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Part 68: Chapter Sixty-Seven: Breach of Defence

Part Sixty-Seven: Breach of Defence
Music: Black Wind Fortress

Moving into the entrance of the fortress, Jesus and Moon face a dilemma.

Punch punch punch punch? How are we supposed to climb such a steep cliff?

Ah! Maybe we can go up in this basket!

They must have used this basket to get up the mountain peak.

I wonder how we tell them to pull us up.

Maybe there's a back route around here somewhere.

Oh? A left over goon that’s ready to…

Oh! There’s a left over goon!

Sp-sp-sp-sp-spare m-m-m-me gr-gr-gr-great si-si-sir…

…beg for his life.

Spare you is it?


Sure! Tell me how to get up there and I will spare you!

Ye-yes I-I-I wi-wil-will s-sa-say

You better not play any tricks, otherwise…

You will end up like this fly……understood?


Now tell me!

U-u-u-u-use-use-use t-t-t-t-th-th-thi-thi-this…



Obtain Signal Arrow

….just that simple?


Great~~Job! Now take a nice nap!


Rendering the goon unconscious so he won't get in their way, Jesus and Moon return to the basket.

Fire the signal arrow!

Time to ring the awesome ancient Chinese fortress door bell.

You ready, bro? We will steamroll them all the way up!

It occurs to Moon on the way up that Jesus is going to use the deadly unethical kung fu again.

Why is it you guys!? Everyone, there are intruders!

“Alright bro, don’t hurt them too much, we are not here to murder anyo--”

Pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew.

“There we go big bro. Just a little cholecystokinin poisoning, nothing too serious.”

GAhHWRYhh!! Incoming diarrheas!!!

All your battle stat increased

Moon can’t argue with the humane and effective use of poisons so he let it be.

More mountain goons guarding the entrance to the fortress.

This is as far as you reach! Everyone charge!

Jesus wonders if there’s enough toilet for all the oncoming goons.

All your battle stat increased

There’s a tower over there with some goon guarding it, so Jesus decides to go take them out first.

You will have to get past us if you want to enter the stone tower!

Moon blows the stronger goon away, while Jesus deals with the other with flame gas.

All your battle stat increased

With the goons unconscious from the massive amount of chi and gasses, Jesus and Moon go in.

Oh dear, this is a treasure room of the bandits. We must return all these to their proper owners, if we can find them.

Sadly, most of the owners are untraceable, so Jesus decides to give them a new home.

While stuffing the loot into his bag, Jesus notices he missed identifying a statue and discovers it is a rare antique!

Your I.D. skill increased, it is now 100.

At the top of the tower is just a little shrine to some bandit ancestor or something.

That leaves going down to check the basement.

Bro, someone is locked in the jail.

Be cautious!

It won’t hurt to have a quick chat.

I told you, I don’t have the stuff, and you better let me out or else…..who are you two?

I am Vale Moon Pavilion of Carefree Valley, and this is my school brother Jesus. Are you captured here?

Addle-pated dunderheads! You think my life is so good that I will want to lock myself in here to get some punishment?

1) Free him
2) Don’t free him

No point not to, since Jesus can kick his ass if he is evil.

School brother, I say we release him! He wouldn't be a prisoner here if he were a bandit.

Very well.

Thanks for releasing me, young heroes. My name is Loyal History, and due to those brigands mistaking me for someone they locked me up here for three months. I'm going to go beat those two ghost faces now.

Loyal pal, please hold on a moment! We are already going to capture the Twin Demise of Black and White too, so you should just join up with us!

You guys are cops!?

No, we are just following our master’s order to rid the area of this evil.

It's good that you are not, let us go and make them squeal.

Wulin Heroes Combine!

Next we inspect another storage house for lootpresents left for us by the goons.

Rare alcohol and an expensive drinking cup in a chest? Jesus will outright grab this!

Next are these poorer-looking houses.

Looks like the goons' room, and there’s another chest to inspect.

Another rare alcohol cup that does nothing for our alcohol stat.

The other house is the kitchen with nothing of value. Those buns look nice though.

This should be it; the house with the big door should be the bosses'.

...those two are less muscular than I thought.

Who dares cause trouble in this fort!?

Vile Robber! Your time has come, surrender now!

You whelps dare to tell me to surrender! Hehehehehehe!

I bet they've never seen a real villain before, hehehe!

Be careful, bro!

Despite their weak appearance, these two bosses are pretty competent.

Jesus use Carefree Roaming Step to get away from White's soul reaping slashes.

Loyal tries to break his bony legs, but he's surprisingly tough.

Moon goes full power and burns a hole in this screenshot.

Uh oh, these guy can use poisons, but luckily Loyal resisted.

Unfortunately for Moon, he was caught off guard and poisoned. Oh the irony.

Jesus knows this is bad if everyone get poisoned, so he plays the Breakthrough Captive Command to strengthen everyone’s attack.

True enough, Black and White decide to gang up on Loyal and badly poison him.

Loyal manages to take down White with him, and Jesus and Moon quickly dispatch Black.

All your battle stat increased

Hehehe, HOHOHO, where’s your laughing now!


The bandits are captured; let’s bring them to the local law enforcement.

Loyal didn’t like the cops so we parted ways. This iron mask guy is officer Zhu that Honorable Kung mentioned at the beginning. Officers in ancient China are not required to wear masks, but damn does he look badass.

Obtain 5000 silvers

Wherever there is a scoop, Rater Ye is there!

Carefree Valley’s Jesus and Moon captured the Twin Demise of Black and White of Shady Mountain.

Ye buddy.

Loyal doesn’t want Jesus to mention him because getting imprisoned by the villains for three months is embarrassing.

Hahaha, Master Flawless can truly relax with you two around, yet I will be even more tired.

Why is that?

Because you two will make me add so much more data into the Wulin Compendium, isn’t that tiring?

Hahaha, ‘tis a joke. Please keep up the good work and your future will be bright. And with that, I will take my leave -- goodbye.

Thank you Ye buddy, take care.

Well done, well done, you are wonderful students of mine.

Master, I also helped a lot.

Hahaha, you are great too, all of you are my great students.

Your relationship with Master Flawless increased
Your reputation increased, it is now 267

Potential Avatar of the Lawful
  Your head is worth nothing,
      and that’s a good thing.