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Part 3: Chapter Three: Meet the Rater

Part Three: Meet the Rater

Ask and thou shall receive.

It seems you are also an admirer of Little Shrimp, like me.

Yeah! Back in the village, my uncle always told me about the appearance of this magnificent person 100 years ago within Wulin.

This person traveled through Jianghu (Setting of Chinese classical Wuxia stories), and with his powerful Kung Fu, had obtained the title of Wulin Mengzhu (Leader of Wulin), and ultimately defeated all ten of the strongest masters in a one against ten battle.

I have heard tales about it, and I also heard that after the incident, he suddenly disappeared. Theory has it that there weren't any more opponents strong enough for him, and so he retired into the wilderness.

In the end, people built this memorial in order for the future generations to admire his greatness.


Pardon me; I just get so excited every time I hear the tales of Little Shrimp.

The truth is, I made a wish during my eighteenth birthday: in addition to seeing the glory of Little Shrimp, I am hoping to join a good school and learn Kung Fu in order to do good deeds for the world like Little Shrimp.

That a wonderful ambition, pal. Going by this aspiration alone, we will become great friends. Come, let's gossip more in the teahouse.

Yes, please.

Teahouse, like Starbucks, but sells tea.

Music: Tea House

No stat gain from cut-scene related action.

So you said this is the first time you've visited Loyang?

Yes! I'm not here just to see the statue; I was hoping to join one of the many schools of Wulin to begin my Jianghu career.

Speaking of apprenticeship, although I have heard lots of stories about Little Shrimp, I never heard about what school he belonged to.

You seem to be very knowledgeable about Little Shrimp. May I ask for your name?

Oh my bad, my name is Rater Ye. I apologize for the interruption.

No problem, no problem. Is it true that Little Shrimp mastered his Kung Fu without a master?

It is true. According to my book, Little Shrimp's original goal was to search for the 14 Heavenly (Jin Yong) Books. This person had no master, but was incredibly lucky to obtain Kung Fu manuals from other schools and gifted enough to master it.

However, what’s really impressive is his ability to merge the essences of each school and incorporate them into his style.

Your book?

My apology, this Wulin Compendium of mine is composed of records and data of Wulin history including every important individual’s action/decision and everyone’s ranking.

Such a thing exists? A book that records the events of Wulin? Does it record everything?

Not everything. I only record what is worth mentioning and only record noteworthy people.

Then I’m sure that I am not on the list, but what about Moon here? Isn’t he a worthy person?

Vale ‘Moon’ Pavilion, student of Carefree Valley. One year ago, he singlehandedly defeated the thirteen bandits of southwest Shaxi; he is a youngster worth keeping an eye on.

Moon, is that true? I never thought you were so powerful! Looks like I have met an important individual today!

Mr.Ye is such a sharp person; No one is supposed to know about this, yet it is recorded into your book. I wonder what else about Carefree Valley is recorded.

Carefree Valley’s Master Flawless kung fu is ranked number five in the world, aside from his impressive kung fu aptitude, he is also an expert in Music, Chess, Calligraphy, Painting, and Medicine.

Then, who is ranked number one in the world?

That is classified information! Who doesn’t want to become number one by defeating him!

However, I’m looking forward to your future achievements.

You flatter me Mr.Ye, I am not that extraordinary.

I wonder if I will be able to become strong too…

Everyone has the chance, as long as you are willing to work. I believe one of these days, your achievements will be recorded.

Alright, I will work hard and let Mr.Ye write my name into his book like Little Shrimp.

You should work hard too, Moon.

It's great to meet you two, although I should stay and chat more, but unfortunately I have some business to take care of, so please excuse me.

If Jesus are willing, we will meet at the motel first floor at shēn (3pm - 5pm) for some good liquor.

Sure, we will meet at shēn hour at the motel first floor; we will drink till we are down.

Manager, here is six hundred silver to cover our tab including Mr.Ye's, and give the change to my friend here.

This is very generous of you…

Not like you have any money to pay for it anyway.

I should pay him back tonight for this at the motel…but, I better make some money before then…

Obtain 570 silver

We are free! But let's have a peek at the game menu!

Here's the menu screen, some of your stats are on the bottom left and right side that might be used in the rpg mode. The red and blue bars are HP and Energy. Pointing at the chi between the palms shows your current and max Chi.

Facebook Friend list, all start at 50 points and include short description and hobbies/liking. I will translate them when we can send them gift.

All Jesus' deed will be recorded in here.

We have nothing for now and the icon are to separate the type of items.

This is the ancient Chinese time system, each word represents a certain time. From right to left:
mao = 5am to 7am (Dawn)
chén = 7am to 9 am (Sunrise)
sì = 9am to 11am (Morning)
wu = 11am to 1pm (noon)
wèi = 1pm to 3pm (Afternoon)
shen = 3pm to 5pm (Evening)

I will use the English version from here on.