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by Nyaa

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Original Thread: Let's raise a tea sipping alcoholic kung fu master [Legend of Wulin Heroes]



Who made this game?
Legend of Wulin Heroes is a vastly popular Chinese PC game made by Heluo Studio in 2001 who’s also created the cult classic Heroes of Jing Yong and Heroes of Three Kingdom.

What kind of game we will be playing?

To simplify, it is a Kung Fu Hero Raising Sim plus RPG based on Jin Yong's Wuxia novels world of Wulin, a fictional ancient China filled with many inhabitants that know some form of martial art. In this game, you can train up to 32 stats (Not include hidden stats) and learn dozens of Kung Fu in this sim raising mode.

Oh yeah, alcohol is a stat.

But I can’t show you anymore of this mode without ruining the surprise and let’s not overload you with information about housework, training, practice, skill, art, system, go outside, sleep, mini-games, and battle mode until the times come.

After certain period, you will be sent to the main story mission to test your hero ability, however, the story will move on even if you failed it…with dire consequence to the future storyline and the 5 possible endings.

Right now, we shall begin the tutorial mission... unless you are interested in how I gonna translate this game.

How are I going to translate the Chinese text?
I will employ western localization practice to make the reading experience as natural to the English reader as I can while preserving and explains as much cultural lore as possible so you won't fall into a cultural gap.

That also mean this won't be a straight translation that keep obscure word like honorific "sifu" or "túdì" and they will be translated as "Master" and "Student" respectively. However, this doesn't mean that this will be a professional translation as I am not that capable, and since this is a LP, it would sometime favors entertainment wording instead.

How will I translate Chinese names like Ma Lo Fu into English?
There is 50+ important NPC and its common etiquette to reveal your full name when you meet someone so it will be hard for non-Chinese speaker.

Chinese’s name order as Last, First, Middle, and usually no nick name but I will translate it in the format of
“Nickname/description/personality/whatever easy to remember”
<Memorable Last/First/ /middle Name>

For Example: “Scholar” <Peng>, “Spearman” <Jung>, “Tiger”, “Master” <Asia>, etc.
Un-translated example: Wong Lu Fu, Kung Ming Ton, Cha Lan Tai Tai, Mai san Tai, etc.

Edit: First dozen of chapters used nick name or romanization to make it easy to remember like Swordsman Just and Saberman Shang, but later I started using literal translation because people liked it so much. Too late to change the prior one for consistence sake. However, real historical name will be preserved unless I really can't find the English version.

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Music folder added. (100%)
(Added a music to the beginning of most chapters due to request)

Character Recap (Spoiler until after chapter 41)

Character Recap (Spoiler until after chapter 82)

Full List of Titles (Slight spoiler until end of second playthrough)

Table of Contents

Mission Zero
Sim Mode Mission One Sim Mode Tournament Sim Mode Mission Two Sim Mode Side Quest Mission Three Sim Mode Side Quest Sim Mode Mission Four Side Mission Side Mission Sim Mode + Side Mission Mission Five + Side Mission Side Mission Sim Mode Final Mission All Missed Ending Evil Play-through Mission Zero Sim Mode Mission One & Tournament Mission Two & Sim Mode & Flower Competition Mission Three Mission Four & Sim Mode Treasure Island Mission Five & Sim Mode "Dog Blood" Event Side Mission Side & Final Mission Lazy Play-through Neutral Play-through Fan Content
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