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Part 100: Chapter One Hundred: Second Favor, Descend

Part One Hundred: Second Favor, Descend

Days go by. Christ lost his will to do anything, so the bird watches as the miserable Christ ended up as a drunk from dawn to dusk.

Waiter, liquor… hurry… give me more liquor!

Sir, you have already drank a lot, any more and it will harm your health.

Don’t worry, just hurry and give me my liquor. I have money.

You should listen to him, boy.

Note: He is the Sword Saint that makes Jesus grow a flower for him in the final mission.

You aren’t me, you old skull. You don’t know the pain I suffered!

Hmm… hahaha, ever since my debut in Wulin, there’s has never been anyone that called me an ‘old skull’. What an interesting kid, not bad, not bad, you have a master yet?

Huhuhu, of course I have a master. My master is the world ranking fifth place, Master Flawless of Carefree Valley!

(So it’s him…) Very well, then what are you feeling down for?

Sigh, that may be so, but my master’s Kung fu is too much for my dumb mind to comprehend. I can’t master the Carefree Swords Style, and I can’t even keep the sword in hand!

Sword style?

Yeah, our Carefree Valley’s Carefree Sword Style. It’s the epitome of kung fu!

Hahaha, epitome of kung fu? Hahaha!

Old skull, what’s so funny? If you dare to laugh anymore, then I won’t hold back evenagainst an old skull like you!

Hmph, if your Carefree Valley’s sword style can be considered the epitome of kung fu then this world will have no normal sword style.

You old skull, you better shut up or else you are so dead if my second school brother hears you!

What about your second school brother, why should I be afraid of him?

School brother, why are you drinking here alone, did someone bully you? If so then remember to tell your school brother. Oh, and master’s medicine sure is effective like he said, not bad at all!

Note: This event is unlocked when Christ ends up giving the lost medicine of Master Flawless to Thorn instead.


Ah yes, I think someone mentioned my name just now, is someone talking behind my back?

1) Accuse Old Skull
2) Cover Old Skull

If Christ covers the old man…

Nah, School brother must have misheard; since you are a lawful person of good conduct, who would dare to talk bad about you?

Hahaha, indeed. Maybe I did mishear. Ah yes, master called you to go back to train, and don’t go out and play everyday. Alright, that’s the message, bye!

Hmph, he only knows how to bully me, Toffee-noses!

Huhu, not only are you interesting, but your heart is pretty good, kid. You are the type that is to the liking of this ‘old skull’, so watch carefully, kid. I won’t teach you twice!

Old… sir, what are you saying? What twice?

Watch carefully, this is the Green Soul Sword Style that I created at the age of twenty, and I will teach it to you and hope you will make good use of it!

The bird likes the green flashes the old skull made.

Hahaha, be vigilant, kid. We shall meet again if destinywills it!

So this old man is a powerful person!

Note: The code didn’t add the kung fu, so let’s try accusing the old man…

Yes, this old skull here. Not only that, he said our Carefree Valley’s kung fu is not different from the normal one. School brother, you better show him what we’ve made of!

(Such terrifying pressure, to make me not able to move) May I know your great name, sir? So that I can tell my master to welcome the great you!

Your kung fu is passable, huhuhu. There’s no need for that, I’m only passing by, so don’t need to worry about me. I will take my leave now, and don’t bully your school brother any more; he’s pretty interesting, huhuhu!

(What happening?) School brother, who’s that old man?

I don’t know either, but I can be sure that his kung fu ability is very potent, maybe even stronger than master!

Ah!!! Really? No wonder he talks big.

(This imperative person seems to cares for school brother, looks like I better start treating him a little bit better)

School brother, although I might had been strict with you in the past, but this is all for your own good, so please don’t detest your school brother!

(Hehehe, so school brother can be scared)

Not at all, I am really thankful for school brother, so I won’t detest you.

That’s good, ah yes, while I am free; let me give you some pointers!

Thank you school brother!

The bird watches as the two brothers reconciled.

Alright, we should head back, you sure learned fast!

Not at all, it was just school brother’s wonderful teaching!


Your Sword skill increased
Your relationship with Bramble Thorn increased

You see that? Even your second school brother worries about you!

Th-that’s true… but I am still… useless.

Damn it, boy. How long are you gonna stay depressed like this! Look! Someone whose stomach depends on you has come again!

Aren’t you Grievous Yao buddy? Coming to taste my cooking again? Please wait a bit and I will go make some.

Thanks Jesus buddy, but today I brought another friend here, so please prepare two portions.

Youngster, I heard your cooking is good, so old beggar me has come to give it a taste.

No problem, Grievous Yao’s friend is my friend.

Jesus buddy, please pay more attention today, my friend is very picky about food.

