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Part 101: Chapter One Hundred and One: Third Favour

Part One Hundred and One: Third Favour

Heavenly Sword Sect and Absolute Saber Sect are being deceived into conflict, should I go stop them?

1) Yes
2) No

Yes, we can’t let such a good chance of chopping people go to waste.

Christ didn’t bother to make many friends, because that would mean he has to share the killing.

The bird follows Christ to the Buddha Mountain cave.

Ahhhh, the smell of tension and cursing is leaking out of the entrance.

Help Saber and Sword sect or the cultists? Who cares, let’s cause a ruckus.

EVERYONE STOP! This is all a plot by Tang Family and Bagua Sect to separate Saber and Sword Sect! Please stop!

Stop him!

Finally, a fair fight.

“[Sigh] Guys, I am holding back here you know?”

“I am glad you are not holding back, but at least try to hit me.”

“Ah, surrounding me is definitely a guaranteed way to hit me.”

“It’s also a guaranteed way for me to hit you, of course.”

All your battle stats increased

Since you want to deal with this, then go ahead. Too bad for you that they’re already fighting.

Now to beat up the S & S sect and call it a day.

Ohhh, another fair fight.

Kid, don’t ruin our grand work.

So it was Sky Dragon Cult pulling the strings.

Kid, Sky Dragon Cult is getting stronger by the days while every sect in Wulin is like a bowl of loose sand, so if you don’t ruin our master plan today, I will let you join us in the future. How about it, give it some consideration.

1) Fine, today I will let you have your way.
2) Who would want to join a cult!

Let’s do as they say, it will be useful for our goal if the ruthless Sky Dragon Cult owed us a favor.

Fine, today I will let you have your way.

Excellence, good things will happen in your future.

Alright, farewell!

Your moral decreased, it is now 0

The bird is disappointed by the low content of violence.

Since I helped Sky Dragon Cult today, there should be some benefits in the future.

On Valentine’s Day, recalling the recent tragedy, Christ decided to recite a poem of love.

“Far, far away, the Cowherd, Fair, fair, the Weaving Maid;”

Sir Christ, what you are mumbling!

Lady Ruta, I’m not mumbling, I’m just reciting the old poem of the Cowherd and Weaving maid.

Then continue the rest.

The old poem is as such:

Such a beautiful poem!

Yeah! Beautiful yet carries a hint of sadness.

I hope we won’t be like Cowherd and Weaving maid, who can only meet once a year.

Nah, we can meet with each other regularly.

You sure know how to talk. I have another new pill for you that can strengthen your various abilities. Take good care and don’t lose it.

Thank you. You treat me so well.

All you know is sweet talking. Good bye.

Take care, lady Ruta.

Alright, let’s try her medicine… hmmm, it’s very effective.

All your battle stats increased

Heh, you sly fox. It’s like you didn’t ever care about Fair—

[Soul Glare]

I-I am sorry, o-oh, look, Rater Ye is here…

Yes? What is it Mr.Ye?

I’m here to inform you of the new title people in Jiangwu have been calling you by. I have also recorded this title into your section of my book.

Really, what new title did they give me?

Due to your excellent skills at picking up women, your buddies in Jiangwu gave you the title of – Saint of Love—

Really? Wow, terrific!

I expect more out of you in the future, please continue to work harder.

Naturally, thanks for coming.

Hope you don’t mind, but I have business to take care of.

Oh no, no. Please let me show you the exit.

Removed event!

Hohoho, kid. Long time no see. Have you been working hard?

Long time no see, sir. You are here for my master? He is at…

Hohoho, kid. I am here for you!

For me?

Yes, I have created a new medicine, and I am looking for a test subject, so I thought of you. Would you like to try?

Medicine God’s medicine; who in Jiangwu wouldn’t want to try it?

Hohoho, kid, don’t come to that conclusion it so easily, it is a recently made drug that no one has tested yet!

1) Want
2) Don’t want

Hope this is the elixir of immorality.

No problem, I will try it!

Your relationship with Medicine God increased

Oh, ah, ouch, my stomach hurts, sir!!!

