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Part 110: Chapter One Hundred and Eleven: Motive of Evil

For those who missed it, I am translating the names in Little Shrimp’s arc normally (not Hong Kong Dub or localization) since these are established in the English version of the novels.

Part One Hundred and Eleven: Motive of Evil
Ode to Gallantry (俠客行 )

Next stop, the Lingxiao Fortress on top of the snowy mountain.

Who are you, do you know this place is the Lingxiao fortress.
I would like to meet your leader.
Our master doesn’t have time to meet guests now.
I have ill intention, so please give him call.
Our sect have great works to be done. Just go away and be annoying elsewhere.

[Will you fight them (Y/N)]

My apology. I really want to meet your leader.
What insolence! You are charging in isn’t it!?

Yep, have a nice sleep.

Chinese New Year of the forth year, the one where Flawless test his student’s kung fu.

Your turn, Young Jeez.

It’s been awhile, Jeez probably too weak to ta---yep.

Flawless feel bad for sending the embrrasingly weak Jeez into a deep coma that he gave more New Year pocket money than usual.

Jeez was in the coma for so long that he even missed the whole part of the adventure! Little Shirmp has already gotten the next book Ode to Gallantry!

Note: This one have too much nice spoiler, so I skipped it.

A Deadly Secret (連城訣

Next stop, Little Shimrp come across a pagora looking building, there we found a bunch of angry Tibertian monks.

How dare you intrude the Temple of Great Wheel, kid! Time to die!

Geez, you guys take care of them, I will go have a stroll.

Saw someone imprisoned in a cell, go in to have a chat.

Who are you, bro? Why are you imprisoned here?
Who are you to come rescue the unlucky me, Di Yun.
I don’t like the looks of these baldies, and just happen to come upon you on the way of fighting,
Then you should hurry and leave, to be pair with the unfortunate me will only cause you troubles.
Don’t say that buddy. Although I saved you by chance, we should help other in needs nonetheless.
But… but…
What happen to you? Tell me about it.
Few years ago, I follow master and school sister to Jingzhou…

Jeez dozes off from the spoilers that he still hasn’t read about yet.

That’s good, wanna come with me? We can watch each other’s back.
Alright! If you are not afraid of being with an unlucky person.

Obtain Silk cloth
Obtain Divine Light Skill Manual
Obtain Blood Saber Manual
Obtain Blood Saber

Returning to Di Yun’s old cave home that he mentioned about…

Found the Tang Dynasty Selection Poem. Di Yun doesn’t seem to be the poetic type to me.

Next we need to visit the next hint guy that provides cryptic clues to Little Shrimp’s Adventure.

Young man, why have you come to Lee Clown in this snowy land? Is it to search for the great truth?
(Lee Clown? Maybe he is affiliate with the Wiseman I met before, could he be the Clown of the “North Saint South Clown”? He looks like he has a few loose screws, can I trust him?)
Doubting my ability?
(Amazing! He knows what I’m thinking.) You know lots of things? More so than the North Saint Wiseman?
I, Lee Clown am different! I know the great secret of Wulin! So don’t bother with the wisdom fruit, and give me something more practical. If you don’t believe my ability, then I will show you the one and only treasure of Wulin. See the crystal ball on the desk? Touch it and something might happen.

Your reputation is current 124

Further chatting with him just reveals some game hints like how to open people’s chest without hurting my reputation.

There’s a washbasin with really cold water, and it clearly a good place to ruin a plot book!

Eh!? Letters are appearing, what’s on it…”A Deadly Secret”… at the back of Jiangling City’s Western Tianning Temple Buddha statue…

To the temple! Lots of angry visitors for some reason.

Ha! To think the righteous Kunlun Sect also have its eyes on “A Deadly Secret”.
Hmph! Properties of the world, everyone can have it. I bet everyone here from Kongtong Sect, Green Fortress Sect, and Mount Tai Sect are thinking the same.
Wow! So lively here, everyone must be here for the book “A Deadly Secret”, but unfortunately, I have reservation for it, so no dips for you guys.
You want to die, kid!?

