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Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap

by ThornBrain

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Original Thread: Let's Play the Portable Legend of Zeldas!



With the Oracle games and the first Four Swords under their belt, Nintendo gave Capcom and Flagship another go at developing a portable Legend of Zelda for the Game Boy Advance. The result, The Minish Cap, is one of the franchise's highlights - a fresh, fun, richly detailed, well-designed (mostly) 2D Zelda that stands up right alongside the best of the whole franchise while managing to feel surprisingly divorced from it. How? See below.

At last! No Ganon! Instead we have Vaati from the Four Swords games. In this origin story of him and the Four Sword itself, we play as Link gunkle, the young grandson of legendary Blacksmith Smith and best friend of Princess Zelda. On the day of the Picori Festival, the evil sorcerer Vaati turns Zelda to stone, shatters the legendary Picori Blade, and releases monsters across Hyrule. The only way to stop Vaati is to repair the Picori Blade, the only people who can do that are the mysterious Picori themselves, and the only people who can see the Picori are children. Thus, it's up to little gunkle to find them, repair the Picori Blade, make it even more powerful, and save Hyrule and his best friend. Just watch out for talking bird hats...

This is a 100% LP, meaning all Heart Pieces, Kinstone fusions, and yes, those damn figurines. The secret is I'm emulating the game.
I am joined once again by MeccaPrime, who also LP'd this game back in 2011. His LP has pictures! But mine has 60fps.
This LP was made especially for my Patreon patrons and was shown to them in full from September 2018 through November 2018 before being made public.



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