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Part 1: Post-ending collection

Alright, so we're done with this LP. It's really about time I start preparing this thread for archi--

Shei-kun posted:

... Speaking of which, you didn't collect two treasures!

Oh no! Let's do a quick bonus update to fix that!

Now I'm sure the majority of you don't even care about the remaining few treasures that I didn't end up salvaging, as well as the final two treasure charts.
But, since I happened to take a couple of screenshots when I decided to pick them up regardless for some strange reason, I might as well post about it.

The first two gave me some rupees and a Weighty Anchor, from the Dignified set. Both of these are completely useless to me at this point, considering the fact that I kind of already have everything there is to buy and collect.

For this one I actually forgot to take a picture of when I completed the salvaging minigame, but this is what I got in one of them. It's another collectable that's useless to me. It does however give me a reason to talk about the treasures for a moment.
The way treasures work is quite similar to that of the ship parts. When you create your save file the game decides the worth and rarity of the eight different kinds of treasures. The rarer the treasure the more it's worth, with the prices going up in tiers of 50, 150, 800 and 1500 rupees. There is one kind of treasure I however never found during the playthrough, which is the Regal Ring. The Regal Ring is similar to the Golden Ship set in that it's always the rarest kind of treasure and is always worth 1500 rupees. The Regal Ring looks like this, and can also be sold to the Ho Ho Tribe located in the south-eastern quadrant for a whopping 3000 rupees! Like ship parts, treasures can also be traded with friends.

Anyway, moving on..

Again, more junk I can't really make use of at this point.

This, however just essentially improved my record time in the Temple of the Ocean King by one minute. It doesn't reflect this on the collection screen until you run through it again though.
Well that was everything I could find that I didn't salvage! I suppose I'm really don--

Shei-kun posted:

you didn't collect two treas--

Oh right, now I remember, I still forgot to pick up two treasure charts!
I believe I've mentioned this before, but two additional treasure charts become available in Harrow Island after a certain point. I believe it's after you get the final sea chart.

While digging around, I stumbled across this guy! This is Lucky Lee, or at least his text prompt. You can randomly encounter him instead of rupees or rupoors. When you encounter him, he will give you the option to bet 100 rupees to win double of that at a 50/50 chance. That's really all there is to him and I generally just decline his offer.

Eventually I did get them, after three attempts. Not too bad!

And the ever-dull rewards.

To wrap things up for the singleplayer mode, here's what my collection screen ended up looking like.

* Despite being a strange of number to cap something at, the grand total of treasure charts that you can obtain is 31.

And while I'm at it;

Cloud Potato posted:

Isn't the fish collection screen the option to the left of the main collection screen?

I'm honestly not sure why I never noticed that there's also an arrow pointing to the left in the collection screen! Here you go:

Finally, here's a quick video of a neat trading thing that I never bothered to record.

Click here!