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Part 108: Chapter One Hundred and Nine: Lovely Sleep

Thanks for all the edits, and pardon the lack of Hong Kong dub in Little Shrimp’s segment.

Part One Hundred and Nine: Lovely Sleep

Going back up north a little to check out this large building that I came across before.

Fuwei Escort Agency. This should be related to the plot of The Smiling, Proud Wanderer (笑傲江湖).

Strange, why is there no one in such a large Agency?

Like all protagonists in video games, I loot the place and found some gold and this Pine Wind Sword Manual. I equipped the manual and need to gain some XP in battle to learn from it.

Oh, there’s a guy training the hell out of that dummy.

May I ask why this agency is not doing any business? Where is everyone?
My apologies, sir. The agency won’t be doing business today.
You open up an agency and you don’t do business? Is Fuwei Escort Agency fake or something!? Call your manager here now.

Little Shrimp is quite a jerk sometimes.

I say we won’t be doing business, so stop making a tantrum.

Then this guy attacks me, so I pick the only available party member (me) to participate in this battle.

That’s the longest action menu I have ever seen. Move, attack, use poison, cure poison, heal, item, wait, status, rest, and auto.

After a few turns of running at 2 blocks per turn, we both caught up to fight one another.

I punched this guy with my Janken Fist to do 10 damage and this guy cut me for 7-8 damage, so it’s just meat grinding to death.

You gain 72 exp
Little Shrimp leveled up
Little Shrimp successfully learned Pine Wind Sword Manual.

Your Fuwei Escort Agency’s kung fu is pretty normal, maybe I shouldn’t ask for your service after all.
Hmph! If it wasn’t for Green Fortress Sect's invasion that leads to the capture of my father, murder of my mother, and all the other members who are dead or run away, I would…
So tragic? Did you fail an important escort or have other reason to make an enemy of the Green Fortress Sect?
According to my father, my ancestor had defeated the master of Green Fortress Sect, so they came today for revenge.

Your Kung Fu is strong, sir. Please rescue my father and I, Lin Ping Zhi, will be your servant for the rest of my life and give you the book Pine Peak Sword Manual that I stole it from those scumbags of Green Fortress Sect hoping to find some flaw in their technique.
After all these talks, I will help you look around Green Fortress Sect then.

The map is seriously huge, and the coordinates of the location can only be found by luck or from certain NPCs who spill it, so let’s hunt around the local hotspot like this house at the middle of nowhere.

Oh boy, the home of Tian Bo Guang. A really interesting character from The Smiling, Proud Wanderer (笑傲江湖).

A saber and some poison needles. I guess that will be what the owner is good at.

I-I… wha? Is he weightlifting with his balls?

What are you doing there, buddy? Doesn’t it hurt down there?
I am training the ultimate technique, so the pain is worth it. Once I completed my training, I will be the most “Strongest and Wild” man in Wulin.
I see? Then what’s with this large bed next to you?
Large bed is good for business.
Business, what business?
The thing I Tian Bo Guang does are the things that the deity would do. With such a large bed, I can do five or six babes at once, so good! A bit more time and I will go capture more babes; do you wanna join me later?

Recruit this rapist to party? Little Shrimp’s morals are too high to accept!

What! You kidnappers that do all these horrible things! Today is your unlucky day to meet me for I shall wipe you out for Jianghu!

Battle begins, I get chopped to death before I can even take a screenshot.

“2012/3/31 Somewhere on earth is another disappearance…”
Menu: Load slot 1,2,3, leave to sleep.

Bah! I had enough with running around clueless and dying to high level, goddamn non-linear game! It’s time to do it my way!

But it’s time to meet Little Fragrance! Little Shrimp story time can wait!

Jeez spent a fabulous time with Little Fragrance having a few philosophical talks and playing flute.

Afterward, the birds at the lake watch their farewell as Jeez return to Lazy Valley.

Home sweet home, Jeez sleeps bed.

It’s time to do it the lazy way! Look up a guide and a 3rd party trainer to cheat my stats! Since I am cheating, might as well do the high level one.

神鵰俠侶 (The Return of the Condor Heroes)

According to the guide, I must walk all the way to the top end of the map to get my boat.

All… the… way… to… the… end…

Finally, the boat looks like it’s still in good condition, so I sail this boat to the Valley of Lost Love (絕情谷) at coordinate [134:259].

The place is hidden inside a bunch of mountains with a secret passageway that no first time player would notice. Unless they are using guide like me.