Sure, let’s burn down your stupid impractical battle formation.

It took awhile with everyone killing each other all over the place, but Little Shrimp’s party help speed up the process.

Mastered Blood Saber Skill

Here it is. This “A Deadly Secret” ties to the darkest and vilest side of humanity, sigh!

Obtain A Deadly Secret

The Deer and the Cauldron (鹿鼎記 )

We are on a roll! Let’s keep going and look for the next book at Deity Dragon Cult.

Who are you, kid!? Why are you intruding the Island of Deity Dragon!?
Deity Dragon Island? Sounds rough, maybe I should come back when I’m more capable.
Want to leave? The Deity Dragon Island isn’t a place that you can come and go as you like.
Aw don’t be like that! I just pilot my ship randomly and just happen to land on this island. All I want is to find the book I want, but… I guess not… pardon me…
So you are here to steal the book, everyone, take him down!

One easy battle later…

Finally found it, this might be the place with the book that I need. It’s time to go in to get it from the boss.

You must be the boss, I heard you have the book that I am searching for… and it looks like you won’t just hand it over easier… How about it? Wanna fight?
I heard a newly emerged young hero, and that person must be you! To get in our cult must mean you have some might.
Since you know about my might, are you still going to fight or hand it over?
The book you want must be “The Deer and the Cauldron”! Too bad you are a bit too late.
What do you mean?
Half a month ago, a person named Wei Xiaobao has infiltrated this island and stolen the book. This man is a sly trickster that always got away from the pursuit and capture of our men. If you can kill him, then naturally, you would be able to obtain the book.
In due time, would you come to get it back from me?
Since you earned it, it will belong to you.
Is that the truth?
I am a man who stay by he’s own word.
Then do you have his location?
He’s a perverted man, and I heard he was around Yunnan. To think he would even go for that poisonous bitch.
You mean...
Yunnan Five Poison Cult.
Alright. I will go meet this big pervert.

Where is Wei Xiaobao hiding, tell him to come out.
Are you mad! Stop bellowing at the Five Poison Cult.
Where’s your cult leader? Dating Wei Xiaobao?
You fool, if you want to see our leader so much then we will take you to her.

No thanks, we all would like to go in ourselves.

Hmph! Cult leader will take care of you!

Is there something you need that is of such urgency to meet me, sir?
You are the cult leader? Can’t be! Such young age, maybe you also use “Olay”?

Took me forever to figure out “歐蕾” mean Olay.

What are you saying, sir? I don’t understand.
I have come to inquire the location of a certain person.
Who are you asking for?
Wei Xiaobao.
Who do you hear his name from?
Deity Dragon Cult’s leader.
Hmph! So you are Deity Dragon Cult’s lackey. If you want to know about Sir Wei’s location, you will have to beat me first.
You sure change your tone as quickly as flipping a book.

Little Shrimp punch so hard, the goon exploded, and then some sonic slashes to cut down the leader.

Mastered Divine Light Skill

Why the sudden aggression, girl? If you don’t want to tell me, I won’t had pushed for it.
Enough with your acting; do what you want.
[Sigh] Are Miao women all wild like this? I just want to ask Wei Xiaobao if he know the location of the “The Deer and the Cauldron”.
Where’s that bastard Hé? Using the power of Deity Dragon Cult to steal my seat of cult leader back but won’t dare to show up?
What are you saying? What cult leader’s seat?
Could it be that you aren’t here to help that traitor Hé from stealing the seat of the cult leader?
NO! I’m here to find the book “The Deer and the Cauldron”, and cult leader Hong said Wei Xiaobao stolen it and it’s currently hiding here.
Sir Wei did went to Deity Dragon Island to steal the book, but that is the “Forty Two Sutra”, and not your “The Deer and the Cauldron”.
Really, then where is Wei Xiaobao.
He? He is traveling with his seven beautiful wives, and I don’t know where he gone.
Why does the old head Hong want to lie to me?
You numb head! You’ve been used! Hong wants to use you to kill Sir Wei and get back the “Forty Two Sutra”, and also kill me to get our sect’s traitor Hé to become the cult leader to increase his influence.
Two-timing Tartar Twisters! He lies to my feeling; I will get him back for this!
It’s so shameful of me for attacking without clearing things up first, sir. Please accept my sincere apology, and if you need any help, then I, Blue Phoenix will give you a hand.
Nah, I am wrong too.
Your Kung Fu and civil manner are very respectable, and I really wish to be able to travel Jianghu with you.
(Miao woman sure are straightforward and gutsy.)

