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Part 77: Chapter Seventy-Seven & Seventy-Eight: The Journey Begins

Part Seventy-Seven & Seventy-Eight: The Journey Begins

Okay, now we can do thi--

Year Five Early January, Chinese New Year

: Chinese New Year

Hahaha! Happy New Year! Happy New Year!

Master is very excited today!

Come, come, come! You all say some blessings to me!

I wish for master to live a long and healthy life.

I wish for master to enjoy good fortune, prosperity…..

HEY! Don’t you know the order of greeting is from senior to freshman!?


I wish for master to enjoy good fortune, prosperity, longevity and halls of riches.

(That’s what I was gonna say!!) Then…then I will wish…wish for master’s music, chess, calligraphy, and painting skills to achieve perfection, and for him to be versatile in tea, alcohol, flower, and medicine skills.

Very good, very good, all three are very good! These are this year’s pocket money; you all just hold on to it for now, I have something to say to you all…

Obtain 22920 Silvers

Lately there’s been a wave of evil power arising and it’s already threatening various famous sects of Wulin. Although Carefree Valley is named “carefree”, we should do our best to contribute, so I want you all to step up the spirit of doing good in the future.

I will commit to master’s teaching.


Yes, master.

Okay, this time we will visit him for real and will be packed all in one as usual.

Eh!! Medicine God is out, how unlucky!! Oh it’s Flower Elder.
I lied! We are not meeting him for a long time! Hohohohoho!

Kid, is Medicine God home?

Ah, he seems to be out. Do you need something?

I’ve been suffering from constipation a lot lately, the belly just kept making noises, so I would like the doctor to check it.

In that case…if you don’t mind, the doctor has taught me a lot about acupuncture, so let me have the honor of healing you!

Hohoho, then pardon me.

So Jesus has to poke one of these points again…

Poke the Large Cross Point. That should make things cross.

It’s working! I-I need to use the toilet!

The bird is pretty sure this happened before, so it flies away before too late.

???? Wow! You are back already, that was quick!

Wh-where’s the toilet?

Ah? …th-there.


After a while, the bird came back, and flies away immediately.

Ahh~~~~much better. Thanks, kid.

It’s nothing.

Jesus quickly moves on to the next visit.

Your Medical skill increased.

Eh!! Medicine God is out, how unlucky!! Oh, is there something you need sir?

Hello, youngster. Is Medicine God home?

Ah, he seems to be out. Do you need something?

Maybe because I count my money too often, I felt pain in my finger joint lately, so I would like the doctor to check it out.

The doctor has taught me techniques of acupuncture, so if you don’t mind, I can cure it for you!

Alright, then pardon me.

Poke the Crooked Mere Point.

Ah, the pain is gone! Wonderful! Thank you, youngster.

It’s nothing.

Nothing much to thank you with, so please accept this instead, hohoho, good bye.

Obtain Spirit Rising Cup
Your Medical skill increased.

Just a nice teacup, moving on to next session.

Eh!! Medicine God is out, how unlucky!!


Eh? What’s wrong Little White? Why are you sighing?

Little White, he is the guy who served Jesus the Little White Soy Milk in Luoyang. Also Lip guy # 5 or 6, I lost count.

My wife complained about my snoring at night and won’t sleep with me anymore, [Sigh].

The doctor has taught me techniques of acupuncture, so if you don’t mind, I can cure it for you!

Ah, that would be wonderful, please do.

Boom! Head Shot Poke at the Print Hall Point!

It’s done! You are dead!

Done!? That quick?

Indeed! Just relax and I am sure your wife will be very satisfied.

Thank you very much, how should I repay you?

It’s just a small thing, Little White bro don’t need to be courteous about it, and the hour is late, I will take my leave now.

Take care!

That night, the man die on his bed Moving on to the next session.

Eh!! Medicine God is out, how unlucky!!


Is there something wrong, sir?

My stomach hurts; I could not eat anything the last few days, so painful, [sigh-ouch]~~

The doctor has taught me techniques of acupuncture, so if you don’t mind, I can cure it for you!

Then please do.

Poke Mid Abdominal Point! Should be somewhere at the middle.

Ehhh~~~it doesn’t hurt anymore, so amazing bro! I am really thankful for this so please accept these bear paws that I hunted.

Ah, this is too much…

Hehehe, I am hungry now, so I will go find some food.

Take care.

