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Part 114: Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen: Wild Card

Beginning neutral route, please standby as we proceed through hell montage.

Part One Hundred and Fifteen: Wild Card


Hi, we are back again.


Lots of veggies and excises with Sky Dragon goons every day.

Look at all these messes and chaos you have caused.

We didn’t do anything this time.


HEY! I didn’t agree to fixing any mess that you forcibly forced us int—

Now, now. I’m sure they will fix this if we all calm do—




Now, I know it’s too much to ask, but King Yama, please give us one more chance to fix this.


Now, now, King Yama. I’m sure Jesus this time will get it back to the right timeline.


Yes, that’s your name in the original timeline until Ba messed it up.

WHAT! It was y—

Anyway, I agree that King Yama had rushed you two a bit much last time, so let’s give them one last chance.

Hmph! Fine! I will give you One Last Chance, if you can’t do it then that’s it!

And we get to start out with our peak condition?

Pff! It’s against the rule, but fine! Here! *wave*

Th-this is...

Is your memory and Kung Fu from all the previous timeline including Jesus’ life.

... I see, so that’s how the good me saved Jianghu... from cultist.

Good, good, now you all just need to jump into that hole again an—

What? I am going too? I had enough of the life in Wulin!

Well, you are the catalyst for the time jump, and the offer to save your wife and son still stand.

[Sigh] Fine, this will be the last time... by the way, where’s the chicken guard?

Huh? Chicken?

What chicken guard?

Ehh... nevermind.

Alright, let’s go... and thanks for all the things you’ve done, ma’am.

... how perceptive...


Okay, let’s go!


This is it, the last and final chance to fix Wulin and hopefully cut down King Yama’s paperwork by half. Will our hero/villain be able to succeed? Let the final journey begin!

Opening Movie

(We are back.)

(Yes we are. What’s the plan?)

(Just let me do everything this time.)

(Works for me.)

First thing is to buddy up with Moon again.

My name is Moon. Yours?

.... (I have been through both life of good and evil, experienced both happiness and sadness, these hands of mine withstood suffering to saves many lives and are equally tormented to destroy just as much, so let this name be testament to my wisdom, let my final act be remembers by many as...)

After the obligatory tea chat, the next step is...

The one last thing Jesus hasn’t gotten from Buddha yet.

Dear Buddha, I want to become more charming.

[Suddenly, you feels like you are a bit more charming, your Charm stat increased, it is now 80.]

Charm stat is a hidden stat that affects the starting relationship amount for all the people Jesus meets.

With his newly applied divine makeup, Jesus goes to help out the local citizens of Luoyang to solve their troubles.

With everything done, Jesus went to get himself poisoned. Actually he’s faking it since he’s technically immune to everything by now.

Master Flawless sees through it though, but he accepted Jesus to be his Student anyhow.

The bird follows and watches Jesus’ exploits for the next five years; it recalls a few notable events.

On the birthday party of Honorable Kung, Jesus along with Moon and Thorn defeated the party crushers and during the trip of Hangzhou have beautiful woman , Jesus helped the local Beggar Sect to save the imprisoned general.

Oh come on, do we have to do all these perfectly?

Yes, but it’s more than that. It feels like we are lacking certain… perspective.

Sure, sure, just go have your last meeting with your pretty girl. I might be half blind, but boy, you sure takes the cake.

On the trip to deliver a gift to Master Felicity, Jesus also prepared all the ‘other’ ingredients before the needs for it.

However, during the Green Fortress Sect’s master election competition...

Alright, time to kick those cultist asses that try to ruin the duel between Violet Sun and Green Dawn.

No, we won’t interfere.

What!? Why?

If Violet Sun gets his way, then Green Dawn will gets his antidote afterward and there won’t be much movement for the Green fortress Sect until the day of Sky Dragon Cult uprising.

Yeah, so...

If we helped Green Dawn, the balance of power would shift toward the orthodox and Violet Sun might get killed for associating with cultist.

Huh? You mean you want to balance the power of both side? What for?

It’s easier to works things out if both sides have equal amount of pressure.

You are trying to cause a stalemate of power so both sides won’t dare to invade each other? But Sky Dragon Cult is the stronger one so far...

That’s why we will be helping with the other two.

Other two?

Poison Dragon Cult and the original Saber and Sword Sect.

Note: It doesn’t matter who we side with in this route, but splitting both major forces would make things easier.

All those are fine and all, but what really interested the bird is...

A casual strolling in the forest has reveals a new event!

Note: This event only become available if you meet Little Fragrance in Hangzhou and have below 70 moral.

Eh! Someone over there, I should take a look...

Long time no see, guardians.


I thought you two were dead, but want a joke to see you two lowered yourselves to performing on the street.

