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Part 37: Chapter Thirty-Eight: Fruit of Friendship

Part Thirty-Eight: Fruit of Friendship
Music: Main Theme (Valentine Version)

I will take care of you!

Wh-who would want you to take care of me! Don’t get smug about it!


And Jesus takes off his shade to give her the manly stare~~

Hey! Why are you not talking?


Forget it! Let’s get out of here.

…hey! Do you really mean it?

1) Yeah.
2) What?

I guess this choice is here for those with a sudden change of mind, but we are not backing down!

N-nothing-I-I need to go, see you next time, hehe.

Relationship with Swallow History increased
Your reputation increased, it is now 140

Year Two Early December

Bro, master has an announcement to make. Hurry up and head to the hall.

Alright, I am coming.

I’m sure you all know there is an event on top of Mount Hua at the end of the month.

I know master; it’s the Young Hero Tournament.

That’s right, but do you know the origin of this tournament?


Moon, explain it to your school brother.

Yes, master. Hundred years ago, when Little Shrimp left the world Wulin, many inhabitance of Wulin understood the importance of the heroic virtue of the young.

That became the inspiration for the creation of a tournament for young pugilists every ten years on top of Mount Hua with each sect electing and sending one student under the age of twenty to challenge each other for the title of young hero and a mystery grand prize.

Ten years ago, Moon was not yet a student, so the Carefree Sect didn’t send any to participate. This year however, since Moon is already over twenty years old, you two are the leftover only choices left.

At this point Master Flawless will make a choice based on his relationship with Jesus.
-Send Jesus (80 or more)
-Let Jesus and Thorn Fight it out (60-79)
-Send Thorn (59 or less)

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to decide whom to send, so the easiest solution is to let you two fight it out…hahaha!
Yes, it’s time to get our fricking revenge against Thorn for all his assholery up till now!

You are so going to lose, bro!                                                                We will see about that!

Jesus decides to use only Carefree Palm Style to fight him just so we can slap him silly!

Thorn also slashes back with his special Carefree dual saber sword style.

A few turns in, we can see they are both equal strength!

Seven or more exchanges of brawling later, Jesus runs out of Chi and is forced to rest while enduring Thorn’s attack!

Nooo! Don’t give up! Just one more rest!

Come on Jesus! Endure it! We came too far to lose right now!


All your battle stats increased!

Good, the victor is decided, I will let Jesus participate!

Yes, master. I won’t disappoint our sect.

The bird followed Jesus’s three weeks’ journey to Mount Hua.

Music: Mount Hua

The entrance of Mount Hua has statues of heroic figures lining up from the entrance to the stage and everyone is paying respect to a certain statue specially admired by them.

Oh look, that Swordsman Just we met in Luoyang!

We meet again, Swordsman Just.

Ah, Jesus buddy, who would’ve thought you are the one to represent carefree sect. You must have grown a lot in this one year.

People’s responses to you depend on if you have met them yet and the relationship you have with them.

Well said, well said. Eh, could this statue be your sect’s founder…

Indeed, he is the founder of Wudong sect, Master Zhang. Take a look at his display of such graceful state of Zen, just imagine what he was like back in his day as the Master of Wudong Sect.

Yeah, I heard Master Zhang create the Tai Chi Fist Style with emphasis of slowness negating quickness and softness negating hardness, and he used this principle to defeat dozens of powerful foes throughout Jiangwu.

Oh master of the past, please give me your blessing to win this tournament.

(Isn’t it a bit late to ask for help now?)

Let’s not disturb the weakling who needs some ancestral blessing to win.

…and here the poor beggar that asked for food from Jesus.

Grievous Yao! You are here, that means…

That’s right; I am a student of the Beggar Sect.

Now I know why you are so gluttonous. This statue must be one of the Master Hong of Bagger sect, and all of his students sure have inherited his gluttony.

Haha, well said.

Moving on to the next statue at the middle, but it’s just part of the background scenery so we move on to the next one.

Hello, I am Jesus of the Carefree Valley; may I inquire your name?

So you are Jesus of Carefree Valley, well met. I am Lonely Leaf of Kongtong Sect.

We have our alcholic buddy Wintry Sword admiring the statue of the Sword Devil, and what a fated coincidence that the statue of Little Shrimp is right next to it.

Who is this statue of?

This is the Sword Devil, carefree and elegant with a heart of justice, he is my hero.

How so?

This person is not entangled in any sect and journeys everywhere alone, just like the very goal I am pursuing.

Speaking of pursuing goals, this statue here at the side is the hero Little Shrimp I’ve been pursuing. Back it the day, he singlehandedly defeated the top ten strongest masters, and only he can done something so amazing.

Hmm, everyone has their own dreams, but everyone’s goal is the same.

Yeah, and that is to win the young hero tournament!

