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Part 103: Chapter One Hundred and Three & Four: Collides

Part One Hundred and Three & Four: Collides

You never liked flowers.

What do you mean?

The times you grew the flowers in the garden, meeting Faire Ren in the flower competition, winning the competition, growing the golden seed, and the horrible incidents that happened thereafter… they never happened.

Wh-what do you mean they never happened!?

All of them… are my memories.

Your memories?

Yes, somehow you had drawn out my most tragic memories and reapplied it to become yours.

… Those times of me growing flowers and digging the dirt under the sun… they are all your memories?

Yes, I used to be a farmer; I enjoyed growing flowers under the bright sunshine, and calming cloud… all those memories that point to the tragic end of my wife and the gang of bandits that violated her… and my failure to stop it…

… Then why did you keep it a secret until now?

It’s a good way to motivate you; you started to act like me, more ruthless and finally willing to kill people without hesitation. I decided to let it motivate you until you reached the height of power that can change the state of Wulin… to end this violent existence of Wulin.

Now that I have obtained the power of this bag of drugs that can control people, you finally reveal this to me?

Well I thought about keeping it forever to myself. Anyway, things sure has gotten better, now we can ru---

So I am just a pawn to you? Why? Why would the guardian from heaven use such trickery? Why make me join a cult and control people with drugs!? Explain!

Well… I guess there’s no point to hide it anymore. I lied about being from heaven.


I’m just an evil spirit that tried to possess you but ended up stuck inside you.

You… no… no… NOOOO!! Everything I did… I thought it was permitted by heaven… everything… I did… was… evil… !?

Heh, it’s too late to turn back now after what you had done. I suggest you complete your mission and become the third highest power in Wulin under Bramble Thorn and Dark Mysterious.


I tried, but I can’t.

Then stay quiet forever! I don’t want to ever hear you voice again!

Hahaha! No way! As long my wish of making Wulin a better place is unfulfilled, I will never stop!

NO! I don’t care about Wulin, and I will not listen to you anymore!

Come on, think of it this way. It’s just a necessary evil for the greater good.

How is drugging and killing people be good!

They aren’t, but after you become the ruler of Wulin, you could do good deeds and enforce good laws to make it a better place. You might even make up enough positive karma to go to heaven in the end.

… Ha… hahaha… FINE! I will drug everyone, I will kill anyone, and I will do the vilest things if you will get out of my mind!

Yes. After so many years of violent and hatred, let my soul rest knowing that Wulin will become a place that won’t be a repeat of my memories. With these drug of controlling I—


Filled with rage and anger, Christ dashed to the closest organization know as Sea Shark Clan.

You are?

We are from Sky Dragon Cult.

Sky Dragon Cult? Alright, I will bring you all to our leader.

You must be Bear, the clan leader.

My Sea Shark Clan never had any quarrel with Sky Dragon Cult, so what’s your business here?

No quarrels in the past, but it might be different in the future.

What difference?

Wulin will be united.

So Sky Dragon Cult wants to rule Jianghu.

Not Sky Dragon Cult, but me, Christ.

What an absurd rant. I, Heavenly Tyrant Bear, will see what you got.

With a signal, Bear summoned his well-trained goons to surround Christ’s party.

Christ quickly nails them down with poison needles.

Only a goon and Bear survived, so Thorn and Tracey take them down before they can retaliate.

All your battle stats increased

Heavenly Tyrant Bear, be good and swallow this pill.

COUGH… what is this thing!!?

What you consumed is my school uncle, Dark Mysterious’ special On My Orders Alone Pill. If you don’t take your reliving antidote in time, then your whole body will begin to itch, as days go by, your body will get thinner and weaker, thin to the point of your skin and meat disappearing, weak to the point where your four limbs will become useless and immobile, and finally you will slowly lose your mind to die in insanity.

Note: I will shorten this whole phrase into “*It’s a horrible drug” for future repeat.


Understand? Sea Shark Clan will now listen to me.

I understand. If there’s any orders from now on, may Sir Christ issue it.

Your reputation increased, it is now 624
Your moral decreased, it is now 0

First order: Drop me off at the bridge.

Second order: Send backup. We are taking down Shaolin Temple.

Walking into one of the strongest forces in Wulin, like a boss.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! You are taking the big one so soon!?

