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Part 59: The Crimson Dragon

I finally went to slay the last dragon I need to get rid of this curse on me. Turns out the dragoon was none other than Larc's sister, Sierra.

The dragon of the forest appears, and rather than let the two siblings fight it out, willingly gives up the mana power. It seems Larc's doing this to free himself from the Underworld, though I don't know what his plan is. The dragon then asked Sierra and me to stop Larc, then tested my skills in a battle I won easily, of course. So now I'm off to face Drakonis and stop him from conquering the world. See you in a few days!


I've upgraded my equipment, I've honed my knife skills...I'm ready.


But I cannot navigate the vast Underworld by myself. I need your help. Will you come with me?

This was mostly my responsibility. If we work together, we can stop Larc!
Let us go!

She wields knives much like I, though her fighting style makes her better able to repel dragon attacks. She's pretty handy with those blades, but can she hold her own in the Underworld?

Only one way to find out!

I sense evil.

Dragoon... So you have come to retrieve your brother... How fraternal!

Oh blast!

Huh... It must run in the family.

Alright, then! Time to dive in!

Oh great, these guys again.

...Wait a minute.


I sense evil up ahead. Are you ready?
I'm always ready.

Lord Drakonis...
I may now return to my original form...

Not so fast, Drakonis!

Drakonis is just using you! Can't you see it!?

La...Larc? You can't be...
That is right, Drakonis!

And when the time of return is at hand, you and I will fight...and only the victor shall rise again. That was our agreement.

You are right, Larc. You are my dragoon, and my dearest partner. You served me well, so I shall fight you as I promised.

Your brother always wanted to be a strong warrior, like his sister...

Stop! Drakonis!

Video: Boss - Larc the Centaur


By the Mana Goddess! I can't believe it's going to come to this!

That...That's not Larc anymore!

I hate to do this to a former ally, but I have to defeat him to stop Drakonis!

Of course, this isn't going to be easy.

This beast has all sorts of powerful attacks! Glad I'm agile enough to evade them!

Alright, let's see if I can stick the landing this time!

Bah... That's one victory I'm not happy about.


Sis... I knew what I was doing was wrong... But... I wanted to return to the world of the living...


D-Damn it...

...What's happening?



Video: The Flames




! The Underworld...

What is this...

I thought it had been destroyed...

Wha...? How's she doing that?

You have been protecting us!?

But mark my words! I will stop Drakonis!
Sierra, wait! There is a powerful barrier here. Once you enter, it may be impossible to return...
But Vadise...!
You must not face Drakonis on your own...

Larc is his servant...?

He believes no one, he befriends no one.
What should I...?
All life is connected by ties that bind us together. That is your answer. The bonds of life bring caring and support, and will be of much help to you.

I try to be a powerful warrior, but there have been many times when I couldn't have won on my own. To truly defeat Drakonis, I'll need the strength and trust of Sierra. Perhaps together, the two of us can defeat Drakonis.

At any rate, my mind's been made up long ago. If Sierra wishes to stop Drakonis, then there's nothing to discuss.

The world will suffer if we do not stop Drakonis.
He desires to subjugate all life in this world. Even the aloof dragons seek bonds with other life through their dragoons. Such is the truth of life, and the absolute law of the world. Sierra, Talamond... I entrust you with saving the bonds of life.



The longer we put this off, the more powerful Drakonis becomes. Let's stop him now!
I entrust you with saving the bonds of life. Put a stop to Drakonis.

Don't worry.

Because I'm not coming out until Drakonis is slain!

So this is The Flames... Drakonis's castle.

This place is huge! I don't even know how I'm going to find Drakonis here!

I had a hunch he'd have a lot of bodyguards scattered across the castle. I imagine there'll be many dragons as well.

Perhaps Drakonis is in here...

Blast! Nothing but a dead end with some powerful dragon foes!

Just gonna have to slice my way through here!

Ah... Maybe Drakonis is through here!


The fiend has traps in these floors! If only I knew how to disable them...

I'll just have to search around until I find the answer!

Huh, this room feels different...

Another Sky Dragon! Heh, should be simple.

...This guy is sturdier than the others. No matter! He's no match for my abilities!


Huh... That's odd. I wonder if that dragon guarded the orb... Perhaps they're related to some of the trapped floors?

Only one way to find out!

Just have to fight my way through these minions.

I seem to have stumbled under the castle itself.

Unfortunately, there's nothing but monsters and dead ends down here. Guess I'll have to find another path to Drakonis.


One of the few benefits of this place is that I'm quickly perfecting my knife abilities. Pretty soon Sierra could learn a few tricks from me!


This looks like some sort of arena... Which means...

Heh... a Land Dragon? I should've predicted this.

No problem!

Another orb destroyed... I wonder how many there are?

I guess we fell into the basement... Luckily it's not too hard to climb our way back up!

Even the young dragons can put up a fight!


Video: Boss - Zenoa

Sweet outdoors! I feel like I've been cramped in that castle forever! A shame I have to go back inside and find that blasted...


Oh, not another one of those!

Same tricks as Larc and everything! A shame I've got more tricks up my sleeve this time!

Pfft. That's it? The Sky and Land Dragons put up more of a fight!

That's another orb... How many of the blasted things are left, anyway?

I guess I'll have to keep trying every doorway, perhaps several times! Maybe if I search every inch of this place a hundred times I will...

...I passed it? It didn't open up on me? Perhaps I was right! Now to see what's through here!

Finally! After navigating that castle for hours, I'm ready to sink my blades into his throat!

Do you oppose me as much as your master does? How noble! Come hither...

Your brother is mine. Both brother and sister shall become my nourishment.
All the souls you have swallowed...


Video: Boss - Drakonis


I don't care how big you are! I will defeat you!

That fiend! Chewing up poor Bubbles like that!

I won't let you get away with that!

Fire and earth won't stop my fury!

This is for Larc!

Your flame attacks can only do so much, Drakonis!

Alone, you are nothing. Together, we are invincible.

...We've done it. We defeated Drakonis.


Larc!! Is he...


Video: The Fall of The Flames



Vadise, why?

For a thousand years from now, I will be trapped in the Underworld with Drakonis.
If you touch him, you too will be cursed, and will not be able to stay away from the Underworld.

No, Sierra! This is proof of my sin. I must carry the burden.
I don't need a thousand years to break the dragon's curse. And I'm used to the Underworld. So you must return to the forest!