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Part 97: Chapter Ninety-Seven: Fortune, Ah Hoy!

Part Ninety-Seven: Fortune, Ah Hoy!

Not long after Chinese New Year, Christ came upon many individuals who are scheming for trouble.

As Christ is contemplating on how to deal with those issues, the beggar visited again, so Christ cooks up his favorite Mapo Tofu with a hint of laxative that will activate in a couple of hours.

The grateful beggar gave Christ this chi manual as thanks for all the food so far.

These Chi techniques stack with damage, so Christ went ahead and train it up. In the meantime, a crop of removed events happened.

Removed Event!

Are you Sir Christ?

I wouldn’t refer to myself as “Sir”, but I am Christ of Carefree Valley. Are you Little Kung?

Good eyes! Have you seen the Sutra of Forty-two Chapters before?

Sutra of two chapters? The Buddhist shop outside of White Horse Temple should have some! You should have known that as a Luoyang citizen.

I mean the original copy, not those stupid for scamming travelers fiction book.

Oh! My bad, I have no sure chance to come upon that. (He indirectly called me stupid.)

This sutra was supposed to be in White Horse Temple, but now it’s location is unknown. If you see it anywhere, please tell me! I will give my thanks for now.

1) Accept
2) Reject

If Christ accepts…

Sure, sure. Such trivial thing is not a problem!

If Christ rejects…

If I found the sutra then it means I am destined for it, and if I am destined for it then how would it be destined for you? Since it isn’t destined for you, then why do you have to force it?

Christ is speaking in a roundabout way.

Ah! Yes! Thank you for your guidance.

(Hmph! This bookworm sure is easy to lie to.)

Removed Event!

Hehe, granny, help us out. We brothers ran out of money and could use some help.

Youngster, I’m just an old women, how can I help?

Hehe, you could, all we need is for you to spend some money and that will help!

Alright, I have a silver here, you can take it, and I hope you all will find a job.

Old hag, are you screwing with us? You think we are beggars asking for one silver? I don’t care if you are for real or not, just leave everything of value behind, and we will stop bothering you!

Ah… you guys are… help… someone… help!

Hm… someone is calling for help!

Hmph… old hag, if you yell again, then don’t blame us for not respecting the elderly… hahaha… leave your money and you will be safe. Hurry!


Enough chi-chat, hurry and give it up or we will do it ourselves, hahaha.

1) None of my business.
2) Watch.

Choice one just ends the quest, so let’s watch.

Shut up!

That’s not watching…


Your granddaddy, me!

Rotten kid, you want to get in the way?

1) Solve it with money
2) Solve it with violence

If Christ solves it with money…

Sirs, I’m just a regular guy, so I won’t dare to interfere with your business, but this old nanny is pretty old, and can’t handle the shock, so if you don’t mind, I have 50 silvers here that hopefully will be enough for you two to overlook this.

Hahah… not bad, kid. Knowing the rules at such a young age. These 50 silvers will be accepted as the old hag’s shock fee, let’s go guys… hahaha!

Thank you youngster, if it wasn’t for you, I might have been done for.

It’s nothing, all that matter is that you are fine.

If Christ chooses to solve it with violence…

Don’t misunderstand, I didn’t come here to interfere, you just do your thing and ignore me.

Good boy, know when to act. Old hag, hurry and put down all the silvers.

Hmph… just this little bit… hehehe… kid, you must have some silvers… be proactive and don’t make me do it, hahaha!

It’s my turn, alright you two. I’ve been spending a lot too, and all my money is gone, so I need your ‘help’ too!

Hmph… damn kid, looks like you need to feel some pain before you know who is boss, get him guys!

The bird watches as a nonexistent battle takes place and Christ lost.

Rotten kid, doesn’t even know the immensity of our strengths, and dare to rob us? I am in the good mood today, so I won’t kill anyone, but if I see you next time, you won’t have such good dog luck again, take care of your dog life!

Damn it… !

Hmph, learning to be a bandit at such young age, I hope you learn your lesson well and become a proper citizen!

