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Part 36: Chapter Thirty-Seven: Guardian of Chaos


We oughta Let the pushy guy have the Viagra Super Tiger Pill.
Well, that is convincing enough for me.

Part Thirty-Seven: Guardian of Chaos
Music: Sim Mode: Winter

1) Bro, this was obviously found by me first, you can’t just take it by force!
2) Oh no, no, I would never compete with my bro.

If we choose #2…

Not bad, not bad, you are worthy of being a student, hahaha!

Relationship with Thorn increased.

That’s it? No way is this a fair exchange!

>>Choose #1

Bro, this was obviously found by me first, you can’t just take it by force!

Fine, don’t say I am bullying you.

(You ARE bullying me!)

Here’s the deal - although I am not feeling well, if you can manage to hurt me, then the pill is yours, how’s that?

1) Fine, come on!
2) No way!

Let’s choose two because driving brawling under the influence is a bad and we don’t want bro to be a cripple…for life.

Bro, you are obviously bullying me. Your kung fu is so strong, there’s no way I can hurt you.

Hahaha, you are right, then how about this, I give you some tips about kung fu technique in exchange for the pill.

Relationship with Thorn increased.

1) Fine, that’s the only way!
2) No!
Fair enough.

(Glad you see the light!) Hmm…today I will tell you about my understanding of swordsmanship. The swords is the monarch of weaponry, to use a good sword, you must………. Alright, now give me the pill.

Your sword skill increased.

Useless to have the sword skill boost without the sword based kung fu to use it, but at least this ended peacefully.

Jesus can sense someone need saving in the forest today.

Eh? Aren’t those the Four Worms of the Five Mountain?

Please spare us!

Hmph! You dare to rob us? You should have looked us up beforehand!

We are sorry to disturb your greatness, please be kind and spare us, we will never do it again!

Hmph! Forgive you guys? That would ruin our reputation!

Enough chitchat, time to beat em’ up!


Someone please save us!!!

1) Haha, you all deserve it!
2) ……. I can’t leave them like that!

Note: First time the good and bad choice is flipped, mind screw from developer?

You two stop right there! Let’s talk it out.

You again?

Good timing, today I will pay you back for what you did last time!

You still here? Looks like the punishment from last time was not enough.

We already had seen how weak they are, so let’s end this with the power of the sun.

And miniature nuclear explosions.

All battle stat increased
Your reputation increased

You win this time, we will leave!

Phew~~~these two sure are troublesome…

Big brother!


Big brother! You are our big brother!

What are you saying?

You saved us, so from today on, you are our big brother!

Yeah! Yeah!

Who…who would want to be your big brother!

We are yours forever!


Big brother~~~~~~~~~

OH GDKAGNA, be glad you only see the 100x 100 size.

Wahhh! D-don’t hug my leg! It’s creepy! Get off!

Unless you promise to be our big brother, I will not release you!

That’s right!

…(This four…hmm? Hold on, maybe I can convert them to become good!) Alright, I will become your big brother on a condition…

What is the condition, big brother?

That is, you shall follow my commands.

You are our big brother, so of course we will listen to you.

Yes! Yes!

Very---good! From now on, you all shall never rob people.

No robbing? Then how can we get food, big brother?

Earn your own food! Hammer head, cast away your hammer and pick up a hoe to start a farm.

What about me, big brother?

You cast away your spear and pick up an axe to chop woods!

Then what I do, big brother?

Your speed is good, go for herb gathering!

And me, big brother?

Your do all the manual chores of washing cloth and cooking, so you four will have a honest stable life, and don’t do any bad things ever again!

Bro~~you are truly our big brother…


You planned everything so thorough…

We are so touched…

… (Are these four idiots?) Alright, alright, you all just go do what I said!

Yes! Big brother, we are going now…

Hmph, hurry and go!

We really are going, big brother…



So troublesome!

Your reputation increased…it is now 144.

Now to go work up our hobbies skill.

Mr. Tangerine!

Hmm, come here, from today on, I will teach you the methods of checkmating.