Bear paw is useless except for money, but it’s an easy way to get it for events that need it. Moving on to next session.

Your Medical skill increased.

Eh!! Medicine God is out, how unlucky!!

Sir Jesus.

Little White bro, why are you here?

After the previous acupuncture session, I really didn’t snore anymore, which my wife and me is very grateful, so this is a little gift, please accept it.

There’s no need to…

I must, I must. I need go back to check on my business, good bye.

Take care.

Your mood improved.
Your medical skill increased.

Obtain 60 years old Fen Jiu.

I like how this also improves Jesus’ mood. Next session.

Ouch! It hurts! Someone help me!

Just hold on, it will better soon!

For pete’s sake, who is that heartless scum who tortures me like this!

You shouldn’t have eaten the stuff you found on the road.

How would I know there is poison in the bun that was discarded on the ground, ouch ouuuawwwgahhh!

(…..poisoned bun on the ground? The culprit is stupid or smart? But to have someone actually picking it up to eat it is much more unbelievable!)

There, there, is fine now, take a good rest at home and tomorrow will be fine.

Thank you so much, Medicine God, I will treat you next time you visit my home.

Sure, sure, hurry and go rest yourself.

How despicable, someone would poison the food to hurt people.

[Sigh] This probably is my younger brother’s work.

Eh? You have a brother?

Indeed. My brother is arrogant and always loves to oppose me, and since I research medicine, he decides to do poison. We never get along and I am just frustrated.

(….so Medicine God has such a troublesome past!)

[Sigh]….no more patients, so you can go home today.


Next Session.

Sir Medicine.

Ah, you are here. Today there are no patients, so I will teach you some herbs so you can use it in future brewing of medicine. Watch carefully, these groups of herbs are used for refreshing and curing poison.

Yeah, I am not translating the English name of this stuff. (There is none for most of it, only scientific name)

Good, today we will leave it at that, you can go home.

Your medical skill increased.

Next session.

Sir Medicine.

Good timing, I am brewing a medicine, you can come and help.

Here Medicine God asks you to pick out the herbs of the medicine recipe.

It is done, looks like it is successful. This Rejuvenate Pulse Pill can restore 20% chi.

Jesus, since you learned it, you should practice with this recipe.

Finally, Jesus is learning to brew drugs. Let’s abridge this more.

This White Tiger Powder can cure 40 points of poison.

This Renew Paste can restore health by 60%.

This Smoothen Breath Drink can restore Chi by 40%

This Green Dragon Powder can cure 60 points of poison

This Twin Brew Drink can restore 60 point health and 50% chi

This Triple Clear Powder can restore 80 points of health, 60% chi, and 80 points of poison.

Jesus, I have nothing left to teach you, go home and practice your Kung fu, help more people and there’s no need to come visit me anymore.

Thank you sir.

Your medical skill increased, it is now 100

Aww, now what will Jesus do on his always-free time?

Make more medicine!

The medicine list with the percent mastery (won’t show if zero),is just the developer’s last attempt to minimize the amount of powerful medicine Jesus will be carrying. Red line means Jesus doesn’t have the required herbs.

Not stopping Jesus from making lots of it though.

Hello, you are known as Competitor of Hua Tuo, bye.

Your reputation increased, it is now 676

Year Five Early March

Aren’t you Grievous Yao buddy? Coming to taste my cooking again? Please wait a bit and I will go make some.

Thanks Jesus buddy, but today I bring another friend here, so please prepare two portions.

Youngster, I heard your cooking is good, so old beggar me has come to give it a taste.

No problem, Grievous Yao’s friend is my friend.

Jesus buddy, please pay more attention today, my friend is very picky about food.

Oh?? Then I better think carefully about which dish to make.

Eh, maybe Mapo Tofu? Since Jesus has to go through all the pain to get that one.

How is it, sir?

Hmm, passable. Grievous Yao, let’s go.

…hmmm…good bye, Jesus buddy.

This grandpa’s mouth sure is picky.

Oh well, we will try again on the other route.

Editor: A picky beggar just annoys me.

Looks like we have time to do some gardening.

Your gardening skill increased, it is now 100.

Too bad I didn’t get more seed from the Ren girl so I can’t get the Flowery Poet title.

Your gardening skill increased, it is now 100.

Year Five Early May, Dragon Boat Festival

May fifth, Dragon Boat Festival, Jesus boy, it’s time for you to cook for us again.