You moral decreased, it is now 0
Your reputation decreased, it is now 303

Removed Event!

~a buudy!

Note: Christ’s name here is ~a

Is Simon West and Nix Summer buddy. Why are you two here today?

We school brothers are here to thank you in regard to the Soaring Cloud Cave Incident.

Indeed, thanks to a~ buddy’s help, Saber and Sword sect have been restored, and these are my father and school uncle’s gifts, please accept it, a~ buddy.

That’s too kind.

No need to hesitate, ~a buddy. We brothers still have to explore the secret of Saber and Sword Synergy, so we won’t stay long. ~a buddy, if you have anything you need from us in the future, just give us a word and we will give it our all, farewell.

Removed Event!

Eh, something is happening over there.

Give up the map now, or I will take your filthy life!

Hmph! Just with the few of you?

He’s the guy that Christ and Moon freed from the bandit prison.

Loyal History! You’re willing to give it up or not?

Come and get it if you got the guts!


Eh? Isn’t that Loyal History? Oh no! He can’t hold on any longer, I better go help him!

Hmph! Three against one, what kind of cheapskates are you!

This is none of your business, so you better not interfere!

My apology, but I am interfering this!

Go to hell!

Look like there’s no sim-mode sprite for this guy named Copse, so they used that sin guy, Alcoholic’s sprite instead.

Christ has gotten much better at dealing damage now that his chi power has become pretty powerful and so he easily dispatched these high level goons.

All your battle stats increased

Hahaha, good buddy! My lowly life is saved by you again!

Is your injury alright, Loyal buddy?

No problem.

Why were you attacked by these bandits?

All to get that one thing from me.

One thing!?

Since Christ buddy saved me numerous times before, I won’t hide it from you. I happened to obtain a treasure map, hidden in an island at the eastern sea. The island is stashed with rare treasure, valued at more than hundred thousands gold.

Note: About a million silver.

Hundred thousands gold!?

Indeed! That’s why it attracted all these people.

That’s indeed a tempting number.

Would you like to join me?

1) Just what’s I was thinking
2) I have something to do, maybe next time.

We are going now!

Hahaha, wonderful! We will go borrow a boat from the Sea Shark Clan!

Christ and Loyal arrived at the harbor of the Sea Shark Clan.

Sea Shark Clan is an above-sea fortress above water, and probably attached to an island.

Christ can’t get into the house, probably not coded.

Let’s check out the badass looking battleground.

Looks like Loyal is already there, talking to the boss.

Then the game image mashed with the Great Desert image. This place is also using the same music.

You are here, Loyal buddy!
ED: Contender for best rapeface in the game

I was caught in some nuisance on the way, and was delayed slightly.

This person is?

He’s my friend, here to help out.

Very good, since the boat is ready, and we have enough manpower, let’s go.

Let’s go!

Clan leader, this is bad! A bunch of Eastern Agency’s soldiers are assaulting the water fortress!


Suddenly, these government agents jumped in.

By the decreed of the emperor to the Sea Shark Clan: Surrender immediately, and cease all resistance.

Pthu! All I heard is dog farting!

Jiedushi Soldier! Attack!

Classic 5 v 5 battle, the clan leader sure is tall, and his name is literally Bear Heavenly Tyrant.

The closest government agents rush in to attack first, most targeted Christ probably due to his past failure in Hangzhou.

However, Christ has improved a lot since then, and this time he is not outnumbered.

Here we have two bald guys. One is going to engage in murderous butchery and skin the other bald guy alive while the other bald buy is gonna get slaughtered.

All your battle stats increased.

Seems like the government knows about the treasures, let’s hurry!

The bird watches as Christ and the clan members all sail toward Treasure Island.

This is the Treasure Island; we should search it carefully and find any clues to the treasure.

Christ searches toward the mountain side.

He discovers a stone door with colorful orbs attached to it.

The text goes out screen, but we have enough to know what to do. Not sure if I was lucky or it’s wasn’t coded correctly, when I push water and Metal, the puzzle is solved.

Inside the cave is a horde of treasures, from which Christ took his share of 20000 silvers along with…

A famous painting and other copies of that poison sword.

