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Part 82: Character Recap (Spoiler until after chapter 82)

I will let you soak in all these info and check if I missed anything for a few hours before posting the next chapter that include a summery of what needs to be done.

Let’s Recap the People We Met 2

Music: Gambling House

The bird figures now is a good time to have a recap on everyone (except minor characters) Jesus met at this point.

Before that, the bird scouted Central Plain with the following results.

Note that any sect that’s not listed here means they are not in Central Plain, except Mount Hua Sect, which is not included or something.

Fun Fact: The dev originally plans to include city like Beijing, Guangzhou, Chang’an, Dali, and Western Region.

Carefree Sect

I am Jesus, the main protagonist and third student of Carefree Valley, currently being the savior of Wulin.

I keep forgetting to wear the shades, but since no one demands it, I will keep it down

Hohoho, I am your master, Master Flawless. Currently recovering from a heart attack caused by my ungrateful student Bramble Thorn joining the Sky Dragon Cult.

I will whoop his ass when he comes back.

I am Vale Moon Pavilion, your senior school brother.

Currently I am traveling with Jesus to help spread the word of the Wulin Gathering.

I am the Servant Beard, caretaker of Carefree Valley. I can teach you blacksmithing skill, but you never visited…

Currently I am taking care of my master, Master Flawless as a servant should.

Ji Jaja Woo ka ka (I am Wukong, your pet monkey that you adopted at Dukang Village)

Wudang Sect

I am the master of Wudang Sect, Clean Man. Currently bedridden by a heart invading poison.

I am wife of Clean Man, currently taking GOOD care of him.

I am Clean Man’s school brother; I accused Penultimate of the poisoning.

Hello ladies, I am Swordsman Just, also known as the smug swordsman.

I accused Old Honest of inappropriate harassment to lady Weave of Heavenly Mount Sect, whereas I happened to be the first to found them.

I am Old Honest; one of the successors to the master’s seat of the sect along with school brother Swordsman Just.

Currently being accused of kidnapping Lady Weave. Expelled by my master and now I am trying to find the truth while hiding.

Beggar Sect

We are Advisor/ Headquarter master/Assistance of the sect.

I am Headquarter Master Lee, situated in Hangzhou branch to collect information of the Eastern Agency Traitorous scheme.

I am Grievous Yao, the beggar who you generously gave some food to and had invited me to come for your cooking.

Your cooking is excellent, and I am truly in your debt.

Hi sugar daddy, you promised to take care of me as my lover guardian, so I hope you will keep your words.

I, Swallow History, will try my best to change my ways… in compliance with any loophole in law or morality I can find.

Green Fortress Sect

I am Green Dawn, current master of Green Fortress, thanks for helping me during the master election or else my school brother would had taken my seat.

I am Violet Sun, schemed with Sky Dragon Cult to steal the seat of master from my school brother, but your intervention ruined our plan.

Beast King Manor

I am Lord Million, lord of the Beast King Manor. We hunt all sorts of beasts for business.

I am Son of Lord Million, you kicked my ass in the young hero tournament.

I am the fourth suzerain of the Beast Kind Manor, Thority Tracey. You saved me from a bear in the forest.

We hung out for hunting a couple of times and you saw me naked once, but that’s about it.

Hundred Herbs Sect

I am Hard Gong, leader of Hundred Herbs Sect; we collect herbs as our business.

You keep getting in my way of herb acquisition! Now I have to go to the further end of the boundary to collect rare herbs!

Mount Hua Sect

I am Cho Hua, the maiden in distress who was saved by you and your school brother Moon from a bandit. Although it is just the handsome and wonderful sir Moon who did all the work.

I will visit to give my proper thanks, but it seems your school brother Bramble Thorn seems to dislike my attraction to sir Moon.

Janken Sect

I am old man Chi, Master of the Janken Sect. Thanks for curing me of the dangerous ailment.

Please take good care of my daughter.

I am Chun Chi Li, thanks for saving my dad’s life.

I knew you are a good man from the very first time we met in Luoyang!

Kongtong Sect

I am Lonely Leaves of Kongtong Sect, we met at the Young Hero Tournament.

Kunlun Sect

I am High Win of Kunlun Sect; we met at the Young Hero Tournament where I was talking to Nix Summer about tea.

Bagua Sect

I am the master of Bagua Sect, Heming Shang. I stirred up quite a lot of trouble on Wulin.

Saberman Shang is the name.

You are our enemy.

Absolute Saber Sect

I am Marquis Summer, master of Absolute Saber Sect, and I reconciled with my school brother Simon Black.

For now, I am training with my school brother to find the secret to “Saber and Sword as One, Infinite Potential”!

I am Nix Summer; currently taking care of Absolute Saber Sect in my father’s place while waiting for the incoming assault of Sky Dragon Cult.

Hope my father can make it in time.

Heavenly Sword Sect

I am Simon Black, master of Heavenly Sword Sect, and I reconciled with my school brother Marquis Summer.

I, Simon West, am doing the same thing as Nix Summer.

Hope my father can make it in time.

Shaolin Temple

I am the abbot of Shaolin Temple.

Zzzzzz…I am Master Acumen …zzz…

Amitabha, I am Vacant Truth, you’ve helped me and Shaolin numerous times.

Currently I am trying to find my school uncle, Un-Relinquish who stole one of our sutra.

Damn you for defeating me with cheap hit and run tactics for HOURS!

You will never find me, Un-Relinquish!

I am Un-Real, currently searching for my school brother Un-Relinquish.

Kung Family

I am honorable Kung, you met me at the beginning but we were only formally introduced at my birthday party. Damn those cultists for ruining my party!

I am Honorable Kung’s son; we met at the White Horse Temple at Luoyang.