Let her Join (Y/N)

It’s my honor to be traveling with a beauty.

Obtain Poison Dragon Whip Style

Time to have a little talk… and maybe more with this bastard.

Is it done, youngster?
Hmph! I almost got used by you.
So you know.
“The Deer and the Cauldron” is still with you isn’t it, old skull!
It’s indeed here, what do you want?
What I want!? I want to give you a good punch!

Ouch, Little Shrimp start in the middle of the enemy group, but it’s a good chance to mutilate Hong’s face.

The pissed off Hong unleashed his boss massive aoe attack.

Damn this guy is seriously tough, but his toughness can’t beat being outnumbered.

Mastered Nine Yin Manual
Obtain The Deer and the Cauldron

It’s time to go on the mission for the Wudang drama.

My apology, but you are…

Lazy Valley Jeez, I’m under the order of my master to cerebreate the Master Zhuo’s birthday.

So you are young hero of Lazy Valley, please come in.

The rest is history and the result is still the same when Jeez choose to watch the conflict with cold eyes.

On the way home, Jeez thought about the lies and treachery of Swordsman Just, and yet one with the truth is not believed by anyone. Then Jeez falls back to sleeps.

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (天龍八部 )

Little Shrimp visit the local motel to rest off all those fighting for the books, he meet a guy that dressed like an important NPC.

I am new here, sir, do you know any fun place nearby?
I heard people mention there’s the Wuliang Mountain west of here filled with wonderful scenery and calm atmosphere, which I am planning to go.
How should I call you by, and why are you traveling alone?
My last name is Yu, with a sole first name of Duan. Actually, I run away from home.
Why did you run away from home?
Grandpa want to teach me Kung Fu, but I don’t want to learn it, so when he pushed too hard, I run away.
What Kung Fu is your grandfather going to teach you?
Something about “Six Pulse Divine Sword”
This Kung Fu sounds powerful, why don’t you want to learn it? Afraid it would be tough?
I am not afraid of any difficulty. It just that I sworn the oath to Buddhism and all these ten plus years of studying humanity to become a kind person that does not kill others. Then all the sudden my grandpa wants me to learn Kung Fu; the idea of fighting and killing someone does not go well with me.
But what if you don’t know Kung Fu, but sees someone being bullied, and you want to save him, what would you do then?
Then I would lecture him and won’t permit them to kill anyone. As the saying goes, “Adversary is easy to reconcile but difficult to make”, and fighting and killing is against the law, which the law enforcement won’t like.
(This guy is a bit naive)

Ask him to join (Y/N)

Would you like to travel with me toward Wuliang Mountain?
Sure, having company is good.

Obtain Six Pulse Divine Sword Manual

Sadly, this Kung Fu is so powerful that it needs a bunch of requirement for Little Shrimp to learn it.

At the Wuliang Mountain, we found a secret cave to leads to some ancient quarter of someone’s room.

The lady of this statue sure is beautiful… eh! There’s few words…
Kawtow thousand time, let me dictate…
Follow my will, no regrets for hundred deads…”

(Crazy, who would kowtow to a statue)

Goddess, for me to meet your beauty today, I have no regret for my life. Would big sis all alone in place be lonely?
Duan buddy, you can’t be talking to the jade statue is it? (This guy is so childlish)

“That on the Miao-ku-yi Mountain there lives a divine one, whose skin is white like ice or snow, whose grace and elegance are like those of a virgin, who eats no grain, but lives on air and dew.”

Goddess, if you would be revived to say one sentence to me, I’m willing to die for you a thousand time, ten thousand times, and I would be as if ascended heaven, fill with unlimited happiness. Kawtow a thousand times, it’s the rightful thing to do…

Bro, what are you doing!? You really are going to Kowtow one thousand times!?
Ten, eleven, twelve…
Oh. My. God!