Returning to the boat, some cultists seems to have taken over the dock.

You sorry bunch! This place has been taken over by us, if you know what’s good for you then give us the treasure and we will let you live!

Give up our hard earned treasure? You must be dreaming,

Hmph! Looks like you won’t give up without some hard-handed method.

Hard-handed method? I will beat your hand soft!

They have two poison users, so this could get ugly.

Everyone’s status carry over from last battle, so Christ quickly shares his medicine with his team members.

While the team is taking their medicine, Christ fires projectiles to slow them down and also manages to get them lightly poisoned.

They are too overconfident and gotten themselves surrounded, so Christ and his buddies make jellies out of them.

All your battle stats increased

Christ buddy, this treasure hunting’s success is all thanks to you and clan leader Bear, and I will give my thanks to you two now.

Nah, you took care of me too, so I should say thanks too.

I will be going to Chengdu, so we will have to part ways, I hope we will be able to work together again, farewell.

Your reputation increased, it is now 362

Christ goes back Carefree Valley with his treasures.

Haha, this trip sure was rewarding, not only there was gold and silver, there’s a treasure sword, protective item, and a bunch of treasures, hahaha!!

Little Christ, where had you been this half a month? I couldn’t find you anywhere.


I bet you where out playing [sigh]…

Your relationship with Flawless decreased

Christ didn’t really treat master that well lately, so he decides to pay him a visit.

Today I will test your Chess skill.

Hard core competitive chess play happened.

Hmm, not bad. Seeing how hardworking you are, I am much relieved. Today I will teach you a new kung fu.

Your relationship with Master Flawless increased

Note: Seems like he does teach us kung fu regardless of learning from school uncle, and it’s probably cause the school uncle event dropped the relation a bit too much.

Watch carefully, this is Life Taking Chaining Kick…

Life Taking Chaining Kick consists of kick, bounce, sweep, clamp, and step. Each move targets the opponent’s weak point, and thus very deadly. Basic leg skill is very important, so I hope you will practice a lot.

Might as well get the other saber kung fu.

Today I will test your Calligraphy skill.

Christ furiously writes a bunch of snake drawings on paper.

Hmm, not bad. Seeing how hardworking you are, I am much relieved. Today I will teach you a new kung fu.

Your relationship with Master Flawless increased

Watch carefully, this is Green Dragon Saber Style…

Green Dragon Saber Style consists of Swimming Dragon Fondling Water, Green Dragon Tail Swing, and Lucky Dragon Offering these three techniques. Body, Footwork, saber skill, curve like a bridge, flow like a green dragon, which is why speed and saber skill are the key to this kung fu. I hope you will practice a lot.

Christ goes to check up on the monkey, and hopefully excerpt some overdue alcohol from it.

Gi gi gi gi gi

Monkey doesn’t have any alcohol, which that bastard probably drank it all, but he gave Christ a book instead.

This looks like a kung fu manual, I will take a look.

You learned a new kung fu

Sura Saber Style derives from Tai Chi’s philosophy of yin and yang, the saber style hardness and flexibility are utilized in harmony to achieve unlimited possibility. Techniques consist of White Crane Shining Wings, Large Snake Split Mountain, and Awaken Lion Dribbling Balls.

Note: There's also a sword version of this, which I will skip getting.

Visiting the returned Painter Qing also pays off with a new kung fu.

Christ sure has found lots of treasure this month.

Now he is jack of all trades in fist/palm, finger, kick, saber, poison and hidden projectile, but master of none.

Potential Rape Face of the Day
       Where’s my muffin!?

Mystery of the Day

One of the removed stories is revealed in this concept art of the Six Fortress Alliance (六寨同盟) posted by the creator. Not much is known about it other than Bear on the top, Loyal at the side, and that claw guy at the bottom from Black Wing Fortress.

ED note: Guy with the axes and bear on the right reminds me of Black Whirlwind of Jade Empire. I guess he is a reference to a prominent Chinese figure?

Reader note: Black Whirlwind refers to Li Kui from Bandits of the Marsh.