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Part 35: Chapter Thirty-Six: Snake drawings

Part Thirty-Six: Snake drawings
Music: Gambling House

Fine, let’s give him a heavy sword that can slow his movement speed by one block but has strong attack power to prove he’s got skill.

Simon Pig West, here’s a sword.


Hey! Monkey Nix, time for round two!

Come and get it!

The bird watches Nix Summer getting slammed hard by the big heavy sword.


You alright there, buddy?

Hahaha, how was it?

Hmph! You just won because of your new sword, it’s nothing to brag about!

Ho! Who was the one who said he wouldn’t lose either way?

Hmph! Don’t get cocky! This counts as a draw, next time I won’t be so generous! Let’s go, Tong!

Hmph! Loser!

Oh right, thanks for the help man, I am Simon West of the Heavenly Sword, and this man beside me is Saberman Shang of Bagua Sect, may I know your name?

Both of them were insulted by Jesus in the tutorial mode, but it’s been a year.

Nice to meet you, I am Jesus of the Carefree Valley.

Ah, so you are Jesus, nice meeting you.

Hello, Simon Pig and Shang buddy.

Oh, you are here too? Did you see how I defeated those Monkey Nix? Hehe!

Yes, your swordsmanship has improved again.

If only I had your swords, Monkey Nix would lose horribly!

Simon buddy’s swordsmanship is good enough with any sword.

Hahaha, you know me well!

...(that’s not how it was during the fight.)

Hahaha, today was awesome, come, let’s go have a drink!

Nah, I have some business to do, maybe next time, bye.

Uh, I have something to do, bye.

Aww, what are the odds? Fine, Jesus bro, let’s go to drink together!

1) Sure, let’s go.
2) Sorry, I have something to do…

Jesus never refuses a chance to drink.

The bird watches those two go to the liquor store with a bad feeling.

Wahahahahahahah! Wahahahahah! Wahahahahahaha!

Simon buddy, you are drunk.

Drug? I don’t have drug! I am innocent!!!

Si…Simon buddy, calm down!

Hm? MONKEY NIX! What ARE yoo doooing here! Try to ammmmmmbush me!? HOOO YAAAA!

Hey! Hey! Wrong guy!

“Eat this! Monkey Nix!”

Jesus calmly dodges the deadly slash.

Jesus tries to wake him up by throwing a lantern at him, but not very effective.

Simon try to cut Jesus again, but Jesus dodges so darn fast that Simon is seeing double.

Jesus had it with being nice and now is time to wake him up the hard way.

Simon never saw it coming.

All battle stats increased
Your reputation increased

Phew~~lucky I escaped, otherwise I might have died! So he is a drunkard, no wonder everyone left so fast, they should warned me…

Relationship with Simon West increased
Relationship with Nix Summer decreased

Wow!!! What great weather today! It would be a shame if I didn't go out.

Stop right there, where do you think you're going, my lovely little student?

Ah……uh…..master, today’s weather is great, if I don’t go out, it would waste the generosity of heaven.

You……you…..Stop right there, are you going too?

Master, today’s weather is great, if I don’t go out, I will be depressed.

You two…….are pissing me off….

Bro, hurry!

The bird watches them run away from Master’s massive chi blasts wrath.

That was close, luckily we escaped.

Yeah, great reflexes there bro.

Ah!!! Help!!!

Someone’s in trouble, let’s go check it out.

Please help me!

Don’t be afraid, here I come!

Moon punched the bandit so hard that it sent the bandit flying without giving Jesus a chance to join the battle.

Thanks you both for saving me.

No need to be courteous, it was my bro who saved you, I didn’t have a chance to help.

You are courteous too, thanks again for saving me, may I know your names so I can come to your house to give my proper thanks?

That too courteous of you, helping people is the right thing to do, so we shouldn’t ask for repayment because that would be taking advantage of you and…

Lady, we are students of Carefree Valley, he is my school brother Vale Moon Pavilion and I am Jesus.

BRO! You….

So you are the chivalrous Moon and chivalrous Jesus, please pardon my lack of insight.

You are too courteous, my name is nothing to brag about. May I inquire for your name?

I am Cao Hua, student of Huashan Sect.

So you are Miss Cao, pardon my lack of courtesy.

Please don’t say that, and I am truly sorry that I can’t come to properly thank you due to urgent matters. When I am done with the task, I will come to visit and gives my thanks. Good bye.