One thousand Kowtow later…

Bro, you really Kawtowed a thousand times, are your head alright? Look at the Zafu (cushion) all teared up from your kawtow.
Eh! There’s a little pouch hidden in this Zafu, and something is written on it…
“Since you Kowtow a thousand times, then you should be dictated by me, no regret for life, this scroll contain the essence of Carefree Valley Kung Fu, everyday at morning, noon, and dawn, you must practice it once…”
There’s two other manuscript here, one titled “The divine skill of the north” and the other “Limbo Micro Step.”

(I don’t want to learn Kung Fu, but how could I refuse Goddess’ order? I gave you a thousand kawtow means I promise to let her dictate me, and to follows her order. I should at least read what is in the book)

“…poor hair of the person of south sea… divine skill of the north is to direct the strength of the people to become yours, great water of south sea, doesn’t came from self, as the saying goes: Hundred rivers of water fills the sea, great sea gets it’s water from hundred of rivers, bits by bits it adds up, this great hand of yin stomach is the first lesson of the divine skill of the north…there’s a chi corridor map, and a green line on top…

Eh! My body feels hot… the other book “Limbo Micro Step” is drawn with a bunch of foot steps, with notes about the position of [url= ]Yì Jīng[/url], luckily I read the Yi Jing for the past few days, so it’s much easier to look at this now…

Goddess, your order for me to practice daily on morning, noon, and night, I will obey.

Duan buddy finally willing to learn Kung Fu.
But from now on I will be extra courteous to people, if people won’t attack me, then I won’t drain their chi. As for “Limbo Micro Step”, I should train with all my heart so I can run away when things going badly.
Whatever you like, let’s go.

Obtain Divine Skill of the North
Obtain Limbo Micro Step

Duan learned Divine Skill of the North, speed increase by 30, Strength increase by 10, Intelligent increased by 20

On the way out, we see a giant toad.

Wah! What is this monster?
Could this be… could it be the legendary King of Million Poisons “Poisonous Bovine Vermillion Toad”, be careful.

There’s no battle in the book version and it’s more of a funny situation for the poor Duan.

Duan Yu poke it with light ball hammer, and the toad chew the guts out of him.

Little Shrimp come in to save him and Duan Yu use his newly learned Six Pulse Divine Sword and lighting the toad to death.

That was scary, we almost become the dinner of the insane toad. I will pay that back by having some frog stew later.

Obtain Poisonous Bovine Vermillion Toad

Next, we go vistit the Sparrow Dock.