Please do!

The goal of xiangqi is to take down the opponent’s king, but there are many kinds of situations you will encounter in xiangqi, which I will show you in the future. For today, I will teach you the [Double Chariot Intimidation].

In a situation like this, the opposing side only has one chariot or none while we have both. In this case, we can beat them as long as we at least taken out one of their advisor.

Note: Chinese characters at the bottom start from nine to one from the left.

As shown, black move first with the king at 5 going to four, then the opponent defends by sending the advisor to protect the king’s vulnerable front, to which we respond by sending in the second chariot to sandwich the defense.

The horse retreats to save the king, but it will not deter our chariot’s advances to take down the advisor, which the reinforcement steps in to take out the first chariot.

It might be a big loss to us, but checkmate and we win. Do you understand?

Yes, thank you very much.

Your chess skill increased, it is now 30.
The readers’ chess skill increased, it is now 0-100.

Doing boring things can lower Jesus’ mood, so now we go visit the master artist!

Mr. Qing!

Hello, kid.

I am here to learn from you again.

Good, let’s begin.

Lovely character art.

Hmm, pretty good.

Heh, it’s all thanks to your teaching.

You are too courteous.

You are going to train again?

That’s right.

Then I won’t interrupt you further, see you next time.

Your painting skill increased, it is now 31.
You mood improved.
Your relationship with Painter Qing improved.

Time to relax in the forest after all these learning and maybe we can find some bears to brawl with.

Eh? Isn’t that lady Swallow? She looks suspicious; I wonder where is she going?
1) Follow her.
2) Nah, not my business, better go home.

Stalking a lady is a bad idea…but curiosity wins.

Eh? Where did this tunnel come from? I never notice this in the forest before. I better check it out.

Welcome to one of the game hardest puzzle to those who don’t know anything about Bagua eight trigrams.

Note: The Chinese characters are the name for the sign, not the element.

When you go through the door in the maze, a new sentence will form on the floor and you suppose to go to the door with the corresponding Bagua sign that match the elemental of the first character on the floor. Anyway, after going through a couple of passages:

Huhu, just give up, there is no one here to save you, so I suggest you give everything you stole to us.

You rotten girl! Then don’t blame me for what happen next!

Kyaaa!!! Help!!!


Mister Jesus! Please save me!

Tsk! So she has a partner, kill them both!

Jesus hurries to stand in front of Swallow to protect her from these somewhat stronger than bandit goons.

Then he surprises the goon furthest away with the slam of judgment.

Swallow runs toward a safer angle while the goon retaliates with some sort of eastern Kung…

…fu? He disappeared!?

WHAT!? From the ground!?

Gahhh!!! Oh wait, I forgot Jesus is made of steel. Never mind.

The other goon tried harder, but all he gets is sparks from grinding iron with steel. Thanks for the free shaving!

Swallow sneaks to the rear and performs a quick back slash while Jesus’ Kung fu knowledge rose to sixty nine.

Editor’s note: This sounds really dirty.
Author Note: Indeed. Still hate the guy who named a bird "Swallow".

Jesus nuked them so hard that Swallow had to run away.

“…and the devil bathed in the glorious flame of holy fire and discovered salvation." – Prophet Nyaa.

Your battle stat increased
Your reputation increased

Thank you mister Jesus, you saved me again.

Lady History, why have you become a Tomb Raider?

I stopped stealing things from living people, and now only steal from the dead since they won’t need it anyway. It’s better for me to have it than those spiders making webs around it.

Can’t you just engage in a proper career?

Proper career? I am a frail girl who can barely lift a thing, and the my hands are not skillful enough to make anything, what can I do? If I don’t depend on petty theft like this to stay alive, who will take care of me?

1) I will take care of you!
2) ………………………………

Normal Vote Begin:
Should we become her guardian and embrace every corruptions she brings to Jesus? Oh, and let’s not forget about the preemptive parental approved girlfriend Chi Li for now…that is all I will say in this matter.

Potential Avatar for your Enemies


Be glad you only see the 125 x 125 size!