Oh?? Then I better think carefully about which dish to make.

This time Christ will cook them the Beggar Chicken. As an insult to these freeloaders.

How is it, sir? :grin:

Hm, not bad, not bad, good proficiency. Picking this dish also means you have put your mind into it.

Hmm… I can’t just owe you one like this for nothing; otherwise that Flawless old fool would make fun of me In addition to the fact that you also helped the fellow brothers of beggars in the past, I will teach you this leg style as repaying, watch carefully.

The bird watches as the old man doing some breakdance or something.

Alright, that will do. Although I taught you a leg style, this is purely for repayment and we have no master student relationship, understand? Alright, I will take my leave.

Yao buddy, this person is…

Christ buddy, you sure are fortunate. That beggar just now is the ex-master of the Beggar Sect, and to get him to teach you his kung fu is a great privilege. Alright, I shouldn’t speak more, good bye!

You learned the strongest asskicking style Sky Dragon Leg Style

Aww yeah, I bet we can kick people 10 feet up the air easily.

It would be a waste for a useless fool like me to learn it.

Oh Picaroons! What’s past is past! What you need to worry about now is the future!

But I failed as a man; a man that couldn’t even protect the woman he loved…

So did I, my wife and my son both died because I’m a failure! But I was able to get back up despite all the horrible things in this world! So can you!

Listen, this is why the world needs to be changed for the better, and we can do it with our very own hands!

I-I’m still not sure…but you are right. I have slumped enough.

[sigh] Regardless, you had promised your Hard Gong buddy to help him invade the Poison Dragon Cult, so let’s go.

Early October, few days before Hundred Herbs invade Poison Dragon Cult!

Ah! I promised Gong buddy, so I should go to the Miao Territory.

The bird follows Christ into the land of Miao.

Music: Miao Territory

As Christ spotted the hidden party of Gong buddy, he walks up to gree—

Why… why are these two still alive? They don’t seem to remember him at all; do they have no recollection of that event? Are they pretending nothing happened? Or did Asura used some sort of medicine and wiped their memories of the Sura Sect? Is it all a dream!?

Forget about them; just focus on your buddy.

Gong buddy.

With great difficulties, Christ manages to hold back and utter his short greeting to Gong.

Since everyone is ready, we will begin when the time is right. I will certainly need your strength later, Christ buddy.

I will do my best.

Ah, I have this Anti-Poison Orb of Shennong, it’s created by our founder using hundreds of herbs formulae mixed with thousand years of melted ice water, soaked in extreme coldness for eighty one years.

So Christ buddy should wear this poison repelling item, which should be useful on toxic places like the Miao territory especially against the poison attacks the Miao people are so proficient at.

Thank you Gong buddy.

Obtain Anti-Poison Orb of Shennong

This item only provides 10 points of Poison resistance, but that’s more than enough on top of Christ’s poison skill to make him almost immune to poison.

It’s about time to begin.

Who are you guys? How dare you intrude the territory of Poison Dragon Cult!

So Christ and his ‘buddies’ are dragged into a fight with possibly the strongest goons in the game. The male cultists can poison people, so it’s really dangerous since status effects persist throughout this event.

The thoughts of teaming up with those two vile cultists greatly disgusted Christ greatly, so he strives to end this quickly.

Unfortunately, these Miao people have really strong resistance to Christ’s poison. Yet those two still stands.

They male Miao retaliate by spraying poisons at Christ with their poison airbag, but it’s ineffective. Yet those two still stand.

The female Miao blows explosive out of a blowpipe-like device, maybe the Miao poison is ignitable? Yet those two still stand.

Too bad their all-out offense makes them lines up in a valuable position, and Christ quickly dashed to secure that position of advantage. Yet those two still stands.

Then blast them with a strong poison blast. Yet those two still stands.

However, the exceptional endurance of the Miao people was able to withstand Christ’s attack, but Gong and the cultists were able to finish them off. Yet those two still stand.

All your battle stats increased

Oh no! Someone is attacking the cult, everyone prepare for battle!

Reinforcement has arrived. Now the real battle begins.

Now to break through the first wave of defense.

Christ’s party was able to swiftly dispatch most of the enemies.

However, his best buddy Hard Gong has fallen to the Miao poison, and now he is alone with the two cultists that he despised from the depth of his heart. Yet those two still stand.

Christ will do anything to get this promise over with, including suffocating someone to death with an ass-hug.

Yet those two still stand.

All your battle stats increased

Many have fallen, and many more take their place.

Invading a cult sure is difficult, and the entrance is heavily guarded as expected.

You will have to get through us to get in!

Hard Gong can barely stand without his medicine, and Christ is getting really annoyed so he burst open this guy’s head without remorse. Yet those two still stand!