(If I can’t even take them, then everything else will just be a waste of time)

Yeah, but…

(Be quiet)

Christ, you follower of the demonic cult dares to intrude Shaolin!?

Little master Vacant Truth, I, Christ not only come; I furthermore want to turn you all into Sky Dragon Cult’s Shaolin subdivision.

Looks like Yellow Weave has made it, but the Sea Shark Clan still needs more time to heal their injuries, so this will be all we got.

Without waiting for their shocked responses, Christ takes the initiative and attacks.

Christ’s followers rush in to finish up the kill.

That sure has pissed the monks around.

Amitabha, does alms-giver have no regrets for all your sins?

Enough with the preaching, baldy. If you are smart, then swallow this On My Orders Alone Pill and be devoted to us Sky Dragon Cult, then you may protect your hundred years of Shaolin’s legacy, otherwise…

Amitabha, why does alms-giver still cannot see his way?

Forget it; making you baldies surrender is harder than going to heaven. Looks like I, Christ have to go on a rampage today.

Second battle, same result as the first battle.

The third wave came with more initiative and the monks are not holding back. Christ sends them to king Yama a few minutes later.

Forth wave comes and goes without much issue. There sure are a lot of monks in this temple.

On the last wave, Christ punches the monks through the portal of hell.

All your battle stats increased x5

HAHAHA, Shaolin is not much. I sure had a great time slaughtering today!!!

The bird watches as Christ defile and burns down the temple.

The next day, Christ moves on to get more recruits at the blacksmith manor.

All these muscle will be put to good use. Kukuku.

Christ thought about taking that cool tiger painting on the wall as a souvenir.

Jianghu rumors that Christ buddy and Thorn buddy has joined a cult, what do you two require from Swordsmith Manor today?

Nothing much, I just want you Swordsmith Manor to obey me.


Brotherly takedown!

Lord Any, swallow this pill.

COUGH… what is this thing!!?

*It’s a horrible drug.

Hmph! To think someone as young as you would do something so vile. I, Lord Any surrender! From now on I will follow your orders with loyalty.

Haha! Straightforward and smart!

Your reputation increased, it is now 674
Your moral decreased, it is now 0

Next location is the Black Wind Fortress, but it’s deserted so nothing to do here.

Another closest location is Azure Sect, too bad they probably will fight to the death than follow the order of a man, so Christ decides to just send some goons to take them out later.

Stop right there, cultist scum!

Christ ran into a random encounter with random orthodox opposing force. This happens at low chances when the world map begins in evil route.

Lord Million walked up and yell at his daughter to go home with him while lecturing about dating a dangerous cultist.

“Screw you dad! I am 18 now, so I can date whoever I want!”

“Don’t worry, ‘dad’. I will take good care of your little princess. Hehehe.”

All your battle stats increased

Christ leaves the old man alone in the wild after a good shaken up and proceeds toward Heavenly Mount.

You are Penultimate of Heavenly Mount Sect?

You are Christ of Sky Dragon Cult?

Indeed, at least you are well-informed.

What do you want?

I’m here to tell you old fool that we are the one who killed your daughter just so it will stir up the hatred between you and Wudang Sect. I’m telling you now so you know about it before you die.


Christ become unmotivated by the feeble forces of the enemy, so he walks back and let his team deal with it.

“[Yawn], hurry up. These trash shouldn’t take you guys so long to clean.”

All your battle stats increased.

Haha, now there is no more Heavenly Mount in Jianghu. This is what you get for not yielding to me!

The bird watches as Christ throws all the bodies off the mountain and spend the rest of the day there chilling.

Next morning, Christ pays a visit to Green Fortress Sect.

Master Violet Sun.

Pardon my lack of knowledge of your arrival, does Sir Christ bring an order of Naga here?

You are mistaken, Naga knows nothing of this visit.

Then you are here for…

I am here to create another piece of my territory.

If you need any assistance from us, then we will certainly do all we can.

Is it? Great, please swallow this pill.

W-what is this pill?

This is a drug made by my school uncle Dark Mysterious’ On My Orders Alone Pill.

On My Orders Alone Pill?

Why so many questions, we will talk more when you eat it.

Th-this isn’t Naga’s order, so please explain clearly first.

You’re still talking. Looks like you won’t obey unless I show you some pain.

Since he let his team do all the work last time, Christ will solo these fools alone.

This should be sufficient for Christ’s Morning excise.

