4, move it!

The ship's gonna sink!! Please help us, Talamond!!

Wait, a monster to fight? Out here? I'm always down for a good fight!


Video: Boss - Orc

Wait...THIS is the Orc?

Oh... I get it now! At any rate, I need to kill it!

Ouch. Bubbles is no match for this thing.

Ack! This guy's pretty powerful. Need to get some new armor!

Luckily, I've picked up a few tricks with these blades of mine!

Piece of cake!


Elle!! Run away before they kill you, love!
If I run away, you are going to be the one to get killed.

Oooh, ready to pay for what she did, is she!?

Uh-oh! Better step i-

Can't ye tell when ye see a real man of the sea!?
How could ye harm someone who is sorry for what she's done?
What!? We almost got killed because of her!!
I'm sorry... All I wanted to do was to scare you...

Don't blame yerself so much, young lady. A ship ain't goin' to sink just because someone sang a song.
But it almost did!!
Penguins, stir up that peanut butter in yer heads and think. This ship here easily weighs 3,000 Du'Inkes. Now why do ye suppose the ship doesn't just sink into the sea?
Uh...... I guess we don't know.

My spirit be 100, and ye penguins' are about 1.

Well... It is hard to argue against logic like that...

No, I can't! It will really sink!
I don't care! All we have here are some penguins and a siren...

A sinking ship ain't gonna do us any damage!

Everyone always forgets me. Who just saved your ship from a giant sea monster? You're welcome, by the way.

Oh yeah, I forgot Gilbert was still here.

But I...

Video: Elle's Song (2)

See!? Here we go again!

The left hatch be completely destroyed!
That happens everyday! Go fix it!

Men of the sea ain't scared of high waves!

The poop deck be about to go out! This ain't good!
I don't care! Ye penguins don't have the guts!

Whew. I have to admit, I was worried for a minute. I wasn't looking forward to swimming back to shore.

Ah, how wonderful! There's nothing to worry about, Elle!

All in all, another happy ending!