I picked up a bunch of plot items (Gentleman Sword, Lady Sword, Imperial Jade Seal of Great Sparrow Nation, and Intestine Cutting Grass that I’m not suppose to know about yet. Just pretend I am a hard core Jin Yong reader.

Next location is this cave at [68:171] with the entrance hiding between the mountains again

Eh! What is this noise? Is there monster in this cave?

Wow! Condor and Snake battle, huzzah!… Ah! Condor buddy is gonna lose, time to jump in!

Kung Fu.: Singlehandedly beheading a giant snake with my fist.

Editor: Isn’t that what kung fu is all about?
Editor 2: Hell yeah it is!

This large serpent sure is hard to deal with, but I have finally taken it down.
Harr, harr, harr…
You are thanking me? Heh! Is nothing.
Harr, harr, harr…
This condor seems to be very intelligent, like it was raised by someone. Maybe there’s someone in the cave?

Fun Fact: Pushing the L button will remove the darkness in the cave. I will do just that from here on.

Sir, is that large condor raised by y… Eh! Your arm? Did that condor… [Sigh] I just saved it too! I would have just let the serpent kill it if I had known.
Large serpent? You say you saved Condor buddy, then I, Yang Guo will give you my thanks.

Note: Yang Guo is the main character of this novel and one of the most powerful characters of Jin Yong’s novels. His actions are neither good nor evil with a wild personality so reader impression of him could be split to two popular extreme sides.

Your wound is not caused by the condor?
But you look like you are recently hurt, is there anything I can help?
This injury? [Sigh] Don’t bother mentioning it.
Is it caused by a woman?
How did you know?
Just a guess. Since the beginning of time, only mad women would be crazy enough to chop off a person’s arm.
[Sigh] Let’s not talk about it. Why are you here, sir?
Actually, I am here to find something, and finding this thing that requires looking in obscure places. Looking around, I found this valley and when i walked into this cave. Then I saw a battle between a large condor and a giant serpent. Did you raise that large condor?
No. I actually met it when I accidentally stumbled into this valley, and we become friends after some time. From what I‘ve seen in the cave, this condor was probably raised by a person named Dugu Qiubai.
Dugu Qiubai?
Yes, this person call[ed] himself the “The Lone Sword Devil Who Seeks Defeat”, and according to the writings he left behind:

"Having roamed the Jianghu for more than 30 years, I have killed all my foes and defeated all champions. Under Heaven no one can be my equal. Without any other choice, I could only retreat and live in seclusion in this deep valley, with only a Condor as my companion. Alas, all my life, I have sought a match, but in vain. Unbearable loneliness is my destiny."

This person become undefeatable, and so he retired as a hermit. Who knows what level of kung fu this person has reached. He’s known as the “Sword Devil”, using sword like a deity and changed his name to “Seek Defeat”. He travels the world hoping to find someone that can defeat him.

Thinking about his extraordinary tales makes me… cough cough… makes me… cough cough… all excited talking about it.
You seem to have other injury.
I wont hide it from you. I was afflicted by a poison from “Love Flower” and I might not have long to live.
Don’t say that, I will find you a famous doctor. No sickness can’t be cured.
There’s no need, this flower is something that grow only in “Valley of End Love” and only the “Heartless Pill” can cure it.
Then I will go to the Valley of End Love to find you that Heartless Pill.
The valley is probably abandoned, and the last pill has been thrown toward the depth of the valley…because of this… so and so…Xiao Long Nü has gone with the Nun of the North Sea, so she isn’t doing that well either… Ah! I… really… miss her…

The script really did skip explaining the plot of what happened, so you have to read the book to know more!

So something like this has happened. I suggest you don’t get too excited in case you stir up the poison any further. I will look around for famous doctor to see if there’s a way to cure you. Otherwise, sixteen years later, Xiao Long won’t be able to find you when she came back.
If it wasn’t for this powerful poison, I would had gone with you.
Guess I have to have a trip to the Valley of End Love to see what this “Love Flower” looks like and maybe I might find other things too. There’s a saying that “any place with a poison snake will have an antidote herb nearby.”
Please be careful, don’t let the thorn of the flower cut you, otherwise…
Then you will have one sick buddy to join you. I will take my leave, farewell.
Ah yes, that Valley of End Love is located at a indistinct location that require riding the boat all the way up on the Yellow River.

Good news, I’ve already been there!

Yang buddy, please eat this.
What’s this?
It’s an Intestine Cutting Grass that grows beside the Love Flowers. I heard the saying that “any place with a poison snake will have an antidote herb nearby”, so it should be the same for other poisonous things. This is the universal logic of all life growing and resists the others.

