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Part 78: Chapter Seventy-Nine: The Messenger

I won! Along with many wanting to meet the beggars first and one who wanted to meet Azure sooner, so I will plan accordingly.

Part Seventy-Nine: The Messenger
Music: World Map

August 1:
The bird scouted the land of Wulin and considered the best possible route, it planned to lead Jesus through the most efficient travel route, but then noticed Jesus can travel at 100 miles per hour. So it should be fine.

The closest location to Jesus is Mount Hua and Luoyang, but there’s no sect in Mount Hua so we will visit the latter.

Music: City of Luoyang

Ah, good old Luoyang. These two guards still complain about their jobs.

Enough reminiscence! Jesus has one month to invite all the sects to discuss great plans to repel the cultist calamity, so let’s invite the great Honorable Kung.

Jesus buddy, if you have business with father, he’s in the hall.

Young one Jesus of Carefree Valley greets thee chivalrous Kung.

Hm, is there something you want to ask me?

It is about a Wulin Gathering on September 9 at Mount Hua.

Wulin Gathering?

Indeed. Nowadays the cultists in Jianghu are getting more aggressive by the days, and they are at the point of threatening all the orthodox sect, so the only chance now is to convene this Wulin Gathering to unite our strength to eliminate the wicked.

So it’s about that, very well, I will participate.

Thank you for your support.

Next stop, get the latest news from our favorite tea connoisseur.

Jesus buddy, is there something you need?

1) Anything new?

The conflict between Eastern Agency and Beggar Sect is getting tenser; you could find the beggar activity in Chengdu and Hangzhou.

Three monks from the western region arrived not too long ago, and have since been antagonizing Shaolin Temple; their relationship seems to be inherited from the previous generation.

To deal with the gradually dominant Sky Dragon Cult, a call for a Wulin Gathering to discuss counter-plans has been proposed.

Heavenly Mount Sect and Wudang Sect have a very dreadful conflict in their past generation, primarily due to both masters of sect having fallen in love with one woman.

Rumor has it, the previous Sky Dragon Cult master Exceed Tien is not dead, and was actually imprisoned in Shaolin Temple for the past decade, but he has been rescued by his followers.

2) What is my kung fu ranking?

Let’s see…your kung fu ranking is… Number One
I…I was expecting five….we did it guys, Jesus is the strongest.

There is only one thing we must do now.

Music: Liquor Store




Alright, back to business. Now we go to inform the Long Rainbow Agency of the gathering.

Jesus buddy, talk to my father if you have any business.

Young one Jesus of Carefree Valley greets thee, headmaster Guan.

Hm, is there something you require?

It is about a Wulin Gathering on September 9 at Mount Hua.

Wulin Gathering?

Indeed. Nowadays the cultists are Jianghu are more aggressive by the day, and they are at the point of threatening all the orthodox sects, so the only plan now is to convene this Wulin Gathering to unite our strength to eliminate the wicked.

I see, very well, I will definitely participate.

Thanks for the support.

Next is the Heavenly Sword Sect.

Jesus buddy, what a rare guest, is there something you need?

Simon buddy, today I come to visit your father, Simon Black, so can you give him a call?

What business do you have with my father?

A discussion about the Wulin Gathering.

How unfortunate. Ever since my father and school uncle acquired the founder’s message in the Soaring Cloud Cavern, they’ve both been training hard in the very cave to explore the secrets of “Saber and Sword as One, Infinite Potential”, and other preparations for joining both sects back as one.

Remember what I mentioned about future consequences? If Jesus didn’t help both sects unite, then he would have to do an extra quest to do that, which means using up days of important time.

Then I must congratulate both sects for finally settling their differences and regaining their former glory. Since master Simon is not home, then please inform them in my place to show up on time at Mount Hua on September 9.


Is there a problem?

It’s like this, my dad told me to focus on training the men, and to prevent getting disturbed, ordered us not to go in the Soaring Cloud Cavern.

Then can I go in there myself?

Yes! Jesus buddy is not from our sect so you are exempted from the rule!

Alright, it is decided! I will go inform them at the Soaring Cloud Cavern!

There is one more thing I would like to ask you to notify them of.

What is it, Simon buddy?

Sky Dragon Cult visited a few days ago at our Heavenly Sword Sect threatening us to fly the flag of Sky Dragon Cult by August 25 to surrender ourselves to them or else they would bathe in Heavenly Sword Sect’s blood.

Such a thing has happened!? Sky Dragon Cult is getting too arrogant!

Our sect is currently leaderless, so please send this message to my father before August 25.

I will. Take care Simon buddy, see you later.


