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Part 86: Chapter Eighty-Six: Battles of Heroes

Part Eighty-Six: Battles of Heroes
Music: World Map

Better go tell Heavenly Mount about their lost and found daughter.

Oh, Little Weave is already back with her family. Guess Jesus didn’t need to make this trip.

I never had the chance to say thanks. If you didn’t lecture me at the Carefree Valley, I might not have had the courage to show up and indict scum like Swordsman Just.

No need to be formal lady Weave, it’s good that you are safe.

Little Weave has told me everything that happened at Wudang Mountain, So everything was Swordsman Just’s fault. Thank you for saving my Little Weave; I couldn’t live without her!

Chivalrous deed is what I'm supposed to do!

Young hero Jesus, thanks to your help, my little girl has safely returned. I, Penultimate, will be there in time for the September 9 Mount Hua Wulin Gathering.

Now that we got a confirmation of participation, back to patrolling for the Beggar Sect to find the Eastern Agency’s goons.

Discovered the Eastern Agency’s goons!!

This is why I hold back on recruiting. Also, man-bra is back. Still can’t unsee!

With his superhuman speed, Jesus begins by blowing them away with music-hurricanes.

Then Jesus’ team goes on the assault, and only the hurrrrr-general seems to be derp enough to not hesitate to retaliate while his teammates are still shocked from the surprise attack.

Ed: Have we seen this guy before? Best avatar. Potential derp of the day?

Author: Yeah, in mission two chapters 54 as potential avatar of the day.

The surprised opponents professionally retaliate without asking. Man-bra does a dance thing and the green guy follows up with a break dance.

Jesus has enough of their disco kung fu and snipes them out cold with cold hard rocks.

All your battle stat increased

Obtained Token

Great, we got the token. Now to infiltrate as people of Eastern Agency at the Chengdu government office and meet up with the Manchu prince.

Officers, I am an agent of Eunuch Cheng of Eastern Agency assigned here to meet with the third Imperial Prince of Manchu.

Do you have identification?

I have here a token from Eunuch Cheng of Eastern Agency, take a look…

Hmm…it certainly is a token of Eunuch Cheng. You can pass; third Imperial Prince has been waiting for a long time.

Courtroom of ancient China. The local official who worked on government duty also acted as a judge to adjudicate legal disputes or crimes, complete with guards, torture devices, and [animal] shaped head-decapitation devices.

Historical note: Criminals who were sentenced to death were “entitled” to be executed by different “grades” of decapitation devices, depending on their social classes. Peasants had to be contented with a dog-headed device, minor nobility could be awarded a tiger-headed device, and highly-ranked nobles could have the privilege of having their heads chopped off with a dragon-headed device.

You are…?

I am an agent of Eunuch Cheng, here to meet up with your highness.

You finally arrive.

Sorry for the wait, your highness, due to some hindrance on the road, we arrived late, my apologies.

Enough chatter. Bring this letter to Eunuch Cheng and tell him the army preparation are mostly done, and now just need his response.

(AH, Army! Could he mean army to invade the Central Plain…!?)

Why are you zoning out! Did you hear me clearly!?

…….Clearly, all heard clearly!

Then hurry back and report!

Obtained Secret Letter

Now to bring this evidence to Headquarter Master Lee since he’s the current acting chief of Beggar Sect.

Another day passed, it’s time to rest.

Day 10:
The bird watches Jesus’ group travel another hundred miles to finally reach Hangzhou and meet up with the leader of smelly people.

Just a little more and the letter will be delivered to Eunuch Cheng’s worst enemy!

It’s nice that they leave the door open without needing to use the password anymore.

Holy bleeding beggar!

[Cough] …[cough]…ugh…

Buddy, what’s happened, hold on!

I……I don’t think I can make it…

What happened? Where's the other beggar members!? Where’s Headquarter Master Lee!?

All the brothers are dead…ma-master Lee…is captured…

Captured! Who caught him!?


You better take a rest first, and tell me about it when you feel better.

I...I can’t hold on any longer…let me’s…those dogs from…Eastern Agency! We…got caught during our investigation on the traitorous dealings…the Agency pursued and…finally, we were outnumbered and most of our brothers are…dead. I crawled back here after I saw them take headquarter master…[cough].

Then you know where they have taken Headquarter Master Lee?

[Cough]…I…I vaguely heard them saying…to take headquarter master to Hang…Hangzhou great jail…[cough]…

Hangzhou great jail.

[Cough] [Cough] [Cough]…hm…

Buddy! Buddy….! [Sigh]…I will avenge you!