Since this Intestine Cutting Grass grows near the Love Flowers, although this plant does have really strong poison, but thinking about it, using poison to attack poison might be the way to fight this Love Flowers.

Consuming this poisonous grass has its danger, but since you can’t be cured anyway, you might as well try.
Alright, I will give this Intestine Cutting Grass a try, if it doesn’t work, then please tell my poor wife about it in sixteen years! … Ah…
How is it, Yang buddy?
…my life is saved by you.
Did that poison really cure? Good, I was getting a cold sweat.
Thanks to your help, I am back from the door of hell.
What do you plan to do next?
I don’t know, but I will maintain my hearth to meet with my wife sixteen years later. Ah yes, I have this Pot of Honey that you can have it.

Obtain Pot of Honey
Ask to join? (Y/N)

Would you like to travel with me around the world, strolls through mountain and valley?
Sure! Maybe I might even find Xiao Long’s whereabouts.

Obtain Heavy-Iron Sword
Obtain Heavy-Iron Sword Style Manual

Just don't make me hang weights from my scrotum.

Next I should go to [159:271] at the Hundred Flowers Valley ( 百花谷).

You sure are fortunate to live in this wondrous place, sir.
Tell me, what’s so wondrous about Hundred Flowers Valley?
The mountain hill faces north with the high side blocking the southern wind, and there’s probably minerals like sulfur and coal to keep the ground warm which cause the early spring blossom of the hundred flowers.
You know quite well, youngster, but it will be whole other scenery the next time you visit. Lately I’ve been trying to raise bees with some… hindrance, b-but I will think of something to make these things comply.
For me, I travel around the world without much result, but I do learn lots of things.
You say you ran around Jianghu lately? Then do you know any new Kung Fu in Wulin?
I do obtain [did obtain/have obtained] some secret manuals, but I’m not that good yet.
Come, come, come, have a spar with me.

Spar with him? (Y/N)

Sure, let’s cut this old man up with my buddy. Not like this guy can hurt me or…


Forgot to turn on my cheat, so there we go.

Learned Heavy-Iron Sword Style

What is this Kung Fu, kid? Can you teach me?
Nah, you’re just holding back. My Kung Fu is still too weak in comparison.
How about I give you eight kowtow, ask you to become my master, and then you will teach me?
You are surely joking, sir. I can’t take on such responsibility.

With that aside, the Pot of Honey we got might be useful for him to tame the bee.

These bees look really hard to tame!
Not really, just a bit more time and they will be dancing all over the Hundred Flower Valley.
I have this Pot of Honey here that you could try to make it easier.

Now to leave the place and go back in immediately to check his progress.

The honey I gave you is useful?
Your pot of honey certainly is useful, but my taming bee ability is much greater.
Didn’t you see that I breed an army of the world’s greatest rare breeds? It’s truly the work of heaven, and the wonder of the world is not as wondrous as this craftsmanship.
How wondrous?
Kid, I will ask you this. Humans are the king of all being, they can wear patterns of flowers and letter, draw paintings of dragon, tiger and leopard, and even inscribe writings that can create world peace. But other than human being, do you think insects can also have letters on their body?
Tiger have yellow strip, leopard have golden coin, while butterfly and poisonous snake have much wilder design of patterns.
But did you see the letters of the insect?
You mean naturally born? Never.
Alright, today I will enlighten you. Take a good look at the bee’s wing.
Eh! There’s writing, something like the three words “Love Valley Bottom”.
See it?
(These letters are definitely not natural born, most likely sewed by someone.) What is this unique being? I bet it’s just sewed in by you, isn’t it?
What did you say? You should take a look at the other bees.
Th-this, why every one of them has it, and the writings are not the same; this one reads “I am at the End”.
These other ones have “Two Noon Temple” and “One Dreadful Mountain”. Tell me, do you think all these are written by me?
“Love Valley Bottom”, “I am at the End”, “Two Noon Temple”, “One Dreadful Mountain”… what does it mean? Sir, these bees can’t have been raised by you!
Oh? How did you know?
I guessed.
These bees fly from the northern side of the mountain region, and that sure shocked me at first.
This sure is a strange event.
You look unsatisfied. Then just you wait, and I will breed more weird bees.
This bee sure is interesting, the wings have both the words “Love Valley Bottom”, and “I am at the End”.

Oh, today is where Master Flawless asks his student to go to Chengdu. Let’s go there and get more uninterrupted sleep.

The bird plays hide and seek with the cat while Jeez travels to Chengdu.