All your battle stats increased.

I have taken your drug, can you tell me now?

This On My Orders Alone Pill is created to control you.


Yes, although we are now under the flagship of Naga, but we are destined for something better, so how could we blindly follow under one person.

I see, you want to betray Naga!

Don’t call it betrayal, more like uprising.

You don’t think I would report this to Naga and make you die a horrible death?

HAHAHA! You think the drug you just ate is fake!? Let me tell you, *It’s a horrible drug.


You have two choices, one is to join me and prosper together, and other is death. You decide.

I… …lowly me shall follow Sir Christ’s order, through fire and back.

Good, very good! You are a smart person.

Your reputation increased, it is now 724
Your moral decreased, it is now 0

Next closest location is Chengdu, so Tang Family is next.

It’s been a while, mister Tang, how are you?

We are fine. What is Christ buddy’s business here for today?

I just happen to be around so I came to pay you two a visit.

How nice of you. I welcome your visit.

It’s what a young one like I should do.

Rumor in Jianghu that you and your school brother has joined a cult with your school uncle, is it?

Tang buddy’s news source sure is speedy, I am so in awe. Speaking of current Jianghu’s state, it’s in such a mess with all these orthodox sects’ constant fighting and staying weak, so this is a great time for Sky Dragon Cult to step in.

(Little fox has gotten to his point).

Tang buddy, eyeing the world around, everyone is talented, and everyone wants to be successful, so I can’t just fall back. Which is why, today I am here to ask the Tang Family to help me.

Hmm…. You mean, you want the Tang Family to help you become successful?

Tang buddy certainly understands me.

Hmph, what do you have that we should choose to help you!?

Of course, I have Kung Fu and intelligence.

Ha… hahaha, you kidding? I didn’t know your Kung Fu is at the stage of being capable to ruling Wulin.

Hehehe, does that mean Tang buddy want me to show it off a bit?

Hmph, what a ridiculous kid! I will show you to know your place!

Both Flying Tang and Christ jumps off at the same time to fires their hidden projectile. Canceling out each other’s shots, but Christ shows more mastery in the art and manages to hit Tang Crown while protecting Thorn and himself.

Upon landing, Christ strikes out at Tang Crown and takes out his pill.

All your battle stats increased

Hahaha! Looks like Tang Family’s name are just for show. Please swallow this pill sir.

Wh-what did you made me eat?

It’s just an On My Orders Alone Pill, no need to get so excited.

What On My Orders Alone Pill? I never heard of it.

This On My Orders Alone Pill was recently created by my school uncle Dark Mysterious.

HMPH! You think this little pill can control the Tang Family?

Why don’t you try to cure it?

The bird watches as Flying Tang tries all sort of remedy.

This… what kind of poison is this? All my method is useless against it.

Mister Tang, I won’t have walked here if I am not certain of success, so don’t bother trying and wasting more time. If you will listen to me in the future, then I will treat Tang Family well.


If you really want to resist till the end, then don’t blame my ruthlessness.

[Sigh] Alright, from now on Tang Family is under your command!

Your reputation increased, it is now 774
Your moral decreased, it is now 0

Next stop, Christ will go for Absolute Saber Sect while Tracey promises to take over Beast King Manor in the meantime.

Christ thought about taking that lion head mask as a souvenir.

You shameless turncoat, and to think I once treated you as my friend! Leave, Absolute Saber Sect doesn’t welcome you.

Christ, I heard you have joined Sky Dragon Cult. Considering our past relationship, I won’t attack you, so you should hurry and leave. We Absolute Saber Sect will not tolerate relations with cultists!

Since master Marquis Summer says it like so, then I will also be straightforward with you. Today I want you Absolute Saber Sect to follow my orders, it has nothing to do with Sky Dragon Cult!

Ha…! Christ, you are dreaming!? You want us to follow you!? Hahaha…!

You stubborn old man, don’t say I didn’t give you a chance!

Hmhp! Let me see what you got!

Without hesitation, Christ strikes out his saber right next to Marquis’s head.

That really scared Marquis enough to make him step away while Nix Summer rush in to take on Christ.

Christ ignores that weakling and goes double team with Thorn on Marquis.

All your battle stats increased

Swallow this pill, master Marquis Summer!

Ughh… ughhh… ! What is this colorless and tasteless thing!?

Hahaha! *It’s a horrible drug.