Hmph! Rather than becoming a traitorous dogs; I prefer performing on the street for the rest of my life.

What did you say!?

Don’t degrade yourself to their level; having a loud mouth is all they have left after all.

Hehe, yeah. This time you two will not escape.

The pissed off Kinnara decide to finally give the crazy Yaksha a well deserved explosive bitch-slap.

Hmph! You still go all out like always.

There’s no need to hold back for traitors.

… You really have pissed me off…

As Yaksha recovered from dodging the attack, she lunches a surprise attack at Gandharva (Little Fragrance), but it was skillfully dodged.

After so many years, your skills are still sharp.

But mine are much sharper!

Blasting a much longer chi spear at Gandharva did the trick.

That hit triggered an all out fight for both group.

The females both gone down ferociously and leave the man to fist it out. Kinnara would technically have a better chance to winning, but that was offset by Mahoraga’s poison.

… (Eh!? Isn’t that Little Fragrance and Nara? Why are they fighting with the cultist? …They know Kung Fu? What should I do?)

1) Help Kinnara and Little Fragrance.
2) Watch.

It might be risky to break off to an unknown timeline, but Jesus will save her!

Sir Jesus!

None of your business, kid, you better not get in the way!

The only people that can order me are: One guy known as stupid and another guy known as stupid turtle, which one are you?

Rotten kid, you lived too long isn’t it? I will slay you first!

Ignore him; we have duties to be done.

One does not simply ignore Jesus and his Buddha blessed charisma!

Going against the law of Jesus’ face are punishments!

All your battle stats increased

Kinnara, you can’t escape the palm of Naga!

Next time I will tear you into pieces, you rotten kid!

Hahaha, we will see next time!

You two alright?

We are fine. Thank you for your help.

Then… you two’s Kung Fu… ehh… why you two and cultist…

… Since it has come to this, I will tell you the truth.


… (Gandharva?)

Is alright, Sir Jesus is a trustworthy person.

This would need to begin from twenty years ago…

Twenty years ago? (I probably haven’t born yet.)

Indeed. Twenty years ago, Central Plain Wulin is in the era of peace, yet the desert of Western Region was immersed in a bloody storm. In a desert land where life is scarce, there appear two brothers with Kung Fu of great might; these pairs of nobodies taken down all the bandits and the top ten ruling sects of Western Region in one short month, making them their subordinate, named eight guardians after the Buddhist cosmology of Sky Dragon of Eight Sections, and thus created Sky Dragon Cult.

The oldest of the brother rename as Deva, ruler of all, while the younger one rename as Naga, taskmaster of the cult, and the other six guardians are cronies, they are: Asura, Garuda, Kinnara, Gandharva, Yaksha, and Mahoraga. Those two who just left, the man is Mahoraga, the woman is Yaksha, Nara here is Kinnara and I am Gandharva.

So you two are cul—Sky Dragon Cult’s Guardian!?


Then why does Yasha want both of you two’s life?

This would also need to begin from twenty years ago…

… (Twenty years ago again…)

After the creation of the cult, our reputation are at great heights, even the far away cult has come to visit, even the sects from central plain has come to show their good wills, reputable enough to rival Shaolin and Wudang.

However, just as the time of the cult’s greatest, a rupture rips between the cult leader and Naga due to their incompatible viewpoints…

Cult leader has travelled through the land with greatly sympathy to the vile wickedness of Wulin and corrupted politician that torment the poor suffering citizen. Due to this, after the cult has been created, cult leader decide to give up all powers to follow the way of the gentle, creating a world of kindness, letting all those who suffers to come to us and obtain a place where they belong.

To think Deva is a person with such ideal…

Unfortunately, Naga is not satisfied with this. What he pursuits is a much higher level of fame, greater power, and absolute obedience, to become the ruler of Wulin, and possibly even the emperor.

To achieve his goal, Naga manipulated Wulin behind the scene, stirred the hatred of Central Plain Wulin with Sky Dragon Cult, leading to the united front of all sects to attack the cult leader on the Heavenly Mount while he took the chance to take over the leadership.

Such despicable actions!

Cult leader disappeared from the chaos, and Naga naturally took in all the guardians under his command, which we refuse to serve and thus left Sky Dragon Cult. We disguise as actors to avoid the pursuit of Naga and to gather news of cult leader, making friends with people of the same ideal, hoping one day we can remove these traitors to restore our former glory.

You two are shouldering such great burden; do you know the location of Deva?


Thank you for your help, Sir Jesus. We will repay our debt to you someday as we shall take our leave now, farewell. Let’s go.

… Take care, Sir Jesus.

Year Five, Late July. The period where Master Flawless sent Jesus to Shaolin Temple for a delivery.