And you beat me up after I tried to kill you for knowing the secret of us stealing the sutra from White Horse Temple.

Tang family

Hehehe, I am the head of Tang Family, Flying Tang.

I am part of the scheme to ruin Absolute Saber and Heavenly Sword, which you stopped in time.

I am Tang Crown; you met me at the forest trying to separate Nix Summer and Simon West from fighting.

How dare you piss me off; we will settle this someday.

I am Wise Tang, sister of Tang Crown; I hope he will change his ways someday.

Swordsmith Manor

I am Lord Any, lord of Swordsmith Manor. Thanks for retrieving my Divine Sword of Nether.

I am Any North, the guy who described everyone to you in the forest while Nix and Simon were fighting each other,

Too bad you can’t meet those removed content casts.

Long Rainbow Agency

Welcome, I am head of this delivery Agency; we can deliver your package or escort anyone safely to their destination under our protection.

I am Great Guan, son of headmaster Guan, delivery boy.

Sky Dragon Cult

I am Naga, Leader of Sky Dragon Cult.

I am Dark Mysterious! Ex-member of Carefree Valley, brother of Master Flawless, school uncle of Jesus, Moon, and Thorn.

As a master of poisoning kung fu, you’d better not mess with me!

I am Bramble Thorn, Jesus’ second school brother.

I left Carefree Valley with my school uncle to join the evil Sky Dragon Cult mostly due to my jealousy and hatred for my school brother Moon stealing my spotlight all the time.

I am Mahoraga, one of the eight guardians of Sky Dragon Cult, the schemer who hatches all these plans to ruin the orthodox sects of Wulin.

HAHAHAHAHA! I am Yaksha, one of the eight guardians of Sky Dragon Cult; faithfully serving our leader Naga.

I am Garuda, also known as Sky Wing, one of the eight guardians of Sky Dragon Cult, but I really disliked the corrupted ways of our leader Naga, so I left and retired with my bird in the desert.

We are the mercenaries of Sky Dragon Cult, Lust, Alcoholic, Gluttony, and Gambling.

Heavenly King Sect

I am Deva, ex-leader of Sky Dragon Cult, but was imprisoned by those righteous monks for years and finally freed by Gandharva and Kinnara. Now I form the a new Heavenly King Sect.

I am Gandharva, me and Kinnara used to be the guardians of the cult but disliked the ways of Naga, so we rescued Deva to form our new Heavenly King Sect.


Fun Fact: You might notice the art for the Eight Guardians of Sky Dragons seems different from others, that’s because the dev hired famous illustrator Yamada Akihiro to design the eight guardians (some misunderstanding resulted in Little Fragrance 'beautiful' design).

Sura Sect (Removed Content)

I am Azura, ex-guardian of Sky Dragon Cult, but I dislike the ways of Naga and left to form my own sect.

I am Revolving Ren, student of Sura Sect.

Hmmmm, flowers…..*tears*

Poison Dragon Cult[

I am graceful Azure, leader of the cult, but I don’t really care much about the cult.

You saved my cult from the hands of Hundred Herbs Sect invasion.

I am the guardian of the cult but defected to help outsiders in the name of expanding the cult. Currently in prison because of your interference.

Heavenly Mount Sect

I am Penultimate, master of Heavenly Mount Sect; currently too worried about my daughter running away to care about other things.

I am Little Weave, and I hate men, so don’t come near me!

The last I remember is being drugged and waking up next to Old Honest with loosened clothing, and my mother revealed that I am the daughter of Clean Man, so I ran away from home.

I am Easy Orchard, Wife of Penultimate.

All you men are bastards! I have a secret daughter with Clean Man and I’ve been regretting it ever since.

Emei Sect

I am senior sister of Emei Sect; we are an all nuns group.

I am a student of Emei Sect, thanks for getting rid of the people from Bagua Sect who have been constantly provoking us.

No Sect

Hi! I am Red Carp, thanks for all the free worms hahahahaha!

Hey pal, I am Wintry Sword, your best drinking buddy!

Let’s have lots of fun together!

I am Rater Ye, the man who records every notable deed that happens all over Jiangwu!

You are now Wulin Number one! Good job abusing game mechanics without cheating!

I am Royal History, you freed me in the bandit Fortress and we kicked their leaders’ asses until they cried like babies.

I am Agent Zhu, working for the government and capturing wanted criminals.

I am Fawang, an outsider monk that tried many times to steal all sorts of kung fu sutra from anyone.

My head is not good for bonking.

Editor: It’s MADE for bonking, you daft!



Relaxation Village (Not a sect)

Kukuku, I am Scholar, you have mastered calligraphy from me at Relaxation Village.

Next time I will take you to other nice places!

I am Medicine God, one poke and people are instantly cured. I have taught my medical knowledge to you.

Now let me poke your Gushing Spring Point.

Hello, I am Rivulet Ruta, daughter of medicine god.

I make drugs and you test it. No refunds.

I am Doctor Weird, and I actually live in the forest instead of the village because I am researching poison, which you are welcome to try and train yourself with.

I am Painter Qing. I teach you how you paint so you don’t suck.

You also completed the painting of Eight Sections of Sky Dragon.

I am Gentleman Tangerine, my hand itches for a game of Xiangqi.

We are all currently keeping watch at Master Flawless place.

I am Drunken Deity, come binge drinking with me.

My Drunken Fist is still holding up pretty well isn’t it?

Hurr hurr hurr, I am Flower Elder. I don’t teach, so you will have to learn to grow flowers yourself.

Clean Man wants to eat the Fire Phoenix!?

I am Deity Music, don’t underestimate the power of music.

You have mastered every hobby skills from us.

 Potential Beard of the Day
   Too bad you never come
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