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Part 20: Chapter Twenty: My palm slap your cheek and my staff poke your eyes

Vote Closed!
Armed Kung Fu
Carefree Staff Style: 12
Carefree Saber Style: 4
Carefree Sword Style: 4

Carefree Staff Style
Base Damage: 23
Base Chi Cost: 7
Difficulty: 7
Stat add-on: Staff (X3), Hardness (X3), Speed (X4)

Unarmed Kung Fu
Carefree Palm: 9
Carefree Finger: 6
Carefree Kick: 3
Carefree Fist: 2

Carefree Palm
Base Damage: 22
Base Chi Cost: 10
Difficulty: 6
Stat add-on: Fist/Palm (X3), Hardness (X3), Chi power (X4)

Chi: 14
Chore: 6
Flexibility: 5
Speed: 4
Hardness: 4
Perception: 3

Lot of request for 2X chi and it’s clearly twice as much as other. So I will focus on that.

Fun Fact:
Master Flawless use Finger, Moon use Fist, and Bramble Thorn use a combination of Sword and Saber.

Editor posted:

Quick question, I thought speed and hardness were mutually exclusive? (or hard to raise together in any case). If it does require you to balance and ultimately master both I like that style even more :o)
Is actually Flexibility and Hardness. Flexibility originally is called Softness, but that would confuse people like the finger stat.

Rising one will lower the other stats and fortunately it always raise more than it drop, but you would take like 3X effort to master both instead of 2x effort to master any other two stats.

Luckily, there isn't any kung fu we can learn that employ both Flexibility and Hardness, but Bramble Thorn's Carefree Dual Sword-Saber does theorically use it.

Part Twenty: My palm slap your cheek and my staff poke your eyes
Music: OP Movie Theme

>>Choose Carefree Palm

Good, I shall teach you the art of Carefree Palm, do note on this palm technique focus on ferocity and heaviness, mastery of such an art would produce forces comparable to one thousand soldier and ten thousand horses on the battle field.

When practicing this technique, remember that hardness is their foundation. I hope you will properly practice this and one day use it to help the weak and suffering.

Thank you, master.


>>Choose Carefree Staff Style

Very well, today I will teach you the art of Carefree Staff Style. This technique focuses on the speed of your footwork and the swinging swiftly as the wind, so you must put emphasis on your hardness and speed in order to fully release its potential.

Thank you, master.


And here's the Carefree Breathing technique we learned last chapter.

Thanks to Jesus’ great intellect, he mastered Carefree Breathing and got it to 100 in like 6 turns. Each session of carefree breathing add 10 Max Chi and strengthen his Chi Power.

The chi now clearly covers the whole body and legs. (648 Max Chi)

Jesus also equipped the Iron Quarterstaff that boosts 5 points to any staff kung fu. Now Jesus can forgive people the hard way!

Instead of practicing the technique to raise the mastery and improve the stats, Jesus went to cook and master those two dishes.

“Your food is okay, everyone likes you a bit more.”
“Your food is tasty, everyone likes you a lot more!”
“Everyone is extremely touched by your cooking, they love you so much!”

Relationship at 70 means we are now on good terms and red is really bad, but that’s because we haven’t meet him yet.

This is what happens when you do more than your energy (Blue Bars) can handle or when you lose a battle. Jesus loses 1-6 turns at random and I think there is 8-10 turns too, but you would have to get really owned to get that much.

Year Two: Early April

Jesus, boy. From today on, you are allowed to leave the valley and do whatever you like, but please don’t cause trouble or make any enemies!

Thanks master, I will be careful not to start any trouble.

Finally! We have the full menu for everything except a few event unlockable and the lack of hobby to practice, but we have enough to start the game proper.

Which I mean the mini-games from the skill list of course, what did you think I was talking about?

Or we can go out and cause some troubles trigger some event.

Visiting the valley will let you choose to visit master, your schoolbrothers, or Servant Beard.

I will take control of our Jesus until Mission One in order to let you have a good idea of how all these things works so you can vote properly after mission one.
During these times, I will try to:

Learn Drunken Style Kung Fu since almost everyone wants it
Raise Jesus' kung fu and his stats
Trigger as many events as possible
Makes friends

…oh that’s it? Not as hard as fishing. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHA.