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Part 75: Chapter Seventy-Four & Seventy-Five: Second Crash

Here’s a summery by Veyrall on what happened last chapter:

Music: Wudang Mountain

The female fighting master, Easy Orchard, shamelessly disrupted the birthday celebration of Clean Man, master of the Wudang Sect. She was upset by the conduct of one of Master Clean's pupils, who kidnapped her student. Suddenly, a woman's scream rang out! Master Clean, Mistress Orchard and our own Student Jesus went to investigate. In a room, they found Little Weave, Mistress Orchard's student, in a state of undress, along with Swordman Just and Old Honest, two of Master Clean's students.

Swordman Just wasted no time accusing Old Honest of attempting to rape Little Weave, which prompted Mistress Orchard to reveal a most troublesome detail: Little Weave was the daughter of a tryst between Easy Orchard and Clean Man! Distressed by the revelation of his daughter and the dishonorable scene he was witnessing among his students, Master Clean exiled Old Honest in a rage.

Suddenly, mocking laughter rang out as a cultist teased Master Clean, calling him a playboy and a fool. The Cultist stated that Master Clean had exiled the wrong student, and that Swordman Just was in fact the one who attempted to defile Little Weave. Swordman Just denied, stating that the cultist was just trying to cause trouble. Suddenly, the cultist sprang to attack! Now, Student Jesus is faced with a harrowing choice: Does he defend Swordman Just or Old Honest? Can he just stand back and watch? *popcorn*

Part Seventy-Four & Seventy-Five: Second Crash

3) Help Old Honest
Jesus goes with his gut feeling and decides to help Old Honest.

Just buddy, please calm down! I believe Old Honest buddy is not that kind of person!

So you suspect me?

No, I…

What no! It’s obviously him! Move aside! I will chop down this Wulin Swine!

No need to fight the youngster, I will take you on!

Jesus, since you are adamant about protecting Old Honest, then I won’t hold back!

Too bad Jesus has to hold back from turning you into meat paste.

Yes, this is holding back.

All your battle stats increased

Editor: By this point, aren’t all his battle stats at 100 already?
Author: Yea, I just use it as “the battle end” message

Let’s go!

Jesus and the cultist manage to beat their foes and grab Honest out of that nasty situation.


What are you crying about? Such a clueless fool does not deserve any tears.

Don’t insult my master! I owed master a lot and he is the person I most admire.

But he blindly expelled you, hmph! What a great master!


Unfortunately there’s no evidence to prove Old Honest’s innocence

Hmph! Even if there’s one, we've pretty well shot our chances of getting it accepted!

Is there no way out of this?

Hmph! People’s points of view always triumph over logical evidence whether it’s the poor and powerless or the rich and powerful. That’s why I’d rather live in the Great Desert with my condor than coming here to the Central Plains to live among people!

……..(Never thought the demonic cult would have such an unique person).

Partner, let’s go.

He is referring to his condor on his shoulder.

Please hold!

What is it, boy?

May I inquire as to your name and your address?

Sky Wing, from sky to earth, to sky from earth, farewell. *tele-jump*

……what’s your plan, Honest buddy?

I will find prove, evidence that will clear my name.

As it should be, if you need anything just give me a call, and I will do all I can to help out.

Thank you Jesus, y-you truly are my savior.

I need to report this back to Carefree Valley, farewell and we will meet again.

Your relationship with Old Honest increased
Your relationship with Swordsman Just decreased

Master Flawless took a neutral stance on this matter and didn’t say much after this. Clearly he didn’t like Jesus jumping into other people’s private issues, so Jesus decides to stay out of sight for a while at daytime.

Today’s weather is great; I will hang around the forest.

Eh? Isn’t that Hard Gong? Looks like he’s talking with someone, maybe I should greet them.

Truth be told, today I invited you two professionals here to ask for your assistance.

Well said, we both were well cared for by the Hundred Herbs Sect, so if you need anything, just ask.

Then I’ll go straight to the point. Both of you should know the Hundred Herbs Sect’s main business is selling herbs…


When business expands, the herb gathering land would have to expand, which is why our sect has been rapidly growing toward all corners. We already have branches to the southeast, beyond the great wall, and in the Central Plain. Now we just lack the Miao territory.….

Miao territory!? Do you mean the Poison Dragon Cult?

EH!!!!??? (Poison Dragon Cult!? Are they talking about Lady Azure?) I better listen from the side……

Indeed, that Poison Dragon Cult leader stubbornly refuses to cooperate with us, something about destroying their sacred land and causing upheaval with the tribe. It's a bunch of rubbishes; they're absolutely looking down on the Hundred Herbs Sect.