Christ, you brazen scum, we Absolute Saber won’t follow your orders!

Master Marquis Summer, it’s your choice to live or die! If you will follow me, then the relief antidote will be send to you on time.

Dad…! At this rate… we should just listen to him!

[Sigh] I already ate that On My Orders Alone Pill, what else can I say!

Your reputation increased, it is now 824
Your moral decreased, it is now 0

Another day passed, Christ feels like the king of Chengdu as his soul mate Tracey brought the news of Beast King Manor now being under his command.

Next morning, Christ pays a visit to his buddy Swordsman Just.

Christ buddy, you are finally here! Ever since my master became poisoned by me, I’m so scared and wary by the day…

I am here to deal with this issue.

Then did Naga mention anything about the seat of master…

You don’t have to worry; Naga never goes back on his word! To relieve your worries, Naga specifically order me to bring this pill for you.

Pill? What pill!

You take care consuming it, this is a special medicine by Naga that it used to relief weariness, and other people can’t even get it even if they beg for it!

Thank you Naga for your wonderful gift!

How do you feel, Just buddy?

I didn’t feel the relief that Christ buddy mentioned!

Hahaha! What you ate is my school uncle Dark Mysterious’ On My Orders Alone Pill, of course you won’t feel relieved!

What! On My Orders Alone Pill??

*It’s a horrible drug.

What!! I already work so hard for Naga, why does he have to…

You are wrong. It is I who want you to take it! Naga’s era is over! Follow me and you will have infinite prosperity!

You…! Dammit, give me the antidote or I will go all out on you!

If you want the antidote, then follow my command and the relief antidote will be send to you on time!

You… despicable evil person!

Hahaha! Poisoning your own master is not despicable and evil?

[Sigh] …I was wrong….!

Don’t worry Just buddy, just follow my lead and in the end, Wudang master’s seat will be yours!


Last city to visit is Luoyang, the city where all of this began.

The city where Christ begins his life of Wulin, and Kung Family will be his next victim.

Whoa, this place has lots of antiques worthy of being souvenirs.

Kid, what are you here for? Does Naga have a message for me?

How long have you been working for Naga?

About nearly a year, why do you ask?

What do you think of Naga?

Naga has a cruel personality, very fickle at times, and will do horrible things to achieve what he wants. Truly a great demon! But seeing the money he offered, those are not my problem! Now why are you asking this!

The saying goes “Humans die for wealth, birds die for food!” But, does Sir Kung ever thought of what happen if Naga got into a rage that will swallow everyone…?

You mean… Naga can’t have sent you to kill me! If that is so, then Naga clearly underestimated me!

You are mistaken, Sir Kung. Naga didn’t send me, I am here to cooperate with you to get away from the control of Naga, and prosper in this land together.

Oh…! Making such a roundabout talk for this! Kid, your wings arenot fully grown, and yet you want to betray already!

Haha! It’s not the first time anyway! How about it, you in or not?

Hmph! Naga didn’t treat me badly, and I, Honorable Kung is not a forgetful person, so today I shall take care of you little problem for him!

Ah, Hard Gong is able to make it today. Excellent.

Then let us proceed to some asskicking.

Well, well. Honorable Kung sure has lots of capable fighters under his wings.

You guys love money?

Then please accept my gift!

You lost 2000 silvers.

Note: Using money as ammo for a mastered hidden projectile skill will cause you to lose 2000 silvers in exchange for great increase in damage.

Most of the ‘family’ falls under the weight of the money and Christ’s team finish up the left over.

All your battle stats increased

Hero of Heluo is nothing but this! Swallow this pill!

COUGH… What is this!?

*It’s a horrible drug.

Hmph! To think a youngster like you would do something so venomous. I, Honorable Kung surrender! From now on I will follow your orders with loyalty.

Haha! To think the great Hero of Helou is so easygoing! Smart!

Your reputation increased, it is now 874
Your moral decreased, it is now 0

Next stop, Janken Se---

Geez, what was I thinking? Those two wannabes aren’t worth a penny.

Long Rainbow Agency however, is worth two cents.

Long Rainbow Guan.

Demon cultist, how dare you come and blather in the Long Rainbow Agency, and you even address my father without honorifics!

Not only will I call your father’s full name out loud, I will even defeat him!!!

Long Rainbow Guan’s intuition tells him this is a serious situation, so he immediately attacks without hesitation.