Oh no, the drug failed. No problem, you will be fine after a few days of pain. I better go back to research it more, see ya!

I $^@&!

Your hearing, hardness, chi power, and energy decreased!!!

Christ later realizes that Medicine God knew about Christ’s playboy title and that Christ is dating his daughter.

Late July, Master Flawless orders Christ to go to Shaolin for a delivery.

Arriving at Shaolin Temple, the monks seem to be frantically searching for some infiltrator.

Christ decides to help out and spotted them.

Without waiting for the monks, Christ goes on the offense.

Christ is jumping all over the place with his kicking attacks and the monks are not sure if they should get in the way.

The female intruder can’t handle the kicking frenzy and ran out of Christ’s range, but she ran into the triple monk force instead.

All your battle stats increased

Later on, the intruders managed to escape Christ’s grasp and rescued Deva, and they escaped together.

The bird watches as Christ informs Master Flawless of this incident and Flawless needs some time to think about it.

Alas, the short peace after the incident didn’t last long as Christ hears the fighting between his school brothers.

W-what are you doing, second school brother!?

Hmph! School brother, good timing. I am leaving Carefree Valley; you want to follow me or that old head?

…… In fact, school uncle is not that same as before, as I now have a stronger force that can guarantee that you will be successful in Jiangwu and become more famous throughout Wulin, hehehe, how about it?

1) Silent! You traitor!
2) That… I…

Come on! This is our chance! Joining Sky Dragon Cult will grant us the power to change the Wulin!

Don’t hesitance anymore, there’s nothing here worth attaching to. Should a man stay in a pothole like this and limit their future? Let us carve our names throughout Jiangwu, and that’s much better than being bored to death in here.

One word, go or not go?

1) Fine, I will go!
2) Hmph! Want me to betray master, no way!

Come on! You really want to spend your life growing those stupid flowers here?

(Growing Flowers is an art. You will never understand!)

I-I am sorry…but as your school brother said, you can only do so much in this pothole.

1) Fine, I will go!

Hahaha, good determination! Now that’s a real man! Come, school uncle will show you the world!

And so, Christ follows his school uncle to Sky Dragon Cult. Flawless probably had a double heart attack by now.

Music: Sky Dragon Cult

You two listen up, the one you are going to meet soon is the cult leader of Sky Dragon Cult, Naga, so you better watch yourself.

Salutations to cult leader Naga, may I introduce to you, this young man is the Bramble Thorn I mentioned.

Greetings, cult leader.

Hmm… quite a heroic youngster, very good… the one at his side is?

He’s Flawless’s final student. Upon hearing the title of Naga, he begged me to bring him along to serve under the great Naga.

Youngster Christ greets the great Naga.

Hmm… good. Follow my lead and I will treat you well, kid.

As you command, I will do all I can to fulfill it.

Hmm… Dark Mysterious, I have a mission for you all to do, and show me what these two youngsters can do.

Please give your order.

I heard the orthodox sects are grouping up to resist the Sky Dragon Cult.

Ha, how dare those pittances try to oppose Naga.

However, if those orthodox sects do manage to unite, then it could be quite troublesome. So I want you all to find some way to disrupt their relations, and give that Wulin Gathering a closure.

Cult leader can relax; just let me, Mahoraga, to deal with this issue.

Why bother, I, Yaksha, alone can just slaughter all of them.

Nonetheless, you all split up to do your part, whoever does it right will be richly rewarded.

Yes, Naga. We will take our leave.

Hahaha, my Sky Dragon Cult’s day of ruling Wulin is getting closer, hahaha.

Thorn, Christ, you two listen up. We must get this done before Yaksha and Mahoraga solve this case, so that our position in Sky Dragon Cult will rise.

How are we supposed to do it, school uncle?

School uncle, I have a suggestion.

What is it, do tell.

You know about the shameful incident at the Wudang birthday ceremony?

I heard about it, that Wudang student Old Honest harassed Heavenly Mount’s Little Weave.