Jesus needs to rescue Headquarter Master Lee from the great jail right away!

Government office, authorized personnel only!

Officer, I have the token from Eunuch Cheng of Eastern Agency, take a look…

Hmm….alright, you can pass!

Hah, this token is like a master key to all government building!

This place looks exactly like the one in Chengdu, except with a door. Same architect?

And this looks exactly like the secret dungeon under the temple.

Grand Cheng’s foresight is truly impressive, using these beggars as bait, and the left over goon did come for it.

So you are Eunuch Cheng; you traitor who sides with the outsiders!

Haha, the world will now lose another person who knows my secret.

Headquarter Master Lee, I have found the proof of this old man’s dealings with the Manchu people…

Hurry! Leave now and bring the evidence to your sect master…

This is not a place where you can come and leave as you like! Go! This kid will come in alive and leave lifeless!

This kid and his gang of kung fu heroes! Charge!

This music encompasses the rage of Jesus!

Eunuch Cheng and his goon are undeterred by Jesus attack and go on full ass…wait a minute…

Nevermind, thought he was face planting to the bald guy’s ass. Also, shoe knife!
Ed: More importantly, what is that centurion guy doing with his hand?!

Jesus slashes so fast that his sword achieves a sonic boom and paints pink colors in the air while his teammates retaliate and beat the opposing team into pulp.

All your battle stats increased

Headquarter Master Lee, you alright?

I am fine, ‘tis but a flesh wound

We shouldn’t stay here for long, let’s go!

The branch at Hangzhou has been discovered, let’s go to Luoyang…

Alright, let’s go to Luoyang!

Student Lee Ho greets thee, sect master!

Skip the courtesy, Headquarter Master Lee. How are your injuries?

These scratches won’t get in the way.

(This normal looking old man is the Beggar Sect master!)

This youngster is?

I, Jesus of the Carefree Valley, greet thee sect master.

So you are young hero Jesus. I have heard a lot of heroic tales of your exploits in my travels, and you do seem to have a refined air about you.

You are too courteous sect master.

Sect master, if Jesus hadn't risked his life to rescue me, student me wouldn't be seeing you again.

Don’t say that, Headquarter Master Lee, what I did is not worth a fraction of what you accomplished.

Hahaha, wonderful! Earnest kid, I like!

Actual translation; just as creepy in the original, but he’s just a straightforward person.

Jesus buddy, you said you have obtained the proof of Eunuch Cheng dealing with the outsider…

Indeed, the evidence is here, please take a look sect master.

Hahaha, magnificent! With this letter, that fox won’t be sly any longer!

Jesus buddy, this is a great achievement!

I just do what I can. Sect master, I also have a request.

What is it, do tell!

It’s about the September 9 Wulin Gathering at Mount Hua, please come to participate.

Hahaha, I wondered what it was, and it was Wulin Gathering. No problem! I will be there on time, and we will slaughter all those devils clean!

Sect master sure is a straightforward person, too bad I couldn't meet you sooner.

It’s not too late! There’s days to come, when you have time we can get to know each other closer!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, too straightforward.

Thanks for your endorsement, I am very grateful. Since the message of Wulin Gathering has been sent, I should take my leave.

After getting this proof, we Beggar Sect still have lots to do, so everyone get to work. Alright kid, see you on Mount Hua.

Take care on the road, Jesus buddy.

Take care, Headquarter Master Lee.

That’s the last time I have to type his long ass title.

Your reputation increased, it is now 999.

Alright, now that Jesus gotten everyone to join the Wulin Gathering, he can finally takes a good long rest and enjoy the rest of the month.

During the rest of the month, the bird also spent its time wondering what other ‘removed’ adventures Jesus could have had.

Maybe some evil villain could have kidnapped Jesus’ lover and Jesus would have to make his heroic rescue.

Or maybe Moon could have been captured and jailed in a secret dungeon that Jesus must go to and rescue him.

Day 26:
Well, that would have been some fun adventures for the rest of the month…hmmm did we forgot forget something?

OH CRAP! Sky Dragon Cult attacked yesterday on August 25!

Music: Devastated

Oh man, oh man, oh man!

Simon pig buddy…

Oh no! Heavenly Sword Sect has been destroyed by Sky Dragon Cult. What should I do?

Oh dear, I hope Nix Summer is okay.

This doesn’t look good!

Nooooo! Nix buddy!!!

Oh no! Absolute Saber Sect has been destroyed by Sky Dragon Cult. What should I do?

Next time: It gets worse.

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