Yep, see you later.

Moving up the steps we see more elites of each sect hanging around.

Or the left over elite……time to face the to-be/already (?) girlfriend Jesus doesn’t know about.

Lady Chi.

[Sigh], I won’t have come if I knew there is so many people today. Dad wants me to come because he hoped there might be a chance that the prize is the long lost Janken Fist. I’m sure I will be defeated instantly.

Don’t worry, there’s no telling what will happen in the competition, no one is certain of their chances of winning.

Let it just begin already and we can go home sooner.

Moving on to Little Kung who is currently showing off his hip.

Jesus, I will give you a proper greeting now, so don’t blame me when I don’t hold back in the competition.

Fine! I will also go all out.

Jesus going all out = Business day for coffin maker.

Let’s drop into the conversation between Nix Summer and new guy.

Nix buddy, how is the tea I sent last time, you like the taste of it?

What kind of crappy tea leaves are those? It makes my tongue dry and my head dizzy.

I heard you love tea like mad, which is why I specifically ask people to bring back the Dragon Well Tea all the way from Jiang Nan, so how could this happen!?

Maybe someone switched the bags with a cheap replacement.

I will have to check it out when I go back.

Nix Summer buddy, how are you, and who is this…

Ah, Jesus buddy, you are here, let me introduce, this is High Win of Kunlun Sect. High buddy, this is Jesus of Carefree Valley.

I raised his relationship pretty high.

Well met, well met.

I heard Kunlun sword style is not ordinary; I would have to be careful.

Jesus buddy is too modest, your kung fu is not bad either, and we all will have a good show today.

Saberman Shang is going for another girl again.

Shang buddy, we meet again. *sarcasm*

I didn’t think you could have defeated Bramble Thorn, did you use some sort of dirty trick?

What are you saying; I beat him with real strength.

No matter, without him here, I am going to win this.

And Jesus quickly moves on to the green guy.

Hello, I am carefree valley representative, Jesus. How do I call you by?

I am Myriad Ji of the Beast King Manor.

Beast King Manor? Don’t they specialize in capturing wild beasts? And the suzerain leader Myriad’s kung fu must be derived from movements of various beasts.

You guessed right, we of the Beast King Manor’s kung fu are all learned from wild beast, just like my Mantis Fist.

……….Mantis is not a beast. Also, Tracey uses a whip. O_o

Then I had better be careful.

That’s right, you better watch out.

Next is the lady saved by Moon in the forest.

Lady Cho! How are you?

Ah, it is you, Jesus.

So you are a participant too.

Yes, I am representative of Mount Hua Sect. Oh, and how is your senior school brother.

Moon? He’s fine.

Great, I wonder if he remembers me?

(It seems like she has taken a liking to my bro.)

Then we chat with the guy that we beat up for monopolizing the herb gathering spot in the forest and the one that I said I won’t raise his relationship to show you the difference.

It’s you! Hmph!

That’s it, he hates Jesus so much that he refuse to talk to him.

Someone that we didn’t have time to meet from some other event.

I am Jesus of the Carefree Valley, may I know your name?

Get away from me, you stinking man!

(Wow, what’s with that temperament)

Next we catch up with the monk guy.

Hello, little master.

Almgiver Jesus, Amitābha! Looking at your cheerful state, I would guess you have a good chance of winning.

Chance? Nah. I just came here to relax When we fight, we fight; when we lose, we lose.

Looks like you are more open-minded than most people in my sect. This time I am being chosen as the representative, which mean I am burdened with the reputation of the great Shoulin Sect, and I am being tormented by the pressure until I heard what you said. Now I feel much better, win is win, lose is lose, there’s all there is to it.

Well done monk, anything you heard can become insight to you.

Look! It’s the rainbow delivery guy!

Guan buddy.

Ah, Jesus buddy.

So, who do you think will have the highest chance of winning?

My guess is the Swordsman Just from Wudong, Lonely Leaf from Kongtong, and Vacant Truth from Shoulin Temple. These three students from the top sect are considered to be the favourites.

Oh really?

But, none of us have really fought with each other before, so who knows how we of the smaller or unorthodox sects will fare.

Well said, we haven’t fought yet.

Simon Pig buddy.

Jesus buddy, let’s have a good fight later.

Tang buddy is here too, looks like I will have to open my eyes wider for your Tang Family projectiles.

You know best.

Hello, I am representative of Carefree Valley Jesus; may I know your name?

So you are Jesus of the carefree Valley, well met. I am Any North of the Blacksmith Mountain Manor.

The game seems to forget we already met this guy in the forest…without proper nose and mouth…this game’s artist loves to troll.

Blacksmith Mountain Manor? No wonder your sword looked so shiny, I better be careful.

Lastly we talk to the announcer/judge guy to begin.

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