This should be the spot where those two guardians are hiding.

Where is the cult master being imprisoned at?
I heard the elder ordered a bunch of monks to guard the back mountain, so the cult master might be there.
Where’s the back mountain?
Capture a monk and ask him.

Is you!?

Sir Jesus!

It’s you two! Why are you two intruding Shaolin Temple?

None of your business!

… You are here to rescue Deva isn’t it?

,,, That’s right!

1) Willingly guide these two.
2) Yell for someone to get them.

Branching point, there’s no going back!

Let me be your guide, I know the road around the back mountain,

Why should we trust you?

This place is surrounded by monks, all I need is to yell, and you two will be immediately surrounded. If I want to harm you two, then why would I bother becoming your guide?

Have you no fear of the crime of associating with demonic cult?

I believe Deva is misunderstood by the world, and I trust your character, so I won’t regret it no matter what happen.

… I believe Sir Jesus.

… May Jesus buddy guides our way.

The left side of the inner temple has a little passage that lead to the forest.

The security is immense, we should stay out of sight if possible and don’t face them head on.

This monk seems to be down… guess we will just…


Note: Maybe I cheated the game and broke the sprite from the original event, but I will just pretend the sneaky monk faked sleeping

Jesus decides to whips out his guqin to join TEAM MUSIC.

All your battle stats increased

Running all the way to the other side of the mountain…

A new area that Jesus has never reaches before.

Inside the cave is the imprisoned Deva, all chained up for two decades.

Cult leader!

You two have finally come…

Kinnara pulls out a large sword and chop the chains off like paper.

Magnificent sword!

This is the treasured Juque Sword that I have obtained during my dozen years of traveling the world for cult leader.

This is indeed a wonderful sword… you take good care of it.

We shouldn’t stay here for long, Kinnara. Let’s escort cult leader out of this place!

Of course, Shaolin is not a place where you can come and leave; it’s time for boss fight.

Amitabha, alm-givers please halt.

I have decided to leave, no one can stop me.

Do alm-givers have no repentant?

My heart speaks no shame, why should I repent?

Since alm-givers are still depraved, I will have to do heaven’s deed.

Hahaha, what a great “heaven’s deed”. Too bad I had heard enough of it!

Alm-givers Jesus, why are you helping the cultist?

Demonic cults also have good and bad people, and helping good people is a must!

You will regret it.

TEAM MUSIC FULL POWER ROCK ON!! (Deva is the vocal)

All your battle stats increased

Let’s go!

On top of Heavenly Capital Peak, Jesus decides to give those three some reunion time together.

The mountains are green like old times… yet my hair has become white… hoho, time sure is crude…

Cult leader…

A person can be old, strength can fade, but the heart cannot be dead, and dreams cannot be destroy.

Cult master!

Would you help this old man to create such dream again?

We will stake my life to follow cult leader!

Youngster, will you accompany this old man to create a better world?

I’m drawn to your ideal, but due to the ideal of my sect, I can only decline with regrets.

This is an issue that can’t be forced, so I won’t force you, but if you are willing to join, then I will welcome you anytime.

Thank you sir, then I will take my leave, farewell everyone.

The bird watches the storms ahead at Carefree Valley.


Traitorous student! You dare to come back!?


The abbot has come to tell me everything… [sigh] you really ruin the reputation of Carefree Valley…

I did nothing wrong…

You are still making excuses!? Deva is the origin of the chaos in Wulin, and you assisted in his escape, so it’s clearly releasing the tiger back into the mountain, causing disarray in Wulin.

That’s all the schemes of Naga, he made Central Plain Wulin and Deva clashes to weaken each other while he benefited from behind the scene.

I don’t care if it’s Deva or Naga, as long as it’s the demonic cult, then it’s the enemy of Wulin. You hurry and go back to Shaolin and tell them the location of Deva, stop them now before it’s too late.

I don’t know, even if I do, I won’t tell.

Y-you want to anger me to death!?

I won’t dare. It’s just as master always teaches us to be kind, and since I helped them, then how could I betray them?

Hmph! You sure are obedient! So obedient that you cause such a huge ruckus!


: Unfulfilled End

… [Sigh] … Forget it. Take your leave, from now on you are not a student of Carefree Valley.



C-c-can’t be?

Master, third school brother is still naïve, lacking actual experience, so it can’t be helped that he might cause some trouble, please gives him one more chance!

[Sigh]… he broke a great taboo of our sect, cohort with demonic cult, which I suppose to cripple his Kung Fu and expel him, but basing on his past action, I decided to let him keep it. However, no matter what, I can’t keep him.


Master, you must be kidding?


Master, please don’t expel me! I won’t leave!

If you won’t leave, I leave!


To be continue…