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Part 63: Chapter Sixty-Two: Poison Ivy

Part Sixty-Two: Poison Ivy
Music: Chengdu City

How’s your training?

My basic handling is almost good, but I still can’t understand a few procedures, and I wish young master would give me a hint.

Very well, I will show you a few techniques, so watch carefully.

We Tang Family pursue the pinnacle of fastness, deadliness, and accuracy. Keep your eyes on the target, follow its movement, and let the body flow with the target, like THIS!

Oh my god! Is that a green bird? Is that The Bird!?

A-amazing! You shot down a flying bird! That’s not something that can be done without a strong amount of chi and a seasoned technique!

You just keep training and someday you will reach my level, hehehe.

Yes, sir!

Tang buddy is amazing!

It’s just a petty trick, Jesus buddy. Is there something you need at Tang?

I am here in Chengdu on an errand from my master, and I decided to pay the Tang Family a visit.

My dad is in the main hall, pardon my leave.

Be careful! He is a new recruit, so he could misfire.

Thanks for the warning, I am Jesus of Carefree Valley, and you are?

I am Wise Tang, and Flying Tang, head of the Tang Family, is my Father.

So you are Lady Tang, pardon my lack of insight.

My dad is inside, so if you want to see him, please go in. I have something to do so I can’t talk with you more. Good bye.

Thanks for the heads up.

More importantly, how is The Bird doing?

(This bird turned green from the poison! What a poisonous projectile!)

The bird defecated a bit (at the front door guard) after witnessing a brutal murdering of a fellow bird kind.

Jesus wonders if he will learn such deadly kung fu in the future.

Who are you and what business do you have with the Tang Family?

I am Jesus of the Carefree Valley, on an errand for my master to this city, and have just come to pay a visit to you and Tang Crown buddy.

Oh, so you are the top student of Master Flawless, my son mentioned you. He is currently not home, but you can sit here and wait for him to return.

I met him on the way here, and I just came in to pay my respect and take my leave.

I see. Then I won’t deter you, please send my greeting to your master for me.

Acknowledged, I will take my leave.

We’re back at the intersection, and Jesus has explored the whole city.

All that left is to explore is the forest and we’ll be done with the tour…

Something is happening over there.

That is the most ghastly and unregulated lump of unmoving flesh right before our eyes!

Eh? Aren’t you Lady Tang?

Ah…sir Jesus…

You look pale, are you alright? problem...

With that, she runs back to the city.

…(Something’s not right with Lady Tang).

Another beggar found dead at the roadside.

Yeah, this has been occurring a lot lately.

Poor chum, probably starved to death and the governor doesn’t even give a damn.

Those officials only care about furthering their career. Not like they will give much care for the life and death of us citizens, especially beggars.

You are right, [sigh], such a pity…

On closer inspection of the corpse, Jesus notices something. (You can loot the shuttlecock if he didn’t give it to you)

…(Eh? This beggar looks like he’s been poisoned to death…his whole body is covered in green…where have I seen this before…)

……(Ah! Right! Just like the bird that Tang Crown shot!)……(d-does that mean there’s a connection!?)

We must hunt down the truth to this matter!

Upon reaching the Tang family estate, Jesus sees Tang walking out of the house.

He didn’t notice Jesus at the gate and seems to be hurrying into the main hall.

Follow him!!

Why is the room empty? Jesus is certain that Tang Crown walked into this building. Let’s look around for clues.

True men use poison …(Is this the way of Tang Family?)

This vase seems a bit strange…

1) Turn it.
2) Don’t turn it.

A secret stairway opened right under the banner.

What dark secret will Jesus find in the secret basement of the Tang Family?……

[Sigh]…this poison’s effect is not strong enough….

Tang buddy, what…what is this!?

How did you get it here!?

You…you use humans to test your poison!

Huhuhu, what if I do? These beggars are starving and sick, so they will die soon anyway. I just relieve them of their problems that much sooner and also get rid of the problems of society.

Aren’t you afraid of the law and destroying the reputation of Tang Family!?

Pfff, what do I have to fear? Each of these wanderers just piles up to more problems, which the government and my dad both encourage me to get rid of, and the governor even thanks me for doing it.

But you are right, something like this is best not known by others, thanks for reminding me……[sigh], guess I will have to lose another friend.

You scoffing braggart! En Garde!

Charge! Jesus! Bring Justice to this vile scum!

Music: Battle Theme Two

Chaotic Pressure….


That hurts Tang Crown a lot, but he quickly retaliate with a sneaky back trick-shot at Jesus, but his metallic body just shrugs it off.

Second Release – Swimming Dragon…

Piercing Shot!

Tang did another trick shot by bouncing the projectile off the ground and scrapped Jesus.

The shot didn’t hurt Jesus at all, but the poison is consuming Jesus from within. (The darker the green, the more poisoned)

Jesus tries to stay far away and recuperate from the poison but he realize he doesn’t have the time in battle to eject the poison out of his body with chi.

Nor is Crown letting him do it as he is continuously pinning Jesus with more poison.

Battle Experience increased it is now 100.

But Jesus already knows this can’t go on forever and he needs to end this now, so he takes The Stance and walks a step up to the front of the surprised Crown.

Soul Release – Subterranean Intelligence of…

Praying to Buddha!

All your battle stat increased.

Hmph! So you got some punch, looks like I will have to use the killer move.


Wise, what are you doing here!?

Brother, the beggar in the city really was…killed by you…

None of your business; hurry and go back to your room!

Why…why would you do something so immoral!?

Why? All of it is for Tang Family! Have you heard what the people in Jiangwu have been saying about us? Everyone just talks about Absolute Saber Sect, who still has their eyes on the Tang Family? Do you know how much pressure I have as the future inheritor?

How would I not know of my brother’s anxiety…but…but…

Enough, for Tang Family, I will do anything, so get out of the way and let me eradicate this nuisance!

I won’t let you stray off the path anymore!

HMPH! Jesus, we will continue next time.


Lady Wise….

Who would have thought my brother would do something like this, how can I face other people in the future? Wahhhh…….

Your brother is just blinded by fame, you need to slowly persuade him and hopefully he will eventually have a change of heart.


………………(Do I lack persuasion?)


……… are right……..preventing the Tang Family from reaching such a low is also part of my responsibility; I can’t escape reality just because of this, so I will use these hands to revive Tang Family to its past glory.

I am glad to hear you say that, if you need any help, I will do my best to assist.

Thank you, Sir Jesus.

You should take your leave too, and we will part ways from here. Please take care.

You take care too.

Jesus is evicted out of the Tang estate, and Jesus refuse to go back into such vile place.

It’s noon time, I better return to Felicity’s home for lunch. And stop by the toilet along the way.

  Potential Poor Sap of the Noon
  ….help…I am…not dead yet…