Christ decides to double up on his offense.

And burns a hole through the wall with both the old man and his son.

All your battle stats increased

Long Rainbow Guan, swallow this pill.

COUGH… What is this!?

*It’s a horrible drug.

Hmph! To think someone as young as you would do something so evil. I, Long Rainbow Guan surrender! From now on I will follow your orders with loyalty.

Haha! Long Rainbow Guan sure is direct! Smart!


[Sigh] No more, son. We should focus on protecting ourselves.

Your reputation increased, it is now 924
Your moral decreased, it is now 0

To the next door, Heavenly Sword Sect!

Christ thought about having those awesome rock swords as decorations for his throne.

Sky Dragon Cult’s fang! We Heavenly Sword don’t welcome you!

You are the traitor of Carefree Valley, Scum of Wulin, what do you want with Heavenly Sword Sect!

Hahaha! You little Simon old skull must be tired of living! To dare to say such things to me!

Christ doesn’t like to be reminded of “Carefree Valley”, it’s like a thorn to his evil existence!

Hmph, get out of here now! Do I have to do it for you? We Heavenly Sword Sect will not associate with Sky Dragon Cult!

I am not here today for Sky Dragon Cult, but to create my territory!

I, Simon Black do not care for why you are here. In summary, we Heavenly Sword Sect will not associate ourselves with vile cultist!

Meh, with treatment like this, no wonder all the cultists are evil.

Looks like I have to make Heavenly Swords Sect obey me the hard way!

Whelp, these two really, really hate cultists.

Too bad, your kung fu is not as strong as your hatred.

All your battle stats increased

Hmph! Swallow this, Simon old skull!

Cough cough cough...! What… what did I just swallowed!?

Not much, just my school uncle, Dark Mysterious’ special On My Orders Alone Pill!

On My Orders Alone Pill! You mean the long lost secret of Jianghu, On My Orders Alone Pill!

Dad, what is this On My Orders Alone Pill?

It’s a horrible drug.

Indeed, old skull. What you said is absolutely correct!

What! I have no grudge with you, so why are you doing this?!

Hahaha! As long as it’s a thing that benefits me, why shouldn’t I! But don’t worry, as long as you willing to listen to my order, then your relief antidote will be deliver to you on time.

[Sigh] …I already ate the pill, what else I can say!

We will do as you said, Christ. Don’t forget to send us the antidote on time!

Your reputation increased, it is now 974
Your moral decreased, it is now 0

Alright… next is the Carefree Valley… alright…

You can do this Christ… you can do this… *deep breath*

It’s been a while, master.

School brother, you… you are back, did you finally realize your mistake? This is wonderful, master really missed you.

School brother, I actually returned here to finish some business.

School brother’s meaning is?

Although I joined a demonic cult, Naga never fully trusted me, which I guess is become of where I was brought up from.

So you were planning to?

I guess I can only get the trust of Naga after I destroy Carefree Valley, so…

You mean you came back here to kill your own master? You immoral and unfaithful traitor!

School brother, based on our past relation, I will leave you a full corpse.

Swine! So you returned to destroy Carefree Valley.

Master’s kindness, I will never forget, so base on our past relation, please commit suicide.

You traitor, have at you!

“Anything, I will do anything… hahaha…”.

“Hahaha… school brother’s fist…! This will be the last time to feel such pressure!”

“…and master’s chi blast. Still having such dominating force to make everyone stay away from it. Hahahahahaha IT BURNS!”

“Let me show you what I learn from school uncle!”

“Good bye school brother! Thanks for all you had done!”

It’s just you and me now, master. Thanks for everything, and…


Death Count List
Miao People x25
Little Weave
Wudang Master Zhuo (Indirect)
Wudang Members
Sea Shark Clan Members
Shaolin Temple (Everyone)
Heavenly Mount (Everyone)
Carefree Valley (Everyone)

Sects Under Christ’s Control
Poison Dragon Sect
Sea Shark Clan
Swordsmith Manor
Green Fortress Sect
Tang Family
Absolute Saber Sect
Wudang Sect (pending Swordsman Just’s ascension to Sect Master)
Kung Family (Along with Bagua Sect)
Beast King Manor (Through Tracey's Control)
Hundred Herb Sect (Through Hard Gong's Control)
Long Rainbow Agency
Heavenly Sword Sect