Yes, master, I will go prepare.

This year Jesus will go with the Beggar Chicken because beggars love it. *Hint, hint.*

Hmmm…..hmmmm….. it's so good I don't know what to say! You should become a chef instead!

Third school brother, your food is amazing; we're lucky to have you around!

Thanks for all your praise!

Your relationship with moon increased
Your relationship with Master Flawless increased
Your relationship with Thorn increased

Since there’s nothing left to do, Jesus practices to punch harder!

Hello, Divine Hand of Stelae Breaker, bye.

Your reputation increased it is now 706

Swing the staff faster!

Hello, Cloud Stabbing of Half Mountain Length, bye.

Your reputation increased it is now 736

Then Jesus trains on his Hidden Projectile skill with the Special Kung Fu animation.

Hello, Thousand Hand Buddha, bye.

Your reputation increased, it is now 766

Year Five Early July, Valentine Day

Eh! Isn’t that Lady Azure! ….Lady Azure, long times no see.

Sir Jesus, long time no see, how are you?

With your blessing, everything is good, how about you, Lady Azure.

I am fine too, just missed one person a lot.

One person? Who would make Lady Azure reminisce so much?

The person who came to talk about “Our future”.

(Eh….! Isn’t that me!)

I wonder if he still remembers that?

Of course I do, it’s just that I am still a nobody, so it’s hard to match up with someone of your status, so…

That’s fine too; I can give up my cult leader’s seat and be with you…

Editor: Do it, do it!

Lady Azure! Please don’t do that! Your tribe depends on you to lead them.

Editor: Noooooooo! You fool!

[Sigh] Actually I don’t really care about the seat and just want to find a successor to pass it on.

Alright, let’s not talk about this. Why are you here today?

I came here to give you this poison resistance armor, surely it will be useful to you in Jianghu.

Thank you, lady Azure. I will always remember your good will.

My wish has been fulfilled, good bye.

Wish? What wish?

The wish to meet you again.


We will meet again, Sir Jesus.


Obtain Polychrome Armor

Yep, five color with 40 defense and 10 poison resistance. Oh and the green orb is the Night Glowing Orb that we got from saving Azure and it raise Jesus’ I.Q. cap through 120, which makes learning things much faster.

Editor: Except the Orb comes so late in the game that we would have maxed out most of our skills by the time we get it.

Editor 2: Most likely a crutch for players that are desperate, I guess?

Author: Not exactly, but here’s Jesus’ report card.

This game is not easy at all, most players only maxed ¼ - ½ of the skills at this point, but since I played through this game at least 6 times; I know how to raise Jesus.

Speaking of Buddha, Jesus almost forgot to read the Journey to the West.

Five centuries later, still being trapped under the Five Finger Mountain of Buddha.

The Bodhisattva Guanyin went out in search for disciples that could protect a pilgrim from the East to journey to India to retrieve the Buddhist sutras. In hearing this, Sun Wukong offered to serve this pilgrim, Xuanzang, a monk of the Tang Dynasty, in exchange for his freedom.

Guanyin understood that the monkey would be hard to control, and therefore gave Xuanzang a gift from the Buddha: a magical headband which, once Sun Wukong was tricked into putting it on, could never be removed.

With a special chant, the band would tighten and cause unbearable pain to the monkey's head. To be fair, she also gave Sun Wukong three special hairs, which could be used in dire emergencies.

Under Xuanzang's supervision, Sun Wukong was allowed to journey to the West.

Late July, Master Flawless call!

Jesus boy.


I need you to bring this to the headmaster of Shaolin Temple, you will depart immediately.

Yes master. (Master has been getting stricter lately)

One more thing,


Come back early.

Hoho, yes, master. (Master is pretty caring)

The bird follows Jesus to Shoaling Temple.

Little master Vacant Truth, it’s been awhile.

Alms-giver Jesus!

What happen, you look really anxious?

Cu-cultists infiltrated our temple, so now we are in full alert searching for the intruder, and what business brings alms-giver Jesus here today?

I am under the order of my master to bring an object to the headmaster, is he around?

He’s in the temple. I need to be on guard here, so please alms-giver Jesus go meet him yourself.

Thank you, little master.


As Jesus running to the steps of heaven , he heard someone talking.