As the saying goes: “Up above there is heaven; down below there are Suzhou and Hangzhou”, West Lake’s scenery is very fascinating, what a great life for Sir Murong to live here and have a beauty with you.
Who might you be, what’s your business in the Sparrow Dock?
My name is not worth remembrance; my travel in Jianghu is for returning to ‘future’, and today I’m here to request your assistance, Sir Murong.
Speak what you have in mind.
Jianghu rumors that Sir Murong household contain vest treasures and various collection of Wulin tomes…
So you want to peek at my vast collection of Kung Fu manuscripts…
Sir Murong is mistaken. For what I am searching for is not Kung Fu scripture, but a few novels.
You mean…
People call it the “Fourteen Heavenly Book” and some sort of high level Kung Fu manuscripts, but from what I know it’s just a bunch of novels. Mayhap Sir Murong has such volume in your collection?
My apology, the library of Sparrow Dock doesn’t have the book that you requested.
Oh! In that case…
But what…
But I do know about the location of one of the book…
Which book?
“Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils”.
Really, where is it?
Do you heard of our Murong’s family ultimate technique?
Hm, people of Jianghu mention Murong Fu likes to use his opponents' signature moves against them, which becomes his trademark, "Returning you with your own way" (以彼之道, 還之彼身 ).
Indeed, you should know what to do.
You mean…
If you help me find something, then I will tell you’re the location of “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils”.
You scared me there, I thought you want to use my Kung Fu to get back at me… you should know that I learned a lots of Kung Fu… so it won’t be that easy to “Returning you with your own way”.
You overvalue me.
So what are you searching for?
Imperial Jade Seal of Great Sparrow Nation.
Imperial Jade Seal of Great Sparrow Nation? Sir Murong is an antique collector? Why would need you “Great Sparrow Nation’s” Imperial Jade Seal? You aren’t the emperor so the Jade Seal is useless for you!
Shut up, I am the grandson of the Great Sparrow Emperor Murong!
My apologies.
Dear cousin, you still thinking about revive the royal family name?
The teaching of our heritage, how can I forget.
This maiden beauty is as of the immortal, what’s your name…
This is my cousin Wang Yuyan, although she doesn’t know any Kung Fu, but she memorized many martial arts manuals of many sects and boast great insights to the art.
Hello, Lady Wang…
Goddess… Goddess… pitiful Duan Yu has been thinking about you for so long!
What’s this retard doing, looking at my cousin like that!?
Please calm down Sir Murong, my buddy Duan Yu just confuse her with someone, but… but she really looks like…
Like what?
Nothing, I’m just saying she looks like a person, a jade statue we discovered in Wuliang Mountain, it really resemble her.
Goddess… why aren’t you talking with me… how about you come with us?
No, I have to stay with my cousin.
Duan buddy, don’t be so uncourteous. We will take our leave Sir Murong.
Remember, if you want to know the location of “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils”, then you better hurry and find me that Imperial Jade Seal of Great Sparrow Nation.

Already got this at the Valley of Lost Love.

Sir Murong, the Imperial Jade Seal of Great Sparrow Nation is right here.
You really found it! With that, reviving the dynasty of Murong is within reaches!
Sir Murong, can you fulfill your promise and tell me the location of “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils”.
Later, with just this Imperial Jade Seal of Great Sparrow Nation is not enough proof of my identity, so others won’t listen to my call… where’s Great Sparrow Emperor Pedigree Chart? where’s Great Sparrow Emperor Pedigree Chart?
Sir Murong didn’t tell me to find that whatever Great Sparrow Emperor Pedigree Chart!
Without the Great Sparrow Emperor Pedigree Chart, then others won’t believe that I am the descendant of Murong Bo’s son. Hurry and go find the Great Sparrow Emperor Pedigree Chart and I will tell you the location of “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils”.
Dear cousin, you can’t break your promise. You told this man you will tell him, so how could you back away from that? If you don’t want to say it, then I will.

Alright, I will believe you one more time, and help you find that Great Sparrow Emperor Pedigree Chart. Hopefully you won’t break your promise next time.
Alright, seeing you working so hard, I will gift you this Chess Manual of World Expansion, it’s in that room’s chest, and here’s the key.

Obtain Purple Key

Obtain Liu Zhong Fu’s Blood Puking Chess Manual

…This certainly is… ‘World expanding’ for chess guide book.

Upon reaching the exit, Duan reveal his intent to stay here.

Duan buddy, this Wang is not your Goddess, in fact, she’s all over her cousin, so you should forget about it.
My mind is made, buddy. You take care.

Next stop, Little Shrimp is pretty pissed by the broken promise, so he goes vent off some steam.

Who are you to intrude the Iron Palm Mountain!
Iron Palm Mountain? And here I thought it was the “Monkey Claw Mountain”.
Hectic fool! You dare to come looking for a fight with the Iron Palm Sect!?

Yes, now go to sleep before Yang Guo start blowing thi--nevermind.

You must be the leader of Iron Palm Sect.
Who are you!
I’m just happens to wonder to this Iron Palm Mountain, and decided to come up to sightsee the weird shapes of this mountain. Then your underling started attacking, could it be this mountain belongs to you?
Foolish naïve kid, do you know whose Kung Fu is the strongest in Jianghu?
I heard people mention the ‘Eastern Evil’, ‘Western Poison’, ‘Southern Emperor’, ‘Northern Beggar’, is the four people with the strongest Kung Fu.

