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Part 60: Chapter Fifty-Nine: Verdict

Time Paradox: A girl got , but not as bad as you think since Jesus can also woo her that way, but He failed though; not that we care.

Part Fifty-Nine: Verdict
Music: Dukang Village

The jury is divided on what to do with this petty little monkey for committing the grave crime of stealing the life and blood of Dukang Village, alcohol. A whole year of hard work would have been wasted and potentially even caused an economic bust from the loss of such high quality Dukang Liquor to all the hard working men out there who deserve every single drop of it.

However, the monkey is but a youngling overcome by the lure of high quality alcohol and sentencing it to death by skinning its fur or extracting its brain for soup is cruel and unusual punishment, which is morally wrong by all standards.

With both outlooks in mind, our Jesus, who is given the final say in the matter, has reached a decision that will both save the monkey and permanently solve the problem of the theft reoccurring, and Jesus’ verdict is…


The heaven rewards the good, so in my opinion, let’s give the monkey a second chance!

However, to prevent its further disturbance to the village, I hope Mister Headman will let me take it with me!

It shall be as you said, young hero!

Then I will take my leave.

Take care on the road.

Since Jesus buddy make such irresistible offer, as a man who never reject alcohol, thanks! The time is pretty late already; I will have to take my leave.

Your relationship with Wintry Sword increased

The bird follows Jesus home with his new Monkey. On his way home, Jesus thought up a name for the monkey.

Next morning, Jesus goes to check up with our new friend.

I am here King Kong Wukong, how are you doing?

Chi cha gugi gugi!

Translation: I am hungry.
…did I just translated Monkey Chinese to Monkey English and then to English?

1) Medical Care
2) Feed
3) Chat

Jesus has no freaking idea what the monkey want, but it probably food…right?

Editor: He clearly just wants more booze.

Chi cha Bacha Ercha!

Translation: I want to eat pear!

1) Water
2) Banana
3) Pear
4) Pomegranate

Jesus figures that since the monkey is already holding a banana and water is abundance, it’s either pear or pomegranate, so he will go with pear since he can’t find pomegranate…

Ji ji ji ji!

Translation: (Happy Noise).

Looks like I did it right. Wukong looks much happier, and since he is happy, I am happy as well.

Your mood improved.

Seeing how he can’t figure out the language of monkey, Jesus will visit the chess master that can teach him to predict and guess things better.


Hm, come here, today I will teach you [Chariot and Cannon Cornering Kill].

Please do!

1) First we move the chariot (rook) to check the king.
2) Which the opponent will respond to by moving the advisor to defend his king,
3) So we move the chariot down by one step to have the cannon on the upper right(can jump over one piece) to check the king again by jumping over the adviser.

1) The opponent will be forced to move down his advisor again to protect his king, and we will push on the offense by sending another chariot to check the king yet again.
2) Again, the opponent can only move his advisor to get in the way of the chariot, and we will repeat the same check tactic and move the chariot down by one step again. (Now you know how defensive advisor can be)
3) With the threat of a cannon aiming at the king again, the advisor moves away to save the king and we move the chariot back up.

Note: Advisor can only move one step diagonally inside the box and king can only move one step non-diagonally inside the box.

1) The opponent moved up his advisor to get in the way of chariot checkmate, but this time we break the stalemate by sending our chariot right in front of the king!
2) The opponent is forced to take out the chariot that is threatening the king, but he can’t move the advisor on the right or the other chariot will take down the king, so he uses the left advisor.
3) We move down the last chariot to check again with cannon and win the game due to the king being stuck by his protective advisors.

Do you understand?

2) Umm…..can you explain again?

Do post suggestions of better way to explain it to you. Otherwise Jesus will move on to become a xiangqi master without you!

Your chess skill increased, it is now 37.

Now to learn from the music master so Jesus can distinguish the noise that is monkey language.

Lady Music.

Jesus, you are here. Come listen to these four Morceaus.

This is the Tune of Sun
This is the Tune of Moon
This is the Tune of Star
This is the Tune of Time

Did you memorize the songs?

1) Yes
2) Please play it again.

Slightly harder to distinguish than the season melody since you can’t determine it base on emotional tone, but you can with the correlated mood.

Then tell me which song this is. *Play Random Song*

1) This is the Tune of Sun.
2) This is the Tune of Moon.
3) This is the Tune of Star.
4) This is the Tune of Time.

Most players just heard it over and over again until they memorize it, but I suggest you learn to do the prior method since the later version will be too identical to tell apart from memory.

Hmm, very good. That’s it for today, remember to practice and when your skill is high enough, I will teach you some more.

Your music increased, it is now 38.

Jesus’ brain is packed, so he goes to get some herb that supplement the brain.


Lady Ruta, are you gathering herbs again?

Yeah, I just gathered all of them and was about to go home……. Oh yeah! I have a new formula that costs 1000 Silvers, do you want to try it?

1) Yes, I will try one.
2) Maybe not.

Her drug is good, but real men will not be dependence on dangerous drugs!

Why not?

Umm……….cause……..stomach is hurting lately, so I…afraid that I will have to….use the bathroom if I take any medication, and…….wasted your hard work.

Hmph! Stop faking it, I bet you’re just afraid my medicine is poisonous!

No…no such thought crossed my mind! (Amazing! She guessed it!)

Forget it, if you don’t want it, others will lines up for it…I am leaving, traitor!

Lady Ruta looks really angry…

Your relationship with Ruta decreased

Meh…Jesus need to be alone in the forest.

Eh? Are you Guan? Long time no see.

Ah is Mister Jesus, how are you?

You clothed like you are going for a long journey.

Indeed. My father has tasked me to go to the Capital of Jing.

I see, then…



Fellows hiding in the bush, if there is something you want then come out and say it. Do you really think I won’t notice?

Hahaha, as expected from the heir of the Long Rainbow Agency, very perceptive, but your careful movement will not escape my eyes!

Hahaha, I think you got the wrong person. I’m just going for a long journey with some clothing and food with me, and certainly not enough loots to feed your gang of buddies.

Hehe, there’s no need to act, little deliverer. Although your agency sent many large groups to act as distraction, they will not fool the Black Wind Fortress of the fact that you are the one who secretly entrusted with the three Dragon Balls by the Luoyang governor to deliver it to the eunuch of Eastern Agency.

I'm afraid your eyes are dazed.

Dazed or not, we will know when you unwrap your bag.

Then you better ask my saber first!

1) Help.
2) Watch at the side with cold eyes.

Good, Jesus can use some warm up.

878 HP? At least he can take two punches.

Jesus holds back by bringing out the stick to prolong their suffering and Guan slices a goon out of the way.

This guy smashes pretty hard, but that gives Jesus a better idea to inflict more pain to him.



All your battle stats increased.

You got lucky! We will leave!

He will never sit the same way ever again.

Thanks for your help.

It was nothing, but please be careful traveling alone with the increasing amount of bandits lately.

Thanks for the warning, and I need to hurry with the package, so I will have to take my leave, good bye.

Your relationship with Guan increased
Your reputation increased, it is now 217
Your moral increased, it is now 95
Someone will never sit the same way ever again.

  Potential Monkey of the Day
      Chi cha Banana cha Chi.