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Part 47: Chapter Forty-Seven: Sipping and Chatting

Part Forty-Six: Sipping and Chatting
Music: Tea House

The Concealed Soul Temple seems to be renovating lately.

Yeah, but I didn’t notice anything that needs repairing. How strange.

There is a large increase of beggars on the road.

There sure are a lot of strange things lately.

Who cares! Drink tea, drink tea.

This tea is great.

Dragon Well Tea is the best.

Going upstairs, we find Rater Ye.

Anything you want to ask, Jesus?

1) Any rumors or special events happening lately?
2) What is my kung fu ranking?
3) Nothing.

>>Choose #1

The Sea Shark Gang’s business is getting bigger and bigger as they expand all the way from Dongting to the Yangtze River.

>>Choose #1

There seems to be a lot of members of the Beggar Sect within this city, I wonder what is happening. You might be able to spot some sort of secret communication message from the activity. Something like this could be a life saver if you learn to utilize it.

>>Choose #1

Why the heck is a normal place like the Parlor attracting the attention of the Sky Dragon Cult? Looks like this is not a simple matter.

>>Choose #1

Rumor is that the loyalist General Wei was captured by the Eastern Agency. Since the people at the Beggar Sect are very patriotic, they might have gathered here for this reason.

The Eastern Agency is a government spy agency/secret police run by a eunuch of the emperor. No, I didn’t misspell eunuch as castration is a means of gaining high ranking employment to the Imperial service specifically inside the imperial palace. It is base on the belief that since they were incapable of having children, they would not be tempted to seize power and start a dynasty.
In many cases, eunuchs were considered more reliable than the scholar officials.

>>Choose #2

Let’s see, your current kung fu ranking is……Rank 30.

Great, Jesus is at the near-master level as most masters are below rank 20.

Sir, would you like some tea?

1) Sure
2) No thanks.

Yes, we must celebrate Jesus’s achievement so far with an excessive amount of teas!

1) Jade Dew Tea
2) Half Mountain Demon
3) Golden Phoenix
4) Gold Cinnamon
5) Iron Guan Yin
6) Dragon Well

Choose #1 to #6

Warning: Massive Rater Ye-is-high-on-tea speech again!

Achieving the state Triple Greenness, which is a dry tea, tea broth, and a leaf in bottom. This combination creates this jade green color with heaving fragrance of green air overflowing with strong wetness.

Legend has it that the plant of this tea originates from a bird that ate some tea seedling and spit it out on the peak of a mountain. The resulting Tea Tree on top of the dangerous mountain terrain was jokingly said to look like a monster hanging half way on air.

Due to the difficulties of gathering these tea leaves, no one would go collect it unless someone was willing to pay a higher price for it, but the taste sure rivals its interesting legend.

The golden mire of the wet oily surface strongly reflects all light sources. Spots of floating red dots and the clean scent of deep novelty grant the enriching deep favor of satisfaction as you look into the rare and exquisite orange-yellow soup of transparency with the greenish center encircle by red lines.

Known as the Pure Brightness Tea, with its heaven piercing smell, it has a saying of “One smell two mornings”.

The outer shape is tight and packed, which helps to prolong the aroma, it is truly a unique delicacy with a fresh taste of clear pureness.

Produced in Anxi, this leaf has a spiral shape with a greenish tint of coloring and within the green is the horn shaped line pattern.

People call it the color of a green banana, its beauty rivaling the bodhisattva Guan Ying and its weight similitude iron, the elegant scent that came with the sweet freshness of pure sustenance is the reason this is one of the top ten tea of China.

Having a shiny and smooth exterior filled with the color of jade green expelling such slipping fragrances that cause a cleaning sensation of freshness, which is why it is known to the world for its four great qualities of greenery color, aroma, taste, and shape.

The taste of Dragon Well Tea can be compared to luxury, it is not a painting, but surpasses a painting; not a poem, yet surpasses a poem. No wonder the ancestors praise its beauty to have no equal.

Your tea skill increased, it is now 81.

“Speaking of a good pot of tea, not only does it involve the color, smell, and taste of the tea leaf; water quality is also a primary factor. Tea has the properties of sobering alcohol; it raises awareness, and especially to those who love tea, recovers energy.”

Jesus had enough of the tea and talking, so he came out to take a deep breath of the ordinariness of the scenery and the expected peacefulness of nothing interesting.

Where could I have dropped it?

You look worried, what’s the problem?

I dropped my Golden Hairpin of Jade; it is an inheritance from my mother. It is very important to me, have you seen it?

My apology, I haven’t seen it, but I will keep my eyes open.

Thank you, sir.

Now where would be the most likely place for a lady to drop a hairpin?

Eh…how would a man know, let’s try the blacksmith shop.

See? All blacksmith are dwarves!

Hey kid, what weapon do you want?

1) Let’s see what you have.
2) I have all this stuff, how much for it?
3) Nah! I will check it out next time.

It sells the exact same things as in Luoyang, and no hairpin in sight. Moving on.

Across the road is the general store.

No new junk here to buy, and no hairpin either.

Next door to the blacksmith shop is the textile store.

Ah, so colorful, but it seem she forgot to stock some black.

I’ve been getting pregnant a lot lately, and now the doctor said I am pregnant again, so I would love to have more of that sweet and sour stuff.

Oh, would you like some clothing material? We have all the top quality silk: ling (twil damask), luo (gauze), juan (silk tabby), zhou (crepe), jin (brocade), duan (satin), ni (matelassé), fang (habotai), xiao (chiffon), ge (bengaline), rong (velvet), sha (plain gauze) and ti (crepons).

Yes, all of them are silk variety.

1) Show me the textile.
2) Nah! Maybe next time.

All of their titles and descriptions just say [Color] Textile, and they cost about 30+ silvers each.

Your I.D. skill increased, it is now 89.

Next to the textile store is a bun stand.

Young man, take a look at that scribble on the wall. Which immoral individual would deface the beauty of Hangzhou!

I don’t know; only someone with dark purple pants would care.

Sir, would you like a bun? One is twenty silver.

1) Okay.
2) Nah.

Obtained Veggie Bun

Well, something is easy for once. Let’s bring it to the beggar later.

Jesus and the teachers wonder what is drawn on the wall.

Eh? Isn’t a drawing of a broken bowl supposed to be a Beggar Sect gathering message?

Isn’t it? I wonder what big event is happening.

Beggar Sect? Aren’t they just a bunch of buddies eating and drinking together while enjoying a carefree life? What big things could be related to them?

No, Jesus. You are describing Hippies and what we are talking about here is country loving patriot Kung Fu Hippies.

Sigh, Bagger Sect is the world biggest sect, and such an emergency gathering is obviously of great importance. The point of the chopstick on the bowl is the direction of the gathering which should be southwest base on this sign, so let us go join the party!

That’s a great idea!

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