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Part 113: Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen: Consequence

Part One Hundred and Fourteen: Consequence

Those without the Black Wood Token shall not pass.

Hey pal, I have important thing to inform cult leader Dongfang, so please move a side, and here’s the “Black Wood Token”

Going into the hall, Little Shrimp meet a strange… man?

You are Dongfang Bubai? (Why does he look like a woman?)
The trouble you cause at Cherry Manor is not enough and now you dare to come here at Black Wood Cliff!
Hey! You four doing well lately? Any improvement in mahjong skill?
Ah! So you are the kid who rescued Ren Woxing, I’ve been wanting to meet you, wondering what kind of handsome man you could be. Hmph, looks to me that you are just about normal, unlike my Lian bros.
What? Be careful not to caught “AIDS”.
Huang Zhonggong, I order you all to keep a watch on Ren Woxing in Hangzhou, and here you are playing whatever “Mahjong”.
I deserve death! [Sigh] Play things ruins will. All because we four were addicted to hobbies, that people can use it as our weakness to let the jail break happened.
Cult leader is great and mighty, smart and kind; please give us four a chance to take down this kid.
What great and mighty, smart and kind? Dongfang Bubai, aren’t you embarrassed!?
So it’s you, old man. Why didn’t you fight me that day and decide to surprise me?
Thanks to your meddling, kid. Otherwise, I would still be inside that jail. You must be here to steal the book “The Smiling Proud Wanderer”, so I’m here to help you out, but looks like you have enough helpers, so I will just watch from the side.
Who are you?
Who am I? Why you are ask that metro guy over there. Dongfang Bubai, congratulation on your mastery of the “Sunflower Manual”.
I am enjoying the benefit of the “Sunflower Manual” you gave me, Cult Leader Ren.
(So he’s the ex-cult leader).
Is it? Due to this, you decide to lock me under the western lake?
I didn’t kill you, did I not? If I didn’t order the four friends of Jiangnan to provide water for you to drink, do you think you can survive for days?
So you mean I am being well treated?
Indeed, I let you enjoy the rest of your life at Hangzhou western lake. As the saying goes, “Up is heaven, down is Hangzhou”, the view of western lake is famous throughout the world, tranquil scenery, and its beauty are the best.
So you are letting me live the rest of my life under the western lake. I must really thank you then.
Cult leader Ren, all the good things you do to me, I will never forget. You break the rule to promote me and even give me the treasured “Sunflower Manual”, so kindness, I, Dongfang Bubai would never forget. At first I just want to become a good leader of Sun Moon Holy Cult, to rule over Jianghu, so I planned to steal your seat and cut your wing. When I first become the leader, I’m so full of self esteem, but all those shameless smart and strong mumbo jumbos are just garages.

After years of training in this technique, I finally the beauty of life, so I become soooo jealous of those young man and cute little ladies, if I can become like them, then I would even give up being the emperor.
You gross crossdressing old hag, so disgusting.

Another boss with ungodly large area attack and this guy hits like a truck!

He has more than one type of attack too! This could easily be one of the toughest battles so far.

However, our battle hardened heroes are half as strong as him!

Dongfang Bubai, today you finally… fallen by my hand.
Cult leader Ren, in the end i-it’s I… who lost.
Ha! Ha! You title can uses a change.
If it’s one on one combat, you all can’t defeat me.
Indeed, your Kung Fu is stronger than me, I am very impressed.
Your Kung Fu is really incredible; truly deserve “The World’s Number One” four words, very impressive.
Saying that proves you are real men. [Sigh], consequence, consequence, I trained this “Sunflower Manual”, following the formula to neuter and train the chi, ate those drugs, and slowly, my hair is gone, my voice has changed, and even my personality has changed, I even gave up my seven wives and stopped seeing my children. If only I where a woman, then all would be great. Cult Leader Ren, please kill me!
I don’t feel like killing you, for I have a good place for you to live. Someone, take him away.
You monster!
Congratulation to cult leader for removing this threat, and from now on our cult will be great throughout the four seas. Thousand years of great leadership, ruler of Jianghu.
Nonsense! What thousand years of greatness? Ha! Ha! Ha! You did well to remove this threat, kid. Take this book “The Smiling Proud Wanderer”. People in Jianghu think this is a Kung Fu of great depth, but it’s just a storybook. What else could be more powerful than the “Sunflower Manual”? Too bad this isn’t something a normal person can train.
Why so ?
The first page of this manual state “to train such divine art, you must circumcise”. I am not dumb enough to do such thing, hahaha… but the Kung Fu recorded within are indeed extremely powerful, so anyone could be lure by it. Dongfang Bubai, no matter how smart you are, you probably fail to notice the reason I gave you this “Sunflower Manual”.

