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Part 88: Chapter Eighty-Eight: Legend of Wulin Heroes

Part Eighty-Eight: Legend of Wulin Heroes

Day 40:
Skipping straight to the day of Wulin Gathering and to the Wulin Mengzhu selection battle.

Go for it, school brother.

Flying Tang, I believe you are the one responsible for making Jesus fight first.

Guess you will have to leave first!

Heming Shang, jumping in so quickly to not let Jesus to recover?

Or to meet your doom sooner?

Guan Long Rainbow is next. If there was a good Honorable Kung, you’d probably be him.

So Jesus shall meet you with his sword!

Ahh…this is getting boring, let’s speed things up and snipe down Lord Any.

Shaving Honorable Kung.

Blowing away Clean Man.

Dodging Bagger Sect master’s z-shape staff attack.


Boooonnnnk!! Beaten one of the top ten masters of Wulin…oops, Jesus was using a sword….

True to the saying, “Heroes come from youngsters”. Even I have lost to you. Since it is so, I think everyone here would agree to let young hero Jesus to take on the role of Wulin Mengzhu.

(Ah! What…I’ve become the Wulin Mengzhu!)

Now let’s have our newly elected Wulin Mengzhu say a few words.

(…I really became Wulin Mengzhu! Ah! My childhood dream has been fulfilled…)

School brother! School brother! The abbot is calling you!

Ah! What is it!?

Young hero Jesus; please say a few words to everyone.

Thanks for everyone’s approval, I am still shocked from this, and since everyone approves of me becoming the Wuling Mengzhu, I will do my best. About the cultist issue, I suggest to solve this problem as soon as possible…

And when does young her—Mengzhu Jesus think we should go on the offensive?

I think since we’re all here, let’s attack now!

Good! Let’s attack now!

Great! Great!

Yeah! Give them a surprise attack!

Yes! Let those vile cultists know our wrath!

Let’s move out!


Sir Kung, is there an objection?

I think attacking Sky Dragon Cult now would need a more detailed planning, and we shouldn’t rush into a mistake!

(Why would Honorable Kung want to prevent us from attacking? AH, right, that letter, he is a cohort of the cultists!)

REALLY? Jesus you forgot!? Maybe that’s why the heavens sent you that dream so you would remember!

Honorable Kung, I have something to ask of you.

What is it, Mengzhu?

Days ago, I found this letter from a group of cultist outside of Luoyang…

(Damn! The plan is leaked, better do it now!) COUGH...COUGH……

Great lucking job Jesus, you almost failed to stop the explosion again!

Friends of Sky Dragon Cult, the plan has failed, you all can come out.

This place is so packed.

What is the meaning of this?

Everyone, Honorable Kung has allied with the cultists and planned to set explosives on Mount Hua to blow up everyone here.

WHAT!!!! Honorable Kung, you guys dare to join up with the cultists to harm your fellow Wulin acquaintances!

What evil cult? The Sky Dragon Cult is stronger by the day and none of you ants can defeat it.

Hahaha!! Well said. Listen up; you so called orthodox sects better surrender to Sky Dragon Cult otherwise death awaits you.

We haven’t come for you and here you are coming to us, this sure saves us lots of work. Everyone let’s go!

From here on Jesus and his fellows Wulin Heroes will fight against the cultists in six final battles of randomly selected character battles.

Here’s the video of the battle, so I won’t go into too much detail with the screenshot version.

Video: Final Battle

Note: Video is dead, here's a replacement on youtube. This one is a separate save, so it might be a little different. Also I removed 2 boring battle out of the video for the upload limit.

Music: Epic Battle

The first battles are just a bunch of these second rate cultist fighters, but a quarter of them can use poison so it can be really bad since it carries on to the next battle.

No mercy! After all the poison training, time for you all to taste this new laxative known as Castor Oil!

And the tides of this battle are now in the heroes’ favor.

But the Cultists are undeterred by the poison and are going all out before their digestive tract gives up.

Which doesn’t take long when they moved so much.

Next battle, Jesus summons his music-hurricane.

Nothing worth noting other than Bramble Thorn’s ridiculously long hp.

It takes everyone a long while before Thorn finally goes down.

This might be a more interesting battle if Jesus weren’t here.

Yaksha’s and Mahoraga’s teamwork is quite strong though, but Jesus manages to protect everyone.

The next battle goes back to much weaker goons, which is good to rest up, but really bad for the poisons that keep eating up your hp and prevent chi regeneration.

Finally, Jesus gets two Shaolin monks and two saber/swordsman to fight Naga in this last battle.

The battle would have been deadly if Bramble Thorn, Dark Mysterious, Yaksha. Mahoraga, Naga and another poison user were here.

Too bad for Naga, Jesus swiftly takes down little Kung and the evil woman.

Finally, Jesus was able to keep everyone alive and together, they defeated the cultist.

All your battle stats increased

You two performed wonderfully, Wulin has finally achieved peace. Jesus, I plan to elect you as the new master of Carefree Valley, to spread the spirit of Carefree Valley. Are you willing?

1) Yes, master.
2) I think school brother is the better candidate.

The first choice requires Jesus to be really good at many hobbies to unlock and will slightly affect the ending, so let’s say yes.

Alright it’s time for me to travel the land and enjoy life.

If Jesus refuses, “Hm, looks like you are like me, wishing to enjoy the peaceful life. Very well, I will announce Vale Moon Pavilion as the new master of Carefree Valley.”

Not ending this without Rater Ye!

You have come, Ye buddy.