Note: Unlike Rater Ye’s ranking system, the title of the strongest are at stalemate between four to five person from a cardinal directions. They will be invited to a quarter-century held Dueling on Mount Hua where these strongest will brawl out for seven days and nights, and the one would can break the power stalemate will be move to ‘Center’ as the strongest of them all .

These five people will be known as the Five Great with title owned by the strongest of the associate cardinal and will have a word to correspond to their special occupation, Kung Fu orientation, or personality.

Our explosion-happy Yang Guo is known as the ‘Western Eccentric’ in his associate novel.

If I had mastered the Iron Palm Divine Skill Back during the time of Dueling on Mount Hua, and can made it in time to participate, the tile of “Number One Kung Fu of the World” title won’t had been taken away by Wang Chong Yang.

Now that I have finally mastered the divine art, I will let people of the world know that I am the strongest at the Dueling on Mount Hua.
Is it? I want this title of Number One Kung Fu of the World, so I would be participating too.
Are the youngsters these days all arrogant like you? You shall taste some bitterness today.

Oh no, we are surrounded!

Old man, I suggest you don’t participate in the next Dueling on Mount Hua and keep training.

Now to loots the place for some medical herbal reparations.

Now we go back on plot to get what we need on the side garden. Yep, that fight is optional.

Eh! This bed of flowers hides a treasure.

Obtain Silvers
Obtain Great Sparrow Emperor Pedigree Chart

Back at Sparrow Dock, it seems Duan Yu is intergrating well.

Duan Buddy, are you living well in here?
To be with Goddess everyday, I’m willing to work like a slave.

Alright, let’s give Murong his damn chart before our cute giant pet frog messes it up. (Yes, we are keeping it.)

Haha with this Great Sparrow Emperor Pedigree Chart and the Imperial Jade Seal of Great Sparrow Nation, I can summon the descendent of the Great Sparrow to realize the plan of revival!
You won’t be breaking your promise again hopefully, Sir Murong.
I Murong Fu never betray a deal.
(Great man and their convenien short memories.)
“Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils” location is…
Where is it?
In the hand of Qiao Feng.
You mean Leader of Beggar Sect, Qiao Feng.
You can’t be pulling that out randomly just because people call you “Southern Emporer Murong” and “Northern Beggar Quao Feng” is it?
My brother didn’t lie. This book really is possessed by him.
Lady Wang’s words however, are more trust worthy. Alright, I will go to Beggar Sect to ask for the book.
No, no, you should go to Shaolin first.
Why so?
Think about it, can you defeat Quao Feng?
Have to try, what other option do I have?
I have way to make Quao Feng to obediently give up the book.
Why would he obediently give it up?
Because I know a great secret of his, enough to ruin his reputation.
Then why am I going to Shaolin first?
Because we have to get the something from Shaolin first.
Yes, something that would turn Wulin in chaos. All in all, if you will accompany me, then I can help you obtain the book easily, otherwise, you think you have the ability to defeat Quao Feng?
Why are you helping me?
Nothing much, fish help water, water help fish. I, Murong is lacking the forces to rebuild my country, and so the only hope is to cause the world in chaos, unsettling Wulin, while you gets what you want.
Dear cousin, are your wish to revive your dynasty really madden you to want the world in chaos?
Shut up! You think the ‘Fu’ in Murong Fu mean nothing? I spent my life working for this family for what?

Note: Fu in this case mean ‘Restoration/Revival’.

So, how about it? Would you cooperate with me?

Join (Y/N)

This is a book’s story branching choice for good and evil. Little Shrimp are pretty neutral so far, but this guy rubs him the wrong way.

I am grateful for Sir Murong’s ‘good’ will, but I do have some confidence with my own Kung Fu, and I rather fight the great Quao Feng fair and squarely instead of using cheap trick to get the “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils”.
You should reconsider.

Nope. Time to meet those cool beggars to get down and dirty.