Where is the cult master being imprisoned at?
I heard the elder ordered a bunch of monks to guard the back mountain, so the cult master might be there.
Where’s the back mountain?
Capture a monk and ask him.

Jesus pinpointed the location of the conversation and stared at them.


The cultists pops out so Jesus ran to warn the monks.


Oh no! It’s Little Fragrance and the samisen guy! Also known as Gandharva (1453 hp) and Kinnara (1653 hp)!
Editor: Not only were we trolled, she is a goddamn enemy too?

Gandharva blows purple musical chi at Jesus while Kinnara makes a mini nuclear fission explosion to the monk at the back.

The monks are doing their group take down while Jesus already dealt massive damage with his first attack at the “most beautiful woman ever”.

On the third turn, Jesus just plays around and spams missiles needles until Kinnara becamea cactus.

All your battle stats increased

The cultist manage to tele-escapes.

Hurry and give chase!

Following the trail of downed monks, Jesus follows the cultist to the back mountain.

Looks like a commotion over there, did the elder monk capture them?

Oh no!

Nope, they just freed Exceed Tien, also known as Deva.



Alms-giver really wants to leave?

Indeed, and this time no one will stop me.

Does alms-giver really have no heart of repentance?

I done no wrong, so why should I repent?

Since alms-givers is tenacious, old me will have to deal with you in heaven’s stead.

HAHAHA, what a good “in heaven’s stead”. Too bad I already heard enough of it!

Wulin top kung fu masters fight off!

Both Kinnara and Deva are using same technique with different chi and thus different explosion animation.

The two elder monks punch Kinnara while the third elder monk is making a noodle out of Deva.

Deva didn’t like the insult so he vaporized him.

Regardless, the battle ends with every elder monks getting blown away.

Alright, let’s go.

After them!

It’s no use.


[Sigh] Looks like Wulin will have another calamity.

May I ask what is happening?

[Sigh[ Alms-giver must have known of the Great Wulin Battle twenty years ago against the western region cultist?

Yes. I heard every top Wulin master of the time surrounded the cultist master at the Heaven Capital of Yellow Mountain, and only after countless casualties were they finally ableto slay him.

The truth is, Deva never died.

Does that mean just now…


Indeed. Old me wishes he would change his ways, but unfortunately...[sigh]…


Did alms-giver come here for something?

Ah! I almost forgot. My master asked me to bring this to headmaster.

Amitabha, you must be tired coming all the way here.

Nah, now that I delivered, I should return to report, farewell.

Amitabha, alms-giver take care.

The bird follows Jesus rushing back to Carefree Valley.

Master! This is bad, something big happened!

Look at you jumpy like that, did the sky fall?

No, master! The cultists infiltrated Shaolin Temple and rescued Deva!



This is severe….very well, you go take a rest; I need to think this through……

Time is short, so let’s visit Wukong one more time.

Ha! You look really happy today. Eh? What’s this? You are giving this to me?

Eh, this weapon looks nice, thanks.

Obtain Equal of Heaven Staff

…is this from Wukong’s ancestor? Also the strongest staff in the game.

Year Five End of July, noises of weaponry outside.

School brothers sure are hard working, they are already training this early in the morning…I should go take a look.

School brother, why are you with the traitor? Do you forget what master taught us?


YO! Why the first thing you have to say is pressure him with master? Being younger school brother doesn’t mean he has to go with your flow.

Traitor! Don’t you dare shatter our bond!

Bond? What? Can’t pressure him with master’s words and now you try bonds? In the end, brotherly bond is not as strong as his feelings for the little lady from Mount Hua.

Oh! Right! Definitely won’t be as much as your feelings for the seat of master…


What? Angry? Why don’t you come and bite me.




It’s true! I was only a few days late in joining Carefree Valley; but I was raised up by master since I was a child. All these years, I participated in all your good works, but why does everyone in Wulin only know Vale Moon Pavilion and not Bramble Thorn?

School brother! You…

In fact, you knew I like Lady Cao but you just have to use the hard earned reputation of yours that I helped to create and steal away her feelings in the name of school brother!

What are you talking about!? Dark Mysterious! What did you say to my school brother!?

I’m just giving him the wake up call so he won’t become like me!

Enough jibberjabing! Vale Moon Pavilion, today I will show you that my kung fu won’t lose to yours!

School brother!

En garde!

Things are getting serious, but Jesus is finally arrived.

….this doesn’t seem right….second school brother, wh-what are you doing!?