Your ambitious heart, trying to revolt against me, do you think I fail to see it? Haha, haha!
(So he give this “Sunflower Manual” to him with an ulterior motive, these two men are battling each other behind the scene all the time). May I have a look at this “Sunflower Manual”?
No, this book is our cult’s treasure, can’t be seen by outsider. Boy, this is a Kung Fu learn by eunuch, I suggest you don’t learn it. Too greedy and you might walk on the “dark path”.

Obtain The Smiling Proud Wanderer

Upon leaving toward the entrance, those from the Five Mountains Sword Sects Alliance are waiting for him.

Young Xie, I heard that you have invaded the Black Wood Cliff by yourself, so I took the Five Mountains Sword Sects Alliance to assist you. Where’s the demon Dongfang Bubai?
[Sigh] Why are you all like the movies, always come when everything is over. That perverted Dongfang Bubai has been “taken care” of by me.
Amazing! Young Xia has done another great deed for the orthodox.
Then did you find a book?
What book?
“The Smiling Proud Wanderer”!
Of course I did! Took me such a long time all just for this book. That Ren old head give it to me.
Then you have done another deed, such a respectable example of Wulin. This book was gotten from the Five Mountains Sword Sects Alliance for many years ago, and unfortunately taken by the demonic cult later. The alliance has been gathering their strength to deal with the cultist for a long time just to get back this back, but thanks to your great heroic display of taking it back from the demonic cult that we of the alliance are truly grateful, so may young Xia return this book to us.
(All the long speech and you really just want the book). Although from what I know, this book’s original owner is not from the Five Mountains Sword Sects Alliance and your predecessor just temporary got hold of it. Today, I have the duty to return this book to its original place, so you all don’t have to worry about it anymore. In fact, this book is not really the powerful Kung Fu that you think it is, but a simple storybook.
Could it be that you want to keep this book to yourself? Or did you joined up with the cultist?
Mister Yue, please don’t make random accusation. This book really is not the powerful Kung Fu that you think it is, but a simple storybook.
Looks like Young Xia has gone over the dark side, and we must remove him.
I see it’s you that have turned to the dark side. I knew I have the feeling of getting “manipulatied” on that day of Mount Song conference. You want to steal this “The Smiling Proud Wanderer” and plans to do any dirty deed for it. Today you suddenly appear out of nowhere is clearly prove that you have planned this, and just waiting for me and Dongfang Bubai to fight to become injured so you can take advantage of us. I say you are not the “Gentleman Sword” but a “Liar Sword”!
Y-you, what did you say!
Mister Yue, it’s not too late to change.
Enough talks, people of Five Mountains Sword Sects Alliance listen up; we will kill every single one here today!

And we will kill every single one that stupidly stands in straight lines!

Pardon my rudeness today, everyone of Five Mountains Sword Sects Alliance.
Hmph! We will leave!
I would never think that during the process of searching for this book would lead me to witness the ugly faces of humanity and their greed for power. Not just the Yue Buqun and Zuo Lengchan of the orthodox, or Ren Woxing and Dongfang Bubai of the demonic cult. They are all the same.

Now that Little Shirmp have gotten all the novels, he return home to ask what to do next but found a Wulin Invitation on the table instead.

It’s a Wulin tournament to decide who to become the Wulin Mengzhu, which is just a reapeated brawl with a bunch of the loser Little Shrimp defeated before, so we will skip this a bit.