Since they won’t cooperate, guess we have to do it the hard way……

But, Poison Dragon Cult is pretty strong, they're in a good location geographically with lots of poisonous gases! Those alone are enough to cripple us…

That you don’t need to worry, one thing Hundred Herbs Sect has is medicine, so there’s no need to fear their poison. There's already been a defector from their cult, so when the time come for us to strike, who cares about whatever poison dragon or insect. Nothing will escape our grasp, hahahahahahahah…….

Since young master has such confidence, then we both will lend you our strengths.

Thank you, I plan to invade Poison Dragon Cult headquarters this year in Early October, please come to assist us by then.


I have something else to prepare, so I won’t stay long, good bye.

Good bye.

Hundred Herb Sect's invasion of Poison Cult Sect….who should I help….

If our relationship with Hard Gong is good, he will come to Jesus to ask for his assistance a few turns later, but screw him. We have a lady to save.

Year Four Early July, Valentine's Day


Eh! Lady Chi! What’s brought you to Carefree Valley today?

Sir Jesus, I am here to deliver a gift.

Gift? It can’t be for me, can it?

It is! For curing my father’s sickness, I came to give you the manual of Janken Fist.

This…this is too valuable, Janken Fist is your sect’s treasure!

[Sigh]…my dad has been practicing this kung fu for years, and now that his body is not the same after the sickness he won’t have much energy left to research it.

Then you want me to research the rest of it.

No problem, give Jesus one hour.

Actually I don’t really care about all this kung fu stuff, with everyone swinging their hands and legs all over the place. I’m just not interested.


Sir Jesus, please accept this, and don’t refuse it. With your intellect, maybe you can discover the secret.

Since you insisted, then I will accept it.

Then I will take my leave.

Take care, Lady Chi.

Your learned a new kung fu.

Finally, we have obtained the strongest fist type kung fu created by the hero Little Shrimp himself!

So Jesus spent the next few turns playing chess.

Warning: Massive chess xiangqi posts ahead. If you are not interested, skip until you see this line.



Hm, come here, today I will teach you [Double Offer of Alcohol].

Please do!

Final xiangqi rule review for those who care.

Using the black chariot(B6) to block the elephant(A7) and having the cannon (H6) at the back threatening the palace while the opponent tries to move their cannon (I9) to resolve the threat, we sacrifice our cannon to take out that cannon. This double checkmate is known as [Double Offer of Alcohol].

As shown, black goes first and moves a cannon (H6->H7). Red moves a cannon (I9->I7) in response. We retaliate by bringing our other cannon up (J8->J7) to complete the formation of Double Offer. Opponent general tries to escape the trap (A5->A4) and we move complete the double cannon formation by moving the cannon (J9->J7).

Our cannon presses on to the assault (H7->A7) and takes the elephant to check. The opponent's cannon retaliate by taking out our cannon (I7->A7), so we take down this cannon with our last cannon (J7->A7), check again.

The enemy general escapes further down the side line, so we move the horse in to check again (B8->A6), leaving the enemy general no choice but to hide at the last corner.

We keep after it and check it again with our cannon moving down (A7->C7) and forcing the enemy to move their elephant out of the cannon’s way (C5->A3), after which we move the chariot down ( B6->C6) to check it again.

Then enemy has no choice but to move the elephant back (A3->C5), and we checkmate by running over the elephant with our chariot (C6->C5).

You understand?


Onto the next visit.

Hm, come here, today I will teach you [Standing Horse and Chariot].

First use the chariot (F6) to lure the advisor and use the horse (B8) to seal the corner; this will force the general to move away so our chariot can checkmate it.

As shown, black first, Chariot moves into the palace (F6->A6), which lures the advisor to come down and take out the chariot, and we move the horse (B8->C6) in to check the general.

Then the general has no choice but to escape and our chariot moves up to checkmate.

You understand?


Onto the next visit.

Hm, come here, today I will teach you [River Side Sitting Horse].

The line between three and seven is known as the river side, and any horse (E6) on that line is known as the Sitting Horse due to their pressure on the general just for sitting there.

First we move our chariot (H2->B2) to check the enemy general, which he will retreat into safety (B5->A5), so we move our horse onto a strategic point (E6->D8), and the enemy advisor move out (A4->B4) to protect C6 from the horse.

The opponent moves their advisor to protect the front side of the general from the chariot, but we move it to seal the entrance anyway (B2->B4). The opposing chariot moves (I5->I6) to try to take out the elephant so it can check the king with chariot and double cannon.

