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Part 26: Chapter Twenty-Six: Meet the Teachers

Part Twenty-Six: Meet the Teachers
Music: Sim Mode: Summer

Master Flawless’ room

[Sigh]…this is difficult…

[Sigh]…this is…


Oh, it’s you, Jesus my boy.

He is…

Ah, let me introduce you. He is my old friend Painter Qing.

Nice to meet you.

This is my new student Jesus.

Nice to meet you.

I heard master’s sigh, is there a problem?

[Sigh], Painter Qing forged a replica of one of my paintings “Travelers among Mountains and Streams” and we have a bet that if I can’t differentiate the real from the fake, I will have to give him the real piece. I been looking at it for hours and I still can’t see the difference at all, so it seems this painting will have a new owner, [sigh]…

Painter Qing can forge it to such a degree of likeness, amazing!

These are simple tricks, Jesus, you are just over-reacting.

… (Simple tricks?!)

Youngster, these are parts of both paintings, can you see the difference? Which one is the real one?


I hope this is not pixel hunt… [sigh]

Oh, here is the artist’s signature hiding in a bunch of tree leaves. Maybe Painter Qing lacks the calligraphy skill to fake the hand writing?

The picture on the left contain the signature of the artist; I presume that is the real painting.

Signature? Why didn’t I notice it!

Thousands of other players screamed the same thing.

You always have a hard time seeing a grain-sized letter, not to mention this ant size letter.

…you are right. [Sigh], I am too old for this.

Since the fake has been discovered, I will return the real piece to its owner. Your have good eyes, kid, let’s do it again next time.

Sure, I will participate.

Good bye.

Jesus boy, thanks for helping me retain this painting.

Nah, you’re welcome.

[Sigh]…I am old…


Your art skill increased.
Your Perception increased.

Year Two Early July: Valentine Day

Note: People in China celebrate Valentine's Day on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month in the Chinese calendar.

Music: Main Theme (Valentine Version)

The bird watches Jesus wander into the forest…

*Suddenly someone plays a beautiful melody*

What a beautiful melody, where did it come from?

It’s all right.

Your music is so beautiful, I was involuntarily attracted by it and led to this place, and the dilemma in my heart has disappeared.

You are welcome, that would be 10 bucks but music does relieve people of their daily stress and bring peace to the soul.

May I inquire as to your name?

You can call me Music Deity, everyone here calls me that.

Miss Music, I, Jesus, would like learn music from you, I…I want to play such a heart catching melody!

That won’t be a problem, but I only teach those who have talent. If you can pass my musical test, I will teach you everything I know.

I accept your test.

I will play four sets of music, pay attention.

This is Tune of Spring

This is Tune of Summer

This is Tune of Autumn

This is Tune of Winter

Is that clear?

1) Yes.
2) Please play it again.

This game has such beautiful musics…

Good, then listen to what this tune is. *Random music*

1) This is Tune of Spring…
2) This is Tune of Summer...
3) This is Tune of Autumn…
4) This is Tune of Winter…

Very good, you have talent, I will give you this Qin (The music instrument she’s holding), and I will teach you everything when you visit me in Relaxation Village.

Thank you Miss Music.

I have something to do, so that’s it for today's session.

Then I won’t bother you further.

Let’s visit master again.

Outside Master Flawless’ room

Eh! Someone is in master's room. I better take a look.

Uhh, this…this doesn’t count…doesn’t count…

I will say, Flawless, you have heard of the saying [img]“A man that will take back a move at Chess will pick a pocket.”[/i]


Flawless, you better not be trying to flee. My hands are itching for some chess, so we better have at least three rounds today.

Please spare me, everyone knows Gentlemen Tangerine’s chess ability is superb. It just isn't fun to keep losing. If you want to play, then let my student play you.

Come Jesus; come pay your respect to Mr. Tangerine.

Nice to meet you.

Hmm, you don’t look like an idiot; do you know how to play xiangqi?

Hmm…I still have a lot that I can learn from you.

Fine, I will stop today, we will play next time you visit me at Relaxation Village.

Flawless old buddy, I will take my leave.

Master, you aren’t really planning to send me to play chess with Mr.Tangerine are you? I won’t have time to train if that’s the case.

Didn’t I tell you; don’t be like your other two schoolbrothers who only train kung fu all day.

Yes, master.

You should know that Tangerine is a chess master, but his hidden projectile kung fu is top notch, so if you can entice him and teach you the technique, then you won’t regret it.

Really? Then I better go to relaxation village and play with Mr.Tangerine in the future.

Visit master again.

Master Flawless’ room

You are not bad either.

A long way from yours.

Hurr hurr hurr, thank you, thank you.


Jesus Boy, good timing, I will introduce, this is my fellow gardening buddy Flower Elder.

I, Jesus, call upon mister Flower.

Good, good.

Flower Elder isa master of gardening, any flowers in his hand will beautifully blossom. He has been the winner for the Luoyang flower competitions dozens of times and he also won again for this year’s competition; you can say he is the connoisseur of this field, so you better learn well from him.

Hurr hurr hurr, speaking of that, I suddenly recall something.

What is it?

Next year Qingming Festival’s flower competition will be extended into a much larger scale, not only will the cash reward be larger, it will also have a special prize.

Oh? What kind of prize?

It is still unknown so far, but I know I won’t participate this time and will become the judge instead.

Oh? I didn’t think you will have an occasion where you didn’t participate in a competition.

Hurr hurr hurr, it’s not bad to change the role once in a while.

Too bad I have something to attend to during next year’s Qingming Festival, so I definitely will miss it.

That’s a pity. Ah yes, young man, you should join too.


Don’t just play with weaponry all day and night, you should be like your master and grow some flowers to develop a more purified soul, isn’t that great?

Hm, indeed. Jesus boy, you should participate in this kind of activity once in a while.

Here, I will give you this box of peonies. If you take good care of it, I am sure they will blossom into beautiful flowers. Next year, early in march, I will await the result.

Do your best Jesus, don’t disappoint me.

Yes, master. Stop throwing every single hobby at me, I don't want to grow flower.

Looking at the time, it is the time to sing to the flowers.

I will accompany you.

Great! Cough cough, hmm, I will begin. ONE~~~~LITTLE~~~~FLOWER~~~~


(……I better flee!)

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