With the staff of Wulin Mengzhu in hand as proof of Little Shirmp’s victory, he move on to the final location.

Young man, are you here to join the Thunder Hall?
Thunder hall? Is this place a puppet theater?
What nonsense are you speaking! This Thunder hall have great reputation in Jianghu! You should have heard of the hall master of Thunder Hall, Kǒng bā lā.

Note: His name means “Pull Eight Holes.

Kǒng bā lā! Are you a vagrant? You are a bad guy isn’t it?
How rude, How could I, Kǒng bā lā, be a villain. You better not make any rumor and ruin my chance of getting a disciple.
I did not. Otherwise, why is there only you in this whole house? Maybe the others are sent to discipline.
I just haven’t found the suitable person to spread the great teaching of Thunder Hall, otherwise this place would be filled.
That explain why I saw so many “gang brothers” playing “hit-the-ball”, and others “hitting the guy who hit-the-ball.”
Are you speaking in rhyme? Hm! It does sound good, very suitable to become the messager of Thunder Hall. How about this, I will give you the greatest weapon of Thunder Hall “Thunder Bullet” and you use it in Jianghu to show the world of our greatness.
“Thunder Bullet”?
Indeed, this Thunder Shot is an unique hidden projectical techinique that’s invented by the Thunder Hall, made with “Nitrate Rocks” that can release great power. I have a few shots here so you can have it, along with this “Secret of Thunder” which includes the recipe to make this Thunder Bullet and a basic introductory of using hidden projectile. Just remember that you need Nitrate rocks to make this bullet.
Alright, gimme. With this, I can beat people even when my Kung Fu is weak.
Hold on, I remembered something, I can’t give you this.
What is it?
I forgot that my father told need to only leave this to the successor of sir Jin. Due to this person lack of Kung Fu at the beginning, he depended on these Thunder Bullets to help him.
Your father knows this Mister Jin?
He’s nick name is “Mister”? My father never mention that, but my father told me they have good relation.
Do you know about the “Fourteen Heavenly book”? Or anything related to Mister Jin?
My father didn’t told me much, but he said that one day the successor of Mister Jin will arrive and I have to help him... Ah, why are you asking all thse? Could it be...
That’s right, I am the successor.
Really! That’s wonderful, then I can give you these two things.
Thank you, hall master Kǒng.
Oh and there’s two more thing for you in the house that you can take. One can keep your mind awake and recovery your stamina, a popular product of this island known as “areca catechu”.
Oh my god!

Note: Areca catechu is a medical fruit that have about the same reputation as marijuana.

And this “lether cloth” that I used to wear, which have some good defense, but it’s hot lately and since I won’t need it anyway, you can have it.
(Wearing leather jacket and eat areca catechu! Really is the typical Kǒng bā lā!)

Note: Kǒng bā lā! “(Pull Eight Holes) is a slang name that refers back when the land owner is Taiwan is usually farmers, but later the land developments lead to the government buying these lands at high prices. Now that these farmer has a bunch of money but they never taken any education or skill to find another job, they because a lazy bunch that just wear leather cloths and nip on Areca catechu while pulling their nose (and other holes).

Feel free to take anything you need in the home. If you need anything in the later day, then come back to me. If I can’t help out then I could at least give you some ideas. Although I probably need more of your help to brighten the name of Thunder Hall.
I will. Farewell.
Take care.

Obtain Thunder Bullet
Obtain Secret of Thunder
Obtain Yellow Key

Time to show him something that can glorify the place.