Hmph! School brother, you come just in time, I am leaving Carefree Valley, you want to come with me or that old man?

Wh-what are you saying!?

That master of yours just makes you stay at this small place learning circus tricks, and you are a real man, so why be like a girl locked in a valley planting flowers and playing music?

Why not come with school uncle to see the world, which is better than being the frog in the well.

In fact, school uncle me is not that same as before, now I am with a strong power, I guarantee you will be successful in Jianghu, become more famous throughout Wulin, hehehe, how about it?

(Moral >49) Silence! You traitor!

Unappreciative rotten kid! Get rid of him!

Jesus and Dark Mysterious joined the battle! Note that this is the first battle that will result in game over if you lose because the game is saving you the trouble of not being able to beat the game if you can’t even win this battle.

So let’s go all out with our Brotherly Fist!

Flaming skulls and slashing attacks!

But Jesus activates his Heaven and Earth Shift ability to return his flaming skull poison back at Dark Mysterious, which manages to poison him.

Then Jesus manages to back punch the ridiculously long health Thorn down.

Dark Mysterious soon follows.

All your battle stats increased

Hmph! Wonderful student of Flawless, you want to stay, then go ahead. Thorn, let’s go, uncle will take you to Sky Dragon Cult.

School brother, second school brother really left with school uncle, what do we do now?

To think that school brother really is gone…

This is bad, after master found out that you brothers are fighting and Thorn has left with Dark Mysterious, he had a heart attack….


Be quiet and listen well…


: Swordsmith Manor

You are all my beloved students…as master, I always wished you all can become great youth…even if kung fu is not the strongest, (will be get respect from Wulin ???)…that’s why I’ve been harsh from time to time…but it’s all for you…[sigh] unfortunately Bramble Thorn can’t understand…


Listen up, your school brother is not that bad of a person, he just has things that he can’t comprehend and the fact that his school uncle is fanning the flame at the side is what made him fall into the wrong way, you all must guide him back to the truth.

Yes, master. It’s just, where could have they gone to?

If my guess is correct, they must have joined the Sky Dragon Cult. Dark Mysterious has been very close to the cult leader Naga for a while, now that the cult is stirring waves in Wulin, they must had gone there.

Then what do we do?

The only thing we can do now is to contact every Wulin sect, tell them of the Sky Dragon Cult’s plan to swallow up Wulin, and prevent Thorn from falling any deeper. You two immediately leave the valley now and in One Month, gather support from every sect and see if we can have a Wulin Gathering on September Nine to discuss our strategy.

What about master’s injury?

Old Beard will take care of me; Time is short, you all should take your leave now.


…master, you take care, we are leaving…

Master is regulating his body with chi so he should be fine.

School brother, we should leave now and invite every sect to the Wulin Gathering to discuss strategy.

Yes, school brother.

I will take care of things here; you hurry and do your things.

This is Servant Beard if you can’t tell, and if we try to talk to Flawless…

(I better not disturb master, and let him peacefully heal his wound with chi exercise)

Good chance to have a tour of the valley.

Up there stone steps are where Servant Beard lives.

Herb drying, gardening…

…and blacksmithing that Jesus never bothered to learn.

Going back down to the housing area, this

This is either Moon’s room.

The next house is Thorn’s room. How do I know?

Only he has the guts to hang swords and sabers near his bed.

Ah, the chess table, remember the event where Flawless lost his medical pill under this table?

Onto the last house. I like to think the Carefree Valley builds a new house when a new student joins.

Same as moon’s room except this one have sword hanging on the wall, which I assume is Jesus’ room since Moon don’t use weapon.

Now we check out what lies ahead of the stone steps to the west.

Ah, the training area, and the stone table is probably where Jesus practice his music at.

Now that we have seen everything, it is time to leave the valley.

Jesus' one month long journey begins.

Welcome to the Jianghu world map of the final mission, times goes by really fast in this mode (about 1 day every 2 minutes), so Jesus will go to the closest location first, but after that, which of the further spreads out major sect would you like to see first? (Don’t worry we will get to them all eventually if I didn’t mess up)

Vote for one and the order of results will be the general direction of Jesus' travel.
1) Wudang Sect
2) Shaolin Temple
3) Heavenly Mount Sect
4) Sword and Saber Sect
5) Swordsmith Manor
6) Beggar Sect
7) Let me decide

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