In response we move our elephant (H9->F7) to protect the other one; the chariot can only move to strategically block the elephant's path, but unfortunately for him, our horse moves in (D8->B7) to checkmate.

You understand?


Onto the next visit.

Hm, come here, today I will teach you [High Hooking Horse].

A horse (D5) in between the third and seven vertical lines and on the third horizontal line is known as High Hooking Horse].

As shown, the Chariot moves (F6->A6) in next to the general to lure the general into the horse hooking range. The General took the bait and we move the horse to check it.

The general retreats (A6->A5) and we move the chariot (B2->B8) to support the horse, and the opponent’s elephant comes down (C5->A7) to protect the king.

The chariot proceeds to move onto the threaten the elephant (B8->A8) while the enemy chariot (G3->G6) moves back to protect the exposed general who already lost his elephant to our chariot (A8->A7).

Trying to sacrifice his chariot (G6->A6) to protect the general, our opponent forgets we have a horse to protect our chariot too, so checkmate.

You understand?


Onto the next visit.

Hm, come here, today I will teach you [Side Faced Tiger].

A horse (C5) located between the third and seventh vertical lines and at the fourth horizontal line after the river can seal both sides of the general’s movement, and this move is known as [Side Faced Tiger].

As shown, black goes first with its chariot (A8->A7) taking out the opponent elephant to check, which forces the general to flee. We pursue, checking it with our horse (C5->D7).

The general flees further downward, which we counter, checking with our chariot (A7->C7) and forcing the general to run back.

The chariot give chase checking the general (C7->B7) and also unblocked our horse (D7) for a double check, which mean the A6 and B6 is a dead zone for the general, so the best escape is going down, but what he didn’t expect is we move our chariot into the palace (B7->B6) and checkmate it.

You understand?


Onto the next visit.

Hm, come here, today I will teach you [Soldier Carries the Chariot].

When our opponent lacks an advisor and we only have one chariot (F5) and one soldier (B6), then we must try to let the chariot hold the central line and make the sure the soldier reaches the other side with the assistance of the chariot, and complete the strategy.

As shown, black goes first. Our soldier moves in (B6->A6) to take down the last advisor while the elephant runs (A7->C9) to the side to protect itself, and we move our solder (A6->A5) toward the general.

The opponent plans to use the elephant as the center line defense (C9->E7), but we take the initiative and move our chariot in for check (F5->B5); the general responds by dodging to the only safe place (B4->C4).

The soldier moves on to wall the general in (A5->A4), then we move our chariot (C5->H5) to attack the general from the other side.

The opponent moves their chariot (E3->E4) to protect the general's other side. We then move our soldier (A4->A3) away to lure the general to take back his space.

Since the general falls for it, we send our chariot in (H5->B5) to check, which forces the general to run downward again (B4->C4).

We then move the chariot up to attack the general's unguarded side and checkmate.

You understand?


*Yawn* enough, enough, I need some rest, see you next time kid.

Your chess skill increased, it is now 95


Year Four August 15, Lunar Festival

: Lunar festival


Sure it’s a rare sight to see such beautiful moon, how about you all tell me what the moon looks like to you?

The moon is round and shiny like a jade plate.

Hmm, the moon does look like a jade plate, but the shadows make it look like dark spots on the jade, which ruins it….

That’s true…

This round moon reminds me of the Golden Ring!

Note: He is referring to the giant ring shaped weapon.

Haha, second school brother always talk about weapons.

Although Golden Ring is round, it’s hollow and thus different. Really, comparing the gentle moon with a weapon doesn’t fit well.

I still think it looks like a Golden Ring…

I think the round moon looks like a drum.

Note: Jesus’ object is based on the most frequently trained skill. In this case, music.

What a music nut.

Hohoho, everyone compares the moon to the things they love, fascinating. Now let’s eat these mooncakes I gotten from a friend.

Your moon improved

Back to learning chess…oh, Painter Qing is back. We will visit him later.

Hm, come here, today I will test you. *Shows random picture and ask for appropriate step*

*Answers correctly*

Ah! Yesss, this is the step, wonderful! Hohoho…

Eh! A fly….watch this! ….*throw*…wh-why did I miss!?

Hohoho, you used too much strength and your fingers are held it wrongly, and should be like so.

I see, that’s why I can’t seem to hit it accurately lately, thanks for the guidance.

Hahaha, it's nothing.

*Yawn* enough, enough, I need some rest, see you next time kid.