Jeez has his lunch and decides to sleep at Felicity’s home.

With the clues, I head back to the Valley of End Love and look around the northern side of this dreadful mountain right next to two temples at the bottom of Lost Love Valley [130:254]

To think there’s a passage way that leads to the bottom of the Lost Love Valley.

Xiao Long!
Sir Guo!
Xiao Long, your face didn’t change at all, yet I am old.
Not old, you are just growing up more as a man.
So why are you at the bottom of Lost Love Valley?
Yeah, Xiao Long. Didn’t you leave a message at the Valley of Lost Love that you had left with the Nun of North Sea?
That time, I knew the Love Flower poison you were afflicted with because of me can be cure with the antidote, but the deadly injury I sustained makes you decide to die with me. In the end, I choose to suicide to end your thoughts of dying together with me. After a whole night of thought, I decided to carve a few words on the hill to set up this fake sixteen years meeting and jump into the depth of the ravine hoping you would keep on living.
What happened after you jumped down into the valley?
I was dizzy and barely consciously after I fell into a pond, and I was flowed into the ice cavern when I floated up, passing through that, I’ve been living here since. This [lack] place doesn’t have any animals, but the produce around the pond is abundant, and the fruit are limitless.
Praise the heaven. Truly the heaven has eyes, to let us find these words on the bees in order to discover this passage to the bottom of the valley and let you two couple united again. Did you sew those words on those bees?
Then what does “Two Noon Temple”, “One Dreadful Mountain” means?
I saw two set of number under the water “132” “254”, so I carved them in.

Note: The word sounds the same as the number.

“132”, “254”? Ah, I heard him say it as “Two Noon Temple”, “One Dreadful Mountain”, [sigh]!
I am very grateful to you, otherwise who knows when we two would ever meet again.
What do you plan to do now?
I think I will go with Xiao Long back to the Ancient Tomb. If you need any help, just come find us there.
Take care, Yang buddy. Wish you two never separate again.
We will take our leave; may your journey be well.
“Ask the world what is love, for tell them to live and die together.” Those two are like a two deity couple…deity couple! … The Return of the Condor Heroes?
Yes, even that giant condor is there, so the book might be with them. Seems like I should go to the Ancient Tomb to find them.

Wake up! There’s something we must do here!

Huh? What is it?

There’s no time to explain, let’s go!

Here’s ten Hairyvein Agrimonia as promised.

Young man, you are quite amazing to get this much Hairyvein Agrimonia! Splendid, this rabbit is yours.

Shh… is alright, little Buu… we are together once again…

Jeez thought about what it means to be in love and he thoughts about Little Fragrance, and then he falls asleep.

Arrived at the Ancient Tomb [144:218] (古墓).

Ah, here they are. They sure didn’t need much furniture.

Lady Long, this Ancient Tomb Sect sure is weird, living in this place all these years much be pretty creepy. Who build this by the way?
This Ancient Tomb Sect is QuanZhen School is founded by the great master Wang Chongyang, also known as the Living dead Tomb.
QuanZhen School? Isn’t you from Ancient Tomb Sect?
Due to the fact that Wang Chongyang was defeated by our great master Lín Cháoyīng, so he gives up this Ancient Tomb.

Want her to join? (Y/N)

Sure, we two have been indebted to you, so we would gladly help you.

Obtain Manual of Swordplay of Jade Maiden (玉女素心劍法)
Obtain Heavenly Mount Snow Lotus
(Eat it to boost chi)

Now to recruit Yang Guo too.

Yang buddy, all these years in this ancient tomb, you must be tire of it.
It’s alright once you get used to it. Xiao Long been living here since she was a child, and this is the tradition of Ancient Tomb Sect.
How are you doing lately? I’ve been having problem with travel so I would like you to help me.
No problem. Although I don’t have anything, I do have one arm.
A fine joke, Yang buddy.
This trip to return to Jianghu, it’s a good chance to test out my newly created Melancholic Palms (黯然銷魂掌).
Then let’s go.

On the other room, Little Shrimp loots the coffin.

There’s word on top of the tomb… “Jade Maiden Heart Sutra, skill above all truth; heavy yang for life, never weaker than others.” Above seems to be a carving of a Kung Fu Chi technique, better copy it down.

Obtain Nine Yin Manual

This one have a book, it's named …“The Return of the Condor Heroes”. Found it, I finally found it. During the process of finding this book, all the events is about “love”, is it coincidence or the will of heaven?

Obtained The Return of the Condor Heroes

Potential Heartwarming Event of the Day
      Nothing will separate us anymore.