Wow! So many beggars, I might not have enough spare change.
Don’t be troubled, we groups of beggars is just here to gather and meet up, so we won’t be pleading.
A big group of beggars gathering, are you guys the Beggar Sect?
We are.
I have long heard of Beggar Sect as the world largest sect, with member spawl all over Wulin. As a wonderer of Jianghu, I must meet with some great horonable heroes of Beggar Sect.
Well said, friend.
Can one of you lead me to meet your leader?
If you want to see our leader, then you have to be a great man too.
How would I be considers a great man?
What do you think?
Hmm... I had long heard Beggar Sect’s Dog Beating Formation are very powerful, so pardon my sudden request to fight with you all.

Dog Beating Formation versus Beggar Murdering Formation. GO!


Your Kung Fu is not bad, to have beaten our Dog Beating Formation. Leader Quao is inside, please proceed. Our leader would sure to be happy to meet you.

Clan Leader Quao, I heard other mention that you processed the book “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils”, is this true?
That’s correct.
May I borrow this book? As it is relates to my future.
Dear young hero, do you know the ultimate technique of Beggar Sect?
It’s widely discussed to be the “Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms”, which is extremely powerful enough to be known as the world number one palm style.
Indeed. Due to our sect’s minor tie to the word “Dragon (龍 )”, so our sect’s previous leader have this book as our sect’s treasure. As the current leader of the sect, how do you think I would make me give it to you?

Note: Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (天龍八部 ) is loosy translated to English as the Chinese name actually mean “Sky Dragons of Eight Section”.

However, this is not a fixed matter. The author of this book isn’t from Beggar Sect, so I won’t force it as my own and the sect does have a rule that whoever can defeat the “Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms” shall become more qualify than Beggar Sect to own this book.
You mean…
If with your own streagth, you were able to defeat me, then the Beggar Sect will unconditionally give up the book “Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms”. Tell me when you are ready.

What? You ready? (Y/N)

I shall meet the “Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms” of the great hero Quao Feng.

Didn’t have a better attack effect screenshot because Little Shirmp took him out in one hit.

All the days of your training have shaped your Kung Fu beyond ordinary; I admit defeat and please accept this “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils”.
Thanks for the fight.

Obtain Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils

Upon leaving, Murong is up to his scheme again.

I decided to reveal the true identity of Quao Feng to every Wulin denizen…
Let it go, Sir Murong.
Hmph! You go the book, but what about me? The hope of reviving the Great Sparrow Nation rests on my shoulder…
Then pardon my rudeness.

Second solo battle, Little Shrimp swiftly burns off the proof of Quao Feng’s Identity along with an asshole who’s holding it.

Sir Murong, please do not forget about the fact that I choose to not kill you, otherwise…
Hmph! *leave*
Lady Wang, why are you still here? Your cousin has already left.
[Sigh] My cousin is maddened by the will to revive the Great Sparrow Nation. His whole life is dreaming to become the emperor of Great Sparrow, but it’s reasonable, as every generation of Murong family dreamt of the same dream. All the dreams of the ancestors that has been inherited by him; how would he even capable of waking up from it?

My cousin is not a bad person at its base; it’s just the wish to become emperor has blinded him to do all these horrible things…

Yet you always love him…
In my brother’s heart, revival of the dynasty is the most important thing, affection are just…
Lady Wang, don’t be troubled. I will go talk to your cousin and tell him to treat you better…
Sir Duan, I am such a silly fool, you treated me so well, yet I… I finally understand at this moment that the person who loves and cares for me in this world…
Congratulation, Duan buddy. You feeling has reaches the heart of the maiden. What plan do you two have from now on?
I heard Duan honey said that there’s a jade statue in Wuliang Mountain that looks exactly like me. So we will be taking a trip there.
Then I wish you two a good travel.
You take care too, buddy.
Other people already found their love, but what about me? [Sigh] Enough thinking, time to move on!

At a rare moment of waking up naturally, Jeez ponder about the dream. The unfortunate heritage of Murong that driven him to such extend, and the last part about girlfiend… OH! Year Four, Early October is the day where the Hundred Herb Sects Invade the Poison Cult. Jeez hopes Azure is alright… before going back to sleep.

Gentlemanly Advice of the Day
Always go rescue the maiden in needs!