Your chess skill increased, it is now 100
Your Hidden Projectile skill increased, it is now 64

Another similar visit result in tangerine gives us a set of powerful projectiles, and then on this last visit…

Hm, come here, today I will test you. *Shows random picture and ask for appropriate step*

*Answers correctly*

Hohoho, wonderful, you deciphered the answer to this puzzle, now I can take my vacation in peace.

You are going on a trip?

Indeed, I plan to visit the chess masters from other places and see the world outside of this village, maybe you might find me one day playing chess with some tribal master on a lonely island, hohohohoho.

*Yawn* Enough, enough, I need to take a rest, someday we will meet again.

Now that the chess master is gone, we can check out what Painter Qing….

But then Jesus recalled something, it’s Early October.

Hundred Herbs Sect is invading the Poison Dragon Cult, should I go help Lady Azure?

2) No

Since we voted for her, choices like this are obvious especially since we are going to fight that Hard Gong asshole.

After making the decision, Jesus decides to invite his best friends (that is, those who are available at the moment) for help. He picked the four who have the fewest ties with Hard Gong; he also doesn't want to bother Old Honest during his investigations.

The bird follows Jesus and his buddies to the Miao Territory. To the Poison Dragon Cult.

: Land of Miao

Jesus has arrived safely at the entrance of Poison Dragon Cult.

Seeing the peaceful surrounding, Jesus is relaxed to know that he is ahead of the invader.

Halt! Who are you? How dare you intrude upon the Poison Dragon Cult!

I am Jesus, friend of the cult leader Lady Azure, and have business with her.

Leader’s friend? You wait here, I will go report.

Then someone more exquisitely dressed walked out.

What’s happening?

Guardian of Right, this person said he is the leader’s friend, and that he has some business with her.

Oh? What business do you have with our cult leader? Our leader is very busy and I handle the small things. If you have something to say, just tell me and I will convey it to her later.

1) It's about the survival of the cult.
2) It's about the future of me and the cult leader.

Jesus recalling that there’s a spy in the cult, decides to make up something that would let him meet her directly instead.

The future of you two!?

Indeed, so please let me meet with Leader Azure.

Hahahahaha, interesting! You Han people are so brave! You just wait here and I will report this to leader.

Thank you, ma’am.

Hurry up…time is short….

Ah, she’s back.

It’s done; you can go in and meet her.

Thank you ma’am.

Lady Azure.

Sir Jesus, wh-why are you suddenly…

First shock of the day. Someone proposes to you out of nowhere.

Lady Azure, I heard news of Hundred Herbs Sect's plan to gather people of Wulin in the Central Plains to invade Poison Dragon Cult this month, so please be wary!

WHAT!? Hundred Herbs Sect dare to invade us!

Second shock of the day. Someone plan to invade your land.

Cult leader! This is not good!

What are you so nervous about?

There’s a lot of people from Central Plains at the gate, and they're trying to break it down!


Third shock of the day. There are already here.

Probably the people from Hundred Herbs Sect, these guys are quick!
You just took too long playing chess to decide.

I will go take a look!

I will come with you.

This will be fun.

Oops, almost forgot to be a gentleman and power-walk next to the lady.

Since the stronghold’s entrance is so short, they're are already fighting at the door.

Squawking popinjay! This Hundred Herbs Sect is getting too arrogant; Jesus, will you help me end the dispute with this Gong guy?

Of course, I am here because I want to help you…

Sir Jesus….you are so wonderful…

Running half way through the goons, Jesus' group gets jumped!

Of course you realize, this means war!

Janken Fist 9% mastery, Jesus figures out how to punch like a Rock.

Grievous Yao burns the goon with flaming chi.

Wintry Sword GIGA DRILLLLL the goon!

Great Guan Slashes and makes the ground bleeds!

Azure cracks a poison tipped whip at the goon.

The goons spin their axes but Jesus activates carefree roaming step and dodges them.

Jesus quickly learns the way of Janken Fist at 40% mastery and adds another layer of chi to his Rock.

All your battle stats increased

After dispatching the goons, the smug assholes just stand there waiting for Jesus to come to them.

You with the name of Hard Gong! You've got some nerve to jump into my territory!

Graceful Azure, we, the Hundred Herbs Sect have asked for your cooperation many times. You've always turned us down, so for the future of Hundred Herbs Sect in Miao Territory, you will have to step down today.

Hmph! You think the bumpkins you've got are enough to take down Poison Dragon Cult?

Maybe not enough with just us, but if there is a subtraction to your side, then there’s more than enough.