Congratulations Jesus buddy, not only are you famous through Wulin, but according to my book, you have become the number one kung fu practitioner, surely all your years of hard work were not wasted. Now Jesus buddy has become like Little Shrimp and will be admired by future generations. Congratulations.

We did it, everyone! Now we shall see the legacy of Jesus.

Editor: Wait, who is number one before Jesus takes it? I assume you can beat the game and not be 1st as well

Author: That’s up to speculation, ignoring the removed characters; it’s probably Exceed Tien, Naga, or Sword Saint. Yes you can beat the game without being number one.

Music: Epilogue

After the incident in Mount Hua, Wulin of Central Plain has returned to its peaceful state. After Jesus accepted the seat of master, to glorify the Kung Fu of Carefree Valley, he establishes a new system of “Iron Blood Education” for the new recruits, hoping they can obtain the [Iron Body] under the encouragement of [Iron Rod]. How effective it is however…remains to be seen.

Of course, other than kung fu education, Jesus also implements Master Flawless’ ideal of diversification and regularly displays his various skills to students.

If Jesus refuses to become master of Carefree Valley…

After Jesus refused the master’s seat, he left Carefree Valley to tour the world, enjoying his life in nature. His trail can be traced from every part of the world, and whenever he goes he always leaves rumors behind.

The following max skill achievement endings will be from the master ending because the non-master ending is just basically the same with “someone heard/saw/said Jesus did this” while the master ending is “sometime Jesus would do this…the students were impressed”, which is a somewhat better ending.

Sometime Jesus would be in the mood and sit at the river side to play his Qing. The music was so beautiful that it was like magic that attracted all the surrounding creatures to come and listen. Even the Wu Gang in the moon stopped chopping the sweet olive, moon rabbit forgot to make medicine, and Chang’e stopped crying. Everything stopped to hear these heavenly melodies.

Sometime Jesus would find God of Death to play chess with, every game he won increased his life by one year, and he was known to have lived for 120 years. ..this was not a good thing for his students.

Sometime Jesus would copy the manuscripts of the great calligraphers at the pond. The details of his creations rivaled the real thing, and because of all these long periods of practicing, the pond water became a pond of ink water. The students were so impressed by this dedication and skill that they called this pond “Jesus’ ink pond.”

Sometime Jesus would display his painting skill in front of the students. The painted objects looked realistic to the point that some student accidentally ate the Imperial Feast Portrait.

Sometime Jesus would open the door for medical checkups with the slogan “Will treat any being, no need to pay if you die from me”. Due to that, numerous people lined up to ask for his treatment and even animals have lined up.

Sometimes to train his students’ will power, Jesus would instruct them to create all sorts of weapons and daily commodities. His already skilled technique became even more perfect during his teachings, to the point where he made a statue of himself to fulfill his wish of having the same statue as Little Shrimp.

Other than teaching his students, Jesus collected valuable treasures using his perceptive identification skill to find treasures throughout Central Plain by Tomb raiding and researching the ancient mysteries of ruins, so he ended up becoming the relic professor of Central Plain. However, raid enough ancient tombs and you will eventually meet a ghost.

Editor: so he was fine playing chess with the god of death, but pisses himself seeing a ghost?

Author: He’s just surprised.

Sometime Jesus would take his students to the forest to hunt as a type of teaching method. He said “animal reflexes are a thousand times that of a human, so use hunting to train your reflexes.” He used his hundred miles piercing skill to hunt down various rare animals, but of course, his favorite is still the one which he hunted often in his youth—the bear.

Sometime the bored Jesus would grab a fishing rod and bring a few students to fish at the lake, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of fishing. Days go by and it has become an addiction that turned into traveling around in search of more challenging fishes. According to him, he has a special skill that catches deep sea fish, very impressive.

Sometime Jesus got the urge to put all his heart into growing flowers, as he always said “flowers have feelings”, and he would treat the flower according to its mood. To the eyes of the students, he just looked like a weird master, but it didn’t matter, after all Jesus was the flower god in the world of flowers.

During times of rest, Jesus would sometimes hang out with his students to drink tea and chat to improve the master-student relationship. But days went by and it became a hobby, and Jesus started to brew tea himself. Not only did he improve the species, he migrated them onto the high mountain to absorb the spiritual air of the high mountain. This kind of tea became fragrance, a mouthful of wondrous taste, known to be the world’s best tea that captivated many high ranking government officials. Jesus then became known as Tea Saint.

Sometime Jesus would test his bravery with his students after getting drunk; going to graveyards at midnight to meet with his ghost buddies to chat and drink more. After getting sober, he would get scared by all the gravy scenery and roll-crawl away from the graveyard, which led his students to say of him, “Gutsy when drunk, broken guts when sober”.

With his love of cooking, Jesus cooked for his students all the time. Not only did he cook a few delicacies, but he also created many new dishes. With his passion for cooking and his gifted talent, Jesus could cook the great four delicacies of Central Plain, and he is known as the god of cooking. How surprising.

Note: The monk said, “What the…I am vegetarian.”

Obviously, like the northern sparrow that will eventually return to the south, a tired bird would return to its nest, no matter how dazzling the outside world is, how eventful everyday life is. After a long period of travel and activity, Jesus would return to the side of his beloved, indulge in their sweet home, and enjoy a wonderful life together.


Special thanks to everyone who made this wonderful game, the artwork, music, and the cultural lore make this a masterpiece even when a lot had to be removed. I wish you all well, even to whoever created the fishing mini-game.

I would like to say thanks again to all my editors and all who contributed to maintain the quality of this translation let’s play. Thanks for all your hard work.