Lastly, the Janken Sect.

Kid, you are here to see little Li, right? You are quite caring aren’t you, coming all the way here knowing that she is not feeling too happy lately. Seems like giving her to you is the right choice.

Actually, never mind. This might end up in some sort of forced marriage if they are invited.

Sir Jesus, you are here to see me?

Yeah, how are you lately?

Hmmmm, I am fine now that you are here to see me.

Did something happen? Is someone bullying you?

Nah, it’s just that everyone went to see the newly built underground arena, so no one comes to see our performance.

Underground arena? Where is it?

I heard it is in the Gambling House, but I’m not sure about the details.

Alright, I will go take a look when I am free, it would be a good place to train.

Be careful, don’t hurt yourself.

Thanks for caring, I will take care. Alright, I am very busy lately, so I will come see you again when I am free.


Jesus is done with Luoyang for now.

Next closest location would be Dukang village.

But there is no sect in there, so Jesus moves on to the Shaolin Temple.

Music: Shaolin Temple

Amitabha, alms-giver Jesus, the abbot can’t see anyone now.

Did something happen to the headmaster?

[Sigh] Shaolin is in a troubling time, the abbot is being troubled by the loss of our sutras.

Loss of sutras?

Yes, school uncle Un-Relinquish stole the sutra while everyone was meditating.

Note: When you become a monk, you are given a new name that reflects the reason that made you leave your old life.

It’s that vile monk again!

That caused school uncle Un-Real to blame the loss on his lack of discipline of his younger brother.

Un-Relinquish is Un-Real’s brother?

I shouldn’t say much more, or else school uncle would lecture me.

Then I will go up there and ask him.

School uncle is training alone at the practice field.

The monks are going all out training after so many security breaches.

Obviously chi blast practitioner would need more spaces since it is more dangerous than weaponry.

Wondering around, Jesus found Un-Real.

If alms-giver wants to pray, please go to the main temple.

I am not here to pray, but to find master Un-Real.

I am Un-Real, is there something you need?

I am Jesus of Carefree Valley, and I have heard from little master Vacant Truth that you are blaming yourself for the theft of the Wisdom Heart Sutra.

That kid Vacant Truth dares to tell the affairs of the temple to outsiders!

Master Un-Real, in the current state of Wulin, evil is gaining strength as we speak, so we should all be united more than ever before. If Un-Relinquish were to join the cultists however, it would be a grave situation indeed.

I already sent all my students to find Un-Relinquish’s location, if there is news of him, I will go down there and catch him!

I will also look around.

Thank you alms-giver, if you know Un-Relinquish’s location, then please inform me as soon as possible so I can get him back here!

Sure! Master Un-Real, if there’s news of Un-Relinquish, I will come up here to tell you about it.

Now to visit the abbot at the main temple.

If alms-giver wishes to pray to Buddha, please do so over there.

School brother, this is the abbot of Shaolin Temple.

Young one Jesus and Moon of Carefree Valley greet you, abbot.

Amitabha, so it is alms-givers Jesus and Moon of Carefree Valley, is there something you need?

What are your thoughts about the cultists in Jianghu?

Since Deva of Sky Dragon Cult has been rescued, Jianghu will witness another bloody storm that will require all the sects to unite their strength to solve.

Abbot is right, and that is the reason we both came today, in hope of abbot’s participation in the Wulin Gathering.

Wulin Gathering!

Indeed, it is at Mount Hua on September 9.

Not to hide anything from you two alms-givers, but Shaolin Temple is in a troubling time, and there’s a lot of matters to settle…seems like we won’t be able to participate.

Is it about the stolen sutra?

Ah!! To think that such a thing has already been exposed, it is a shame to the sanctuary and it will become the joke of Jianghu.

Abbot is worrying too much.

These two sutras are a rare treasure of Shaolin Temple, not only in the way of kung fu, but also in the way of enlightenment in Buddhism.

(So it's just two stolen sutras) Do you know which two sutras?

One is the Wisdom Heart Sutra and the other one is the Lankavatara.

Do you know who stole it?

It’s our shame, let’s not talk about it.

If there’s anything that Carefree Valley can do to help, abbot doesn’t have to be courteous about it.

There’s no need for help, our problem will be solved by us, outsiders don’t need to worry.

In that case, we are taking our leave, farewell!

Take care.

See you later, abbot.

Before leaving, let’s look at a painting of the Founder of Shaolin, Bodhidharma.

And the statue of the founde—wait a minute…

I…I…what? Tha-that face….that…bosom….who made this?

……..let’s stop for today.

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