Th-this... is the “Wulin God Staff”! Y-you become Wulin Mengzhu! Ha! Ha! Ha! Truly the student of Thunder Hall. You want to give it to me isn’t it?
Give it to you? I worked so hard to get this thing.
What? You aren’t going to give me? Then what’s the point of uselessly keeping it?
What useless. This God Staff decides the fortune of my future. I need this to find that “Saint Hall”.
“Saint Hall”? Is right here!
What! This place is “Saint Hall”? I thought it was Thunder Hall.
My father call it Saint Hall, but I decide to call it “Thunder Hall” instead because “Thunder Hall” tougher.
Then you know how to leave “here”? I mean…
Leaving is easy, just go through the front door.
The “here” I meant is not really mean here…
You aren’t leaving through the front door? ...There’s another exit under our legs, but... father has told me not to told others about it, but... if you are willing to give me the Wulin God Staff...
Th-this is a token of Wulin Mengzhu, I even thought about bringing home as souvenir. You won’t be lying to me is it! …(But he has this mysterious look, maybe he really could send me back) Fine! You can have it.
Ha! Ha! I Kǒng bā lā is so powerful that sitting here all day without going outside is enough to become the “Wulin Mengzhu” that people dreams about, commanding the world, who would dares not obey?
You done cerebrating? About time you tell me this exit.
Alright, one word. “Under our legs”, and this is the key to go to the “Saint Hall”. Take it.

Obtain Green Key

This door seems to be locked.

This is the last stage?

Little Shrimp lined up all the novels for each pedestal corresponding to the titles on the wall.

Eh! There’s some noise.

The door has opened, I can finally return, but my heart feels strange, like I still lacking something…
Don’t go, kid.
Something really happened.

At this point, if your moral is high then the ten strongest evil of Wulin will appear and vice verse.

Your Kung Fu is powerful, kid. So you must have learned something from the “Fourteen Heavenly Books”.
Tell us what it is, or else…
Or else what? You all lost to me, what are you gonna do about it?
One might not, but what about ten?
Really now! You all have a reputation on Wulin, and now you all want to gang up on me? How will you deal with it if this news got out?
Since it has come to this, who cares that much?
In fact, if we kill you, then no one will know.
Enough talks, let’s do this!

And here is the legendary battle where Little Shrimp takes on all ten of the strongest villain in Jianghu.

Little Shrimp try to take a pot shot at the closest guy but gotten bombed.

Getting shot, zaps, and burns by all sort of the vilest Kung Fu imaginable.

But Little Shrimp meets them with his own Kung Fu, taking them down one by one.

In the end, a legend is made.

Hmph! You beat us, we will leave.
Finally got this over with. Eh! A noise.

Why the door closed again? This probably means it’s really over. Time to go and I should hurry.

Then to Little Shrimp’s surprise, all the hint npc of the game shows up in front of him.

Eh! Why are you four here?
Congratulation, young man. After all the troubles, you have finally reaches this place. A proof that your training has bear fruits.
Boy, the hints I gave are you useful isn’t it?
What, you still want eat chef Lin’s cooking? Or rushing home to eat your mom’s home cooking?
I, Kǒng bā lā are impressed. Not even the ten strongest together can defeat you. You sure are something; I will return this “Wulin God Staff” as you are more deserving of it.
You four are…
Don’t you find that we are weird?
A little… especially…
Especailly Kǒng bā lā!
Yep, a strange bunch weirdo. Who are you guys?
We are people beyond “heroes”, or you can say that we are people from outside the game.
Actually our nick name is the “Four Heavenly king of Game World” while our leader the “Softworld Doll” in your house. Now you understand?
Oh! So you guys are…
Alright, don’t waste your precious time; keep going down the hall to reach the end of the game. We are under the order of our leader to send you home, and bring you a message: Hope this game allow you to be happy, joyful, and experience the joy of a player, but if you don’t, then please mail us letter on ideas on how to improve the game and anything we missed so we can make it better until it reaches your expectation.

Another thing is the game’s “spin-off” is under production; hope to see you all again soon and maybe you would be the “luckiest” consumer again, but that would really depends on your support, so please write more letter of encouragements.

There are really gone. Then I better go home!

Obtain God Staff

Looks like this strange machine is the device to bring me home. I wonder if this will hurt. Alright, time to go in, but before this, I want to say something…

“Good bye, every characters of Jin Yong, next time I will come back again to this wondrous world of Wulin! Good Bye!”

