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Part 72: Chapter Seventy-One: Whereabouts of Turnabout

Part Seventy-One: Whereabouts of Turnabout
Music: Winter

This will be the last music section, now rejoice/mourn!

Lady Music.

Jesus, you are here. Come listen to these four trifles.
This is the Yang Guifei Inebriation of Alcohol
This is the Wang Zhaojun Charm the Hearts
This is the Diao Chan Leaves the Stronghold
This is the Chang'e Fled to the Moon

Did you memorize the songs?

1) Yes
2) Please play it again.

Then tell me which song this is. *Play Random Song*

1) This is the Yang Guifei Inebriation of Alcohol
2) This is the Wang Zhaojun Charm the Hearts
3) This is the Diao Chan Leaves the Stronghold
4) This is the Chang'e Fled to the Moon

I…I can’t remember which is which! Time to make a lucky guess!

Well done. That’s it for today; don’t forget to practice at home.

Understood .

Your music skill increased, it is now 93

Jesus spend two turns mastering music.

Your music skill increased, it is now 100
Your music power increased, it is now 90


Yes? What is it Mr.Ye?

I’m here to inform you of the new title people in Jiangwu have been calling you by. I have also recorded this title into your section of my book.

Really, what new title did they give me?

Due to your excellence musical skill, your buddies in Jiangwu gave you the title of –Enthralling Rhythm of Absolute Music —

Really? Wow, terrific!

I expect more out of you in the future, please continue to work harder.

Naturally, thanks for coming.

Hope you don’t mind, but I have business to take care of.

Oh no, no. Please let me show you the exit.

Your reputation increased, it is now 436

This should be it; we only need music at 90 to have this last visit to our musical deity, Deity Music.

Lady Music, I am here for more lessons.

Your performances up to now have been excellent, and now I don’t have much left to teach you.

Since you have a pretty good intellect, I will give you this songbook -- Bird Chirping in Hollow Mountain. Legend has it this book was created by an enlightened one who was inspired from watching the quiet mountain and listening to rivers, and their sounds resonate through the piece.

Mastering this will depend on your effort.

Can’t wait to see how this will ‘perform’. I hope there will be an event where Jesus can openly attack anybody.

Speaking of an event where we can kick some ass and chew some bubblegum…

Second school brother, you look like you are leaving for a long journey.

Yep, I got news that the Buddha Sword and Demon Saber have appeared at Giant Buddha of Happy Mountain, and I am going to get em.

1) I want to go with you.
2) Have a safe trip, second school brother.

We are going! We are going! We are going!

Relationship > 70 (Success!)

Might as well, more helpers are always good, let us depart!

The bird follows the school brothers on a boat trip to the Happy Mountain.

: Giant Buddha of Leshan

Jumping out of the boat, the brothers notice they are a little late to the party.

Not far away from Jesus, there seems to be an argument going on.

Hmpf! North buddy, as the son of Blacksmith Mountain Manor, you should have enough famous swords on your side, so why bother with more? This Buddha sword takes nine cows and two tigers worth of my energy and effort to get it from the bandits, unless you plan to steal it from me when I am weakened?

Hehe, just as you said, this Buddha sword is not originally yours, so we've all got a right to take a look.

Looks like you all want to do it the hard way.

Back at Thorn’s group, Jesus wonders if Thorn has any plan.

School brother, we should hurry and go there.

…and they walk awkwardly to join the group. Now what’s the plan Thorn?

Simon West, give me the Buddha Sword.

Another one come to steal the Buddha Sword, you all want to gang up on me or—

How about you all try me and stop wasting my time?

What!? We are going to take them all at once!? Sounds like a plan!

Carefree Valley talks pretty big! Let's see if you can back it up!

Five versus two? Now that’s unfair, for them. Because Jesus is going to play them a tune known as:

Music: Bird Chirping in Hollow Mountain

By inserting chi into the wavelength of the tune while masterfully manipulating the frequency of the chi powered notes and the amplitude of the vibrations, Jesus creates torrents of musical chi blasts in the faces of his foes.

That said, Jesus' chi power is still not at his full potential and the mastery of Bird Chirping in Hollow Mountain is less than 10%, so group effort is enough to badly injure our invincible Jesus.

So we go back to something with higher mastery.

Not that this is a battle that Jesus can’t handle. Along with carefree roaming step,

Thorn’s Carefree Sword and Saber kung fu,

And the art of Heaven and Earth Shift, which dodges and returns (with current kung fu animation) an opponent's kung fu.

Ladies last, and Jesus gives Thorn the honor of being ungentlemanly.

All your battle stats increased.

Humph! So you are pretty tough, Thorn. We will remember this.


Your relationship with Swordsman Just decreased
Your relationship with High Win decreased
Your relationship with Simon West decreased
Your relationship with Any North decreased
Your relationship with Beautiful Autumn decreased

That’s quite a drop for our relationship list, but we still are friends with all of them except for that woman. We just haven't been introduced yet.

After the battle, Jesus takes a detour to look at one of the Buddha’s feet.

Welcome to the tour of Giant Buddha of Leshan (Happy Mountain)! The Demon Saber should be somewhere up here.

Here we have reached the height of Buddha’s hand resting on his leg.

The hand seems to stretch on forever, no wonder Wukong can’t escape.

This will take a while to climb.

So let us take this elevator map change that will take us straight to the top.

After about half an hour of climbing, we are near the top.

Hi, Buddha! Bad mood today? Yeah, sorry about all the fighting and stuff.

The view from this mountain is magnificent! Maybe we’ll take another tour after we kick all those angry butts out of this mountain.

We finally reach some sort of temple building.

Too bad it is closed and no one is around, maybe the monks heard the fighting and got out.

At the back, next to the bamboo forest, are these wonderful engravings, carved statues, and miniature pagodas.

Moving on to our next touring hot spot.

Sounds like somebody's arguing up here.

Let’s take a look at the empty cave before dealing with them.

All the way to look at this smug face Buddha, it's worth it.

Now that we are done with the tour, we go up the stair for some ass kicking.

Seems like you are not giving up the Demon Saber.

And to whom would you suggest I give it?

Thorn walks right into the middle of saber-wielding foes because he got big clanking brass balls.

Give it to me!

This Demon Saber will belong to whoever proves the best!

This is quite a tight battle, but do you know what’s bad?

Standing close to an ancient Chinese chi-powered boombox.

The crowd goes wild! Jesus plays a few encores, leaving these two the only ones still on their feet after the concert.

Your mastery of Bird Chirping in Hollow Mountain increased, it is now 100

Thorn finishes them off with his gruesome green chi nuke.

All your battle stats increased
Your relationship with Saberman Shang decreased
Your relationship with Nix Summer decreased
Your relationship with Great Guan decreased
Your relationship with Tiger Emperor decreased
Your relationship with Tiger Hao decreased

Thorn, we will remember this.


Second school brother!

Hmm. School brother, you helped me obtain the Buddha Sword and Demon Saber, it’s quite a huge deed. So how about this – you can have my old weapons, I don't need them now that I have these.

(Giving me stuff you don’t need anymore @#$%^&…...)
Then…th-thank you second school brother!!

Obtain Taiyi Sword and Tai Saber

Buddha Sword and Demon Saber! I finally obtained it! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Then Thorn takes his leave, laughing maniacally.

And tells gravity to stuff it with some kind of tele-jump down the mountain.

Second school brother! (Why did I have this ominous feeling of chill?)

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