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Part 46: Chapter Forty-Six: Shopping Spree (Rich Man Edition)

Part Forty-Six: Shopping Spree (Rich Man Edition)
Music: Hangzhou

Ohh yeah! Jesus is so rich with his massive allowance from Master Flawless! Let’s see what the antique shop has to offer!

Oh that giant statue at the counter would be great for…for…scaring thieves away! Okay, bad idea.

Sir, is there something you need?

1) Show me something interesting.
2) I have something for sale, how much would it be worth?
3) Nope! Maybe next time.

2990 silvers, 2874 silvers, 3846 silvers…

3280 silvers, 5254 silvers, and 5350 silvers…so the total is 23594 silvers. Ha! Even after buying all of them Jesus would still have 5000 silvers left, buy!

Your I.D. skill increased, it is now 71.

…but this would be a short chapter if Jesus is not rich! So I sold them back at half price. Moving on!

Liquor store? YES! However, I don’t know the alternate meaning for the name of the building is, so I will just go with the literal name of “Very White Floor”.

Edit: Okay, it is Great White Floor.

Oh that’s right! That statue in the antique shop could be Jesus drinking buddy like this dude over here!

Do you know about that man who kept bragging about how he is Jiangnan’s number one fisherman?

Not only that, people said he even bragged about having an honorable Fish Statue, which is why he is acting all crazy and arrogant. What an annoying person!

Yeah, it’s probably just some black and dirty stuff, what’s so great about it!

That’s right.

Forget it, let’s just drink.



Great liquor!

Welcome sir, we the Great White Floor will be hosting a riddle guessing event from noon to dawn with a wonderful prize, so please participate if you are interested. If you want a drink here, please order it from the waiter upstairs, or do you want to buy some liquor to carry out with you?

1) Buy liquor
2) No thanks.

No waiter in sight, so I guess we will be drinking somewhere with better scenery.

It’s not bad over here, but too quiet and secluded.

That is quite a huge painting there, but it’s too plain looking with so many empty spaces that could be clouds.

Eh? Aren’t you Lee buddy!

Jesus buddy! Long time no see!

Why are you here at Hangzhou?

I have been here since yesteryear. I was attracted by the beauty of the Western Pond, so I migrated here and started selling paintings.

I see.

If you have time, we can have another poem duet before noon.

Okay, I will remember to come.

The bird watched Jesus wait a little bit…

…and now it is time to rap!

Jesus buddy, want to have a poem dual/rapbattle duet with me?

1) Yes, let’s begin.
2) I have something to do, maybe next time.

Closing door and reveal the moon at front window.

1) Equip bow and shoot down nine birds of sun.
2) Throw a stone and break the sky in water.
3) Count the stars on the starry sky with fingers.

>>Choose #3

Water flow downward and become sea.

1) Lucid flower hidden tree and long river of spring.
2) Aqua stream and green mountain charm the traveler.
3) Mountain is not high but closest to sky.

>>Choose #3

Farming half a white cloud forever.

1) A marsh of clear moon fished no scar.
2) A curtain of flower shadow brings the early moon.
3) An uneventful spring for working busily for flowers.

>>Choose #1

A watchful bird is your friend.

1) Skilled humanity in essay.
2) Landing flower on water is essay.
3) Knowing worldly event is knowledge.

The bird watches Jesus pick the first answer.

The clean soils of humankind require care and loyalty.

1) Work out the heart with morality.
2) Landless mountain fills with dust.
3) The night blends with autumn noise of thousand of raining tree.

>>Choose #2

Jesus buddy truly is my man! I must reward you this Manuscript of Sichuan Plain, so please accept it!

Thank you Lee buddy.

Obtained Manuscript of Sichuan Plain

Next door is the herbal store.

Pretty plain looking, but it’s not like they can hang a fancy herb on the wall or something.

Editor Comment: You could make a pretty kickass design out of the herbs….
Author Comment: Yes, tiger dongs will look great at the entrance.

Sir, which herbs do you need?

1) Let’s see what you got.
2) How much for my herbs?
3) Nah! Maybe next time.

As said before, not gonna bother with herbs translation. Jesus bought a few turtle shells or something and that’s that.

Down the road is the ancient FeDex local delivery station. There’s also one in Louyang, but I skipped that.

Look likes you’re not a local. Lately there have been so many outsiders coming all the way to Hangzhou to meet with Little Fragrance, and I guess you are here for her too. However, meeting her requires passing the music, chess, calligraphy, and painting tests, which is quite difficult. I certainly couldn’t do it.
Maybe the test is to protect your weak mind from exploding.

Going south without crossing the bridge, we find the local pawn shop.

Something to pawn, sir?

1) Let’s see what ancient stuff you have.
2) How much for my stuff over here?
3) No thanks! Maybe next time.

Jesus bought all those generic unidentified junk.

In the pile of junk, Jesus found the Nine Palace Fountain Inscriptions, a Green Bronze Guardian Dragon, and an Expensive Hairpin.

Your I.D. skill increased, it is now 88

“People who lacked the skill to identify an item will sometimes mistake a treasure for junk and sell it to a pawn shop. However, you can increase your identification skill through buying and looking at various antiques.”

“True ancient jade has a warm wetness of color gradually drenched into the heart. The casing gluing, casing, cutting technique, and carving should reflect the style of the era and the background; while the fake will make you feel unnatural with its weird flow of light reflection, strange coloration, unharmonious feel of the casing, and weak and uneven cutting and carving technique.”

Now that most of the expensive shopping is done, time to drink some local tea at the “Flowing Fragrance Floor”.

Potential Decoration Avatar of the Day
A giant statue patiently waiting for the old man to be off guard.