What are you saying!?

Yellow Weave, explain to her.

WHAT! Yellow Weave…you…

Fourth shock of the day, your guardian is a traitor.

That’s right, Graceful Azure, the era of your rule is over. I just can’t stand your over-protective way anymore, so I decided to join forces with Hundred Herbs Sect and integrate us into Wulin of Central Plains.

Don’t you understand that joining Central Plains will only lead to more carnage? As the leader of the tribe, the most important thing is to make sure everyone is leading peaceful and happy lives, can’t you understand?

I am for the future of the tribe; your leadership will only bring us to destruction just like today.


Enough trash talking, capturing Graceful Azure is our first priority.

Now these are much better odds…wait a minute…

I… translated… too much chess today…

The king decides to add an elbow slam to the Janken Fist at the enemy knight.

Then our pawn moves in to burn the enemy rook.

The opponent’s bishop attacks diagonally and poisons our beloved rook.

Knowing how dangerous the bishop is, our knight moves on to assault it.

The enemy King challenges our king directly, but misses due to our king's nimbleness.

The queen takes her position at the center of the field, and supports everyone from every direction with a poison whip attack. God Bless.

The enemy rook bravely takes on our Pawn and Bishop.

While the queen, knight, and rook take on the enemy bishop.

With a glowing red fist, our king takes down the opponent king.

Your mastery of Janken Fist is now 66
All your battle stats increased.

Hahahahahaha! My apologies, Hard Gong, I am late.
But then…the enemy queen appears!

Guardian of Night, you are just in time, this kid is ruining our plan!

Ostrogoths and Visigoths! It's this vile woman again!

Hoho, what a small world, time to die!

The king decrees, “Since this woman complained about people ganging up on her last time, I shall take her on alone, you all stand back!”

And the enemy queen proceeds to be the god damn powerful poison queen that she is.

The king punches back like the glorious king that he is.

The knight really wants to jump in and protect the king, but the king said no.

He will take on this coelacanth with his own fist.




All your battle stats increased
Your mastery of Janken Fist increased, it is now 100.

Hmph! Damn you Miao people! You are lucky today, but I will be back! *Leave*

Your relationship with Hard Gong decreased
Your relationship with Graceful Azure increased

What do we do with the traitor, leader?

Yellow Weave, what do you have to say for yourself?

Hmph! Today I am just unlucky to lose to you; I will only admit my own ill fortune. Everything I have done is for Poison Dragon Cult, I have nothing to be ashamed about. If you want to kill me or whatever, just make it quick.

You traitor! Still holding on to that rough mouth of yours!

Lock her up, we will judge her later.


After watching the guards take Yellow Weave into custody, Jesus and Azure are finally alone.

Sir Jesus, it’s all thanks to you that we've withstood the Hundred Herbs Sect’s assaults, and protected our sacred land of Miao Territory. For all of us I thank you for your help.

Nah, helping people is the right thing to do, you don’t have to give thanks.

No, I feel like I have to repay you somehow. This is our sect’s treasure Night Glowing Orb. Please take it as a token of our gratitude.

Since you insist, then I will gratefully accept it.

Obtain Night Glowing Orb

From now on if Sir Jesus has any trouble, just ask and my sect will be at your side.

Thank you Lady Azure.

…………………………….The thing Sir Jesus said before…............our future…..

1) That was just to trick the spy.
2) Those are my words from the heart.

Y-you don’t have to say it so blatantly….

Fifth shock of the day, love confession.

Ah….sorry….I thought since there’s no one around; I can be straightforward about it.

Hehe….but you are a good person.

Ah, am I? Hehe…..

I will consider it….

Ah….is it…..(that sounds like…she hasn’t accepted yet….)

We will know on next valentine.

…...since Sir Jesus is here at our Miao land, you should stay a few days and let me show you around.

Thank you for the invitation, unfortunately staying too long from home would worry our master, so I should return to Carefree Valley.

In that case, I won’t force you, please take care on your way home.

You should take care too, good bye.

Then the Rater Ye who came all the way from central plain and eavesdropped the whole conversations comes out of hiding.

Jesus buddy, congratulations on solving another case. You courageously took on the forces of evil and prevented the plan of Sky Dragon Cult and Hundred Herbs Sect from achieving fruition, and thus protected Poison Dragon Cult.

Well said, Ye buddy, I also have to congratulate you.

Congratulate me for what?

You have another grand story being recorded.


Your reputation increased, it is now 586

  Potential Shocker of the Night
      (He heard everything!)