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Part 52: Chapter Fifty-One: Drunken Riddles (Chapter B)

Less participation that I thought; I blame New Year parties, but let’s go with the guesses.

1) Large Yeast of Double Ditch: Blacksmith
2) Wine of Wu: Fisherman
3) Benefit Spring: Umbrella seller
4) Mao-Tai: Sweet shop owner or the herb shop owner.
5) Red Sun Sealing: Fan seller
6) Jiangxi Maku: Sailor or Silkworm guy

Part Fifty-One: Drunken Riddles (Part B)
Music: Liquor Store

>>Give Wine of Wu

Here’s your token.

This one is pretty easy; the hint is describing a fishing situation.

>>Give Benefit Spring

Here’s your token.

It’s getting harder, but we have clues that tell us the size, that it’s made of wood, it opens like a flower, and its association with rain.

>>Give Mao-Tai

Oh, you are giving me liquor? Thanks!

We got it wrong, and lost the wonderful liquor…

>> Give Mao-Tai

Oh, you are giving me liquor? Thanks!

They are the scripted answer! They know we got it wrong and are smiling at our idiocy!

Answer:   The lady who sells veggies.  Sometime the most obvious clue is seen as a difficult/trick question.

>>Give Red Sun Sealing

Here’s your token.

A peacock opens its tails like a fan, and this peacock is made of silk. However it only opens on windless (hot) day.

First of all, there’s no sailor so we go for the silk worm lady.

Stop bothering me kid!

Answer:   Fish seller. The hint is described in a child’s point of view where the fish’s face is weird looking; its fin is mistaken as a wing, and can swim a thousand miles without legs.  

We got four correct, so let’s see what prize we get for four tokens.

According to your amount of token, we will give you……this prize.

Obtain Bronze Vessels.

Note: This item missing an image, but it is an expensive drinking cup for alcohol.

Unsatisfied with the prize, Jesus went to get the other two tokens from the spoiler answers people.

According to your amount of token, we will give you……this prize.

Obtain Carefree Pill.

A low tier drug medicine that restore three hundred HP. That’s one-third of Jesus’ HP.

Alright, now that all of the side quests are out of the way, it’s time to get serious…

…actually we still have time, so I will use this rare opportunity to raise fishing to 100 by challenging the God-Fish and hating myself for it.

Oh my god! Is like trying to pull a whale out of the sea!

  Potential Reference of the Night
     Do you like Fish-Stick?