Your mastery of Heavenly Dragon Kick increased, it is now 100.

Christ’s not sure why he has started to takes people’s lives in this mission, it felt so natural, practicing his Kung Fu on these worthless opponents without a care about everyone else’s condition. Yet those two still stand!!

Yesss, you are finally getting it! The thrill of fighting an opponent without restraint! The joy of release!

Yes, let’s practice more on these unworthy foes. As those two still stand.

“Can your eyes follow me?”

“No you can’t, and so your head is mine. Hahahahaha!” Yet those two still stand.

All your battle stats increased

Capture the king, and the rest will fall! Christ buddy, let’s go in and capture Azure!

Yes, let’s do. All these unmoving corpses can’t appease Christ at all.

Get out of the way!

The same battle as before, but everyone except Christ is slowly getting eaten by the Miao poisons. Yet those two still stand…

Only Christ and Gluttony with insane amount of HP are still barely standing at the end. Yet he still barely stands…

That’s good news for Christ! The eyesores are out of the way and all the opponents belong to him! Hahaha!

All battle stats increased
Your mastery of Green Dragon Sword Style increased, it is now 100.

Hard Gong, you got the guts to attack Poison Dragon Cult!

Our sect has inquired for your cooperation numerous time, but you always rejects the offers, so we have no choice but to take actions. Your end is here because of you!

Oh dear, Christ’s buddies can barely move at all for this battle, what will he ever do? Hehehe…

YESSSS! Hahahahaha! Put all your pain and anger into the weapon, let it guide you to victory!!!

Yes, it’s obvious. Christ will take them all on! As no one still stands! No one shall stand! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

Slicing! Slashing! Dicing! Cutting! Chopping! Piercing! Carving! Paring! Stabbing! Hacking! Gashing!

Axing! Severing! Slitting! Ripping! Tearing! Splitting! Shredding! Grating! Mincing! Perforating!

Need more bodies! Need more bodies! Need more practice! Need no one standing!

Hahahahaha, that was close. Almost killed the person that Gong buddy needs alive.

All battle stats increased
Your mastery of Azure Sword Style increased, it is now 100.

Hmph! You think with just you all will be enough to take down Poison Dragon Cult?

Maybe not enough with these, but with the addition of someone ‘your’ side, then there’s more than enough.

What did you say!?

Yellow Weave, explain to her.

What! Yellow Weave… you…

That’s right, Graceful Azure, the era of your rule is over. I just can’t stand your over-protective ways anymore, so I decided to join forces with Hundred Herbs Sect and integrate us into Wulin of Central Plains.

Don’t you understand that joining Central Plains will only lead to more carnage? As the leader of the tribe, the most important thing is to make sure everyone is leading peaceful and happy lives, can’t you understand?

I am for the future of the tribe; your leadership will only bring us to destruction just like today.


Hahahahaha! My apology for being late, Sir Gong.

Night Guardian Yaksha, you arrived at a good time, we’ve about to capture this bitch.

Hehe, surrender now, Azure!

Suddenly, Azure signals her servant to throw a flashbang and escaped.

Sea-gherkins! They escaped! But the Poison Dragon Cult has fallen into our hand, so let’s have a cerebration tonight!

Cult master Yellow, from today on, I will depend on your support of Hundred Herbs Sect’s operation in Miao Territories.

Well said, our activity in Central Plain would asks for your support too.

Hahahahaha, of course, of course.

Sir Gong shouldn’t forget about cooperating with Sky Dragon Cult either.

Absolutely, to be able to work with Sky Dragon Cult is a blessing for my sect, so I would never dare to forget it.

That’s good… this kid your friend?

Christ buddy is my best friend and he contributed the most to the success of today invasion. You know him, guardian?

Not just knowing him, we even had a little clash in the past, but since he’s your friend, then I won’t take it to heart.

Yes, yes, yes, everyone here is friends, hahahahaha…


Christ buddy, I’m thankful for your help in today’s battle, and I am a person to live to his word, so please accept this little gift.

Thank you Gong buddy. Since everything is settled, I won’t stay long, good bye.

Since that’s what you wish, then I won’t force you. If Christ buddy needs anything in the future, I will do all I can to help.

Thank you, Gong buddy. Farewell.

Your relationship with Hard Gong increased
You obtain 5000 silvers
You obtain Thousand Years old Polygonum Multiflorum

Eating this will boost Christ’s Chi amount by 200.

Congratulation to Christ buddy for solving another big case.

Helping Hard Gong obtain Poison Dragon Cult and even defeated the cult master Azure, what a hero.

Well said, Ye buddy. I should congratulate you too.

What to congratulate me about?

You have another grand story being recorded.


Death Count List
Miao People x21