Indeed, but the harasser is not Old Honest, but Swordsman Just.

How do you know?

I happened to see Swordsman Just trying to harass Little Weave in the past and Old Honest tried to interfere. So I can confirm that this is the work of Swordsman Just.

I see.

So what about it? I heard Old Honest has already been expelled from the sect, and Swordsman Just’s succession to the sect has been confirmed.

School brother, how can you not think of it? We can use this as Swordsman Just’s weakness to force him to walk the plank.

My wonderful school cousin, I understand what you mean.

You two listen up, school uncle has a plan. After you two leave the mountain, we might find the disappeared Little Weave and capture her, then use her to lure Swordsman Just to meet her. Then hehehe… we can threaten Swordsman Just and also destroy the relationship between Heavenly Mount and Wudang.

Affirmative, school uncle.

Remember to do this with haste. We must finish this within 15 days, and regardless of success or failure, you two must return here. During this time, don’t interfere with other sects, and just focus on searching every city and town.

Affirmative, school uncle.

Let’s go, school brother.

Now where could Little Weave be?

The closest city is in Chengdu, so let’s start there.

Asking around with the description of Little Weave, Christ was lucky enough to find this boy who saw her before.

A pretty lady seems to be living at the abandoned temple, but her hair is white.

How fortunate that Little Weave has a slight shade of white to her hair.

I finally found you, Little Weave.

What do you two stinking men want?

We two just want to be your cupid, and let you meet your old lover.

You two want to die!?

Sensing her killing intent, Christ quickly sealed her movement and knocked her out.

This woman sure is feisty, so Swordsman Just likes this kind of flavor.

What should we do now, school brother?

I will keep watch here, you go to Wudang and lure Swordsman Just here, and we will watch the show from the side.

Alright, I will go to Wudang.

Christ has a few ideas on how to get Just’s attention.

May I ask what your business on Wudang Mountain, sir is?

Swordsman Just here or not? Tell him Christ of Carefree Valley have come to pay him a visit.

You are Christ? Rumor in Jiangwu is that you have joined a cult, and you dare to come to Wudang? Brothers, we will take him down.

Christ has no time for these pebbles, but at least their agonizing screams serve well as a door bell.

All your battle stats increased

Christ buddy causing a commotion on Wudang Mountain, does that mean you have no respect for Wudang Sect!?

Don’t get angry yet, Just buddy. I wasn’t here to cause trouble, but here to deliver a gift.

A gift? Hmph, you better not be mumbling nonsense, cultist. Listen to my order, brothers; let us take down this cultist.

Hold your horses, Just buddy. Don’t you want to know the location of your lady Weave?

What did you say?

I think there are too many people around, so it might be hard to communicate.

You all go back for now……

Where is lady Weave?

Don’t be hasty, Just buddy. I am here just to tell you that I saw her at an abandoned temple in Chengdu, pitifully all alone by herself.

Chengdu? Temple?

Alright, I delivered my message, farewell.

Hm, I should go back and watch the show.

Ohh boy, looks like Just is already here.

Well now, looks like the rape is about to start.

Regrettably, Little Weave attempted to commit suicide and the frightened Just escaped.

Hahaha! Even the heavens are helping us. Now we definitely can flip Wudang upside down. Eh! She’s actually still alive.

Let’s kill her and blame it on Wudang sect!

Good idea, do it!

...there’s a bloody handkerchief?

Check what’s on it!

It’s written that her killer is Swords…man…Just… Hehe! With this bloody hanky, he will have to listen to us! Hahaha!

School brother, let’s spill it to Heavenly Mount and watch them fight each other, it should be a good show!

Hold on, in my opinion, Heavenly Mount’s master Penultimate might not be on even footing as Wudang’s master Zhou, so if we don’t treat this with care, things might go haywire. How about we go to Wudang and see what Swordsman Just can do for us!

Hmm… that’s good too, let’s move!

Obtained bloody handkerchief

Ahh… this will be good.

Death Count List
Miao People x21
Wudang Underlings x 5 (Death by invisible poison in a few days)
Little Weave