Thirty years later…
Thirty years later of today, on the street of Luoyang stand a statue, a great legendary figure in the history of Wulin, although has already gone, but his life’s work will be forever spread throughout Jianghu, and a lots of youngster that’s stepping into Jianghu sees him as their goal and role model…

The End

So this is the end, the tale and legend of Little Shrimp. It’s a wonderful ending… but how will the other ends?

I say we return to Lazy Valley first, and inform master of this.

Master, we failed your expectation and failed to invite the three great sects to participate in the Wulin Gathering.

[Sigh] Let it be. You two have a rough month, so go have some rest.

Yes, I will take my leave!

Master, master, this is bad...

What’s the hurry, old Beard?

I... just... happens to overheard someone say that few days ago... the demonic cult... has...

What of the demonic cult, slow down and tell us, old beard.

Few days ago, the demonic cult leads a large groups of followers to invade Wudang and Shaolin, and both sect has be reduced to ashes while all the other sects of Wulin has surrendered to the cult.


The doom of Wulin, deaths of many lives!!!


Flawless old man, you better come out now!!

Someone is yelling outside?

Let’s go out and see.

Second school brother!

Thorn, why did you bring these people to the valley?

Shut up, the name of our vice-leader is not for anyone to casually call!

Vice leader?

Correct, I am now the vice-leader of Sky Dragon Cult. Jeulous, jeez?

What are you doing here!

I’m here to see you elderly master.

Silence, I don’t have student like you, get out!

Master, don’t get too angry or you could hurt your body. Today I am here for your own good, as long as you surrender to Sky Dragon Cult, and let school uncle Black Mysterious become the new master of Lazy Valley, then you can enjoy the rest of your life.

You shut up.

School brother, you should know that Shaolin and Wudang has been destroyed, Beggar Sect dissolved, and the other sects joined under Sky Dragon Cult, so you should be smart too.

Enough talk, we won’t surrender.

Don’t say I didn’t give you the chance, since it has come to this, then I won’t let our past relation gets in the way, everyone, kill them!!

Here we is, trapped in three battle of life and death, but this is also the only battles that Master Flawless is a party member!

With the raging forces of Master Flawless blowing things apart, the battle were managerable up to the third battle.

The hard part is when all four of them are literally the top dogs of Wulin.

However, somehow with incredibly strong luck and “advance” skill/knowledge of Jeez, that they are were able to strike at their weakness and manage to defeat the last wave.

All your battle stats increased

Master, what should we do now?

[Sigh] The dooms of Wulin! One is my school brother, and one is my good student, h-how can I face the acestor, I-I can only die to pay for my sin...

With that, Master Flawless suicided by chi palming his head.


(Can I stop pretending I care now?)

(Just a little bit more, I need to think a bit more about the dream... true... we are all human, there’s no true good and true evil. Everything is a human made concept...).

School brother, what should we do now?

I don’t know, the cultist won’t let us be, so we will have to leave and hides, surviving like street rats.

That’s the only way. [sigh]... [sigh]... [sigh]... [sigh]... [sigh]... [sigh]... [sigh]... [sigh]... to think I, Jeez, would have such a downfall... if only I had trained harder... [sigh]...

(That’s a little too dramatic.)

(Well then you do it.)

(Nah, we don’t need to anymore.)

After Naga conquered Wulin, to prevent any insurgence, he enacted strict actions of enforcements. Jeez tries to escape the pursuit of Sky Dragon Cult so he left Lazy Valley and begin his life and hiding. Facing the leakage of the roof and the wild storm over the boat, although Jeez has evaded the claws of the Sky Dragon Cult, but Jianghu are in chaos and disorder, causing Jeez extra difficulties to survive. His life is in shamble, poor and helpless, reduced to the life of a beggar and fighting with dogs and cats over trash food, or even ate wild veggie to sate his hunger. He leads a pitiful life till the end of his days.

Can we suicide yet?

No... I need more time... time to calculate... analyze... plot... plans... and more time to think... for the next step...

But I don’t want to live in this stinking life anymore!

You can pisses off King Yama the longer we stay alive.

Oh, I haven’t thought of that! [Sigh] Guess we will have discarded veggi soup again tonight...