Be careful on the way.


Enough with someone else’s courtesy! It’s time to visit master!

Master, what are you doing?


This is word for [Way].

[Way]? Why is it in this weird form?

I am writing it in Cursive Script form, not something a fresh eye can comprehend.

Cursive Script? I can write it too.

Oh? Then write one.

No problem!

Eh? Isn’t cursive script basically drawing snakes?

NONSENSE! Cursive scripts have a completely different form than the original, but it is not random sketching! You can’t write something advanced like this without some fundamentals, and I suggest you practice more on your calligraphy first.

How can I get better at this?

Here’s the script copy of Goddess of Luo Shui painting, it is the only survived script by Wang Xian, whose father Wang Yi is also a famous calligrapher. Due to his father influence at a very young age, Yi became attached to calligraphy. Rumor has it that his father once tried to play a prank and pulled his brush behind his back while Yi was focused in his writing, but he couldn’t pull it out. So you should follow such dedication and practice hard.

Yes, master.

Your calligraphy skill increased.

Jesus’ ear is still ringing from all the blah blah blah of calligraphy, so let’s go to the forest and sing our heart out.

Lalala! Deep blue Sky, white puffy clouds, green mountains and an azure river make me so relaxed~~~~~~EH! This pond’s water is black? Does that mean there’s a big squid nearby!!!?

Phew~~~finally completed my cursive script of a thousand characters, hehehe.

Eh? Someone's here? Looks like he is practicing calligraphy.

Hey man, how are you?

……….AH! So…so the pond water was darkened by your act of washing the ink of your brush!?

Exactly, I started practicing calligraphy since the age of five, and wash my brush at this pond when I am done practicing, which eventually turned this pond black.

You have an amazing dedication, very impressive.

Nah, it’s just my hobby since birth, people in the village call me “Scholar”.

So you are the scholar my master mentioned, I am Jesus, student of the Carefree Valley.

Oh…so you are Flawless’ student, not bad, not bad.

No, that’s not true. Master always say my characters looks like snake drawings and always sighs at it.

No worry, you just need to practice more, and if you are really interested, you can find me at Relaxation Village so we can practice it together.

Nothing better than having you as my mentor, I am sure master will look at me in a new light.

Just writing alone is bad, I need to do a bit of boxing practice a bit to strengthen my body, see you next time.

Take care.

Might as well visit him now.

Mr. Scholar.

You are here, let’s practice. Do note that writing improves your finger skill too.


Today I will show you how to write a few words, watch carefully.

Note: One Chinese character is equal to one word.

There’s no mini game for calligraphy, just memorize the cursive characters on the top with the original at the bottom and he will test us at later stage of calligraphy.

Let’s try to visit master again, maybe we can get to that event~~

My dear students, today I dropped my medicine somewhere in the valley.

Master, what kind of medicine was it?

Hehehe, it is one of my masterpieces!

If it’s made by master, then it can’t be a normal medicine.

Hehehe, well said, my wonderful student. I call it the Raising Dragon Rejuvenating Tiger Pill, if anyone found it, it’s his.

Just the name alone shows how amazing this can be!

Exactly, this pill can restore a person’s body and energies back to top condition!

Wow!!! Master is amazing, to create such a powerful drug medicine!

Hahaha, it’s nothing, just easy stuff…don’t fall for me now…hahaha!

(I doubt it is easy…)
1) Master, where did you drop it?
2) Say nothing.
3) Master you are amazing, I am totally falling for your greatness of creating such a magnificent pill of the century!

I will pick say nothing because I don’t want to raise the relationship too high until I reach a certain event.

Alright, now go back to training; I need to take a rest.

Should I look for it?
1) Yes!
2) No!

We will look for it.

1) Back of the valley
2) Garden
3) Valley Entrance
4) Xiangqi Table

Surprising for master to drop it at  the Xiangqi table 

Hahaha, so it is here, my luck is amazing!

Hmhmhm, looks like MY luck is amazing, bro!

Second bro, you are looking for the Raising Dragon Rejuvenating Tiger Pill too?

Dumbass, of course I am! Do you think I am just taking a stroll?

(Maybe you are!) But you are too late bro, I already found it.

Hm? You want to compete with me?

1) Bro, this was obviously found by me first, you can’t just take it by force!
2) Oh no, no, I would never compete with my bro.

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