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Part 10: The Lighthouse Revisited

I have returned.

In case you haven't caught on yet, the machine in the Temple dome was a teleporter. I can set it to any location in the game I've already been to - and that includes the Lighthouse! It's the only way to get back here from the parallel world.

Of course, I didn't just come back for the ambiance. There's something important here.

Last time I saw the puzzle box, I was dead-ended at the first inner panel, where a circular depression offered me no opportunities to continue, but now - hang on. Why are none of the panels open? The game tracks your progress; I should be able to go right to the place where I left off.

...Aw fuck. I did all that in a bonus update, didn't I?

Okay! We're back to where I was before. Now, last time we saw this screen, I said this:

Alien Arcana posted:

I need to place something on that circle. But nothing currently in my inventory comes close to the proper size and shape... so the item I need must be somewhere else. Perhaps in the parallel world.

With a quick glance through my inventory, and considering who gave this box to Dr. Krick in the first place, the answer is fairly obvious.

In case you don't recognize it, that's the pendant that Martin the inventor was wearing.

It's the perfect size, but there's still something missing. I need a pair of teardrop-shaped items to fill in the empty space.

The earrings from Krick's display case look like they'll fit just right.

They're the right shape, but completely the wrong size. And yet they work.

It's easy to overlook if you weren't paying attention, but the little knobby thing on top of the box just popped up a smidge. If I push it back down again:

Shit, I left my decoder ring at home. Oh well, no big deal.

The box spit this out after I solved the sliding-tiles puzzle. This is obviously the combination I need.

Or not.

Actually, I need to do some symbol matching first. Much like with the color-matching from a previous panel of the box, there's no indication which symbol I should go for first; I just have to try everything until it works.

Line up four squares, and there's a "click" sound to let you know it worked. After that, four circles releases the top of the assembly, and four triangles releases the bottom.

NOW we enter the code from earlier.

And with that, I've finished the puzzle box.

I was going to throw out the Zelda "item get" fanfare again, but Lighthouse actually does me one better. Check it out:

Pretty sweet. Oh, and if you're wondering what we need a bottle for?

> Got Artifact of Resolution (the sixth of six)

A crystal bottle like this was one of the pieces of the device. It was labelled (7) on the blueprints, but part (6) is a special case, so I consider the bottle to be the sixth component.

With that, I'm finished with the puzzle box, and basically done with the Lighthouse altogether. Now I need to get back to the parallel world.

Most of the portal machinery is still in good shape. I don't need to fix the machinery, or reset the circuit breaker, or flip the little switches, or turn on the gizmo. Which makes me wonder why I had to do it the first time. Is Dr. Krick just incredibly bad at using his own machine?

(If I had followed the Dark Being through its own portal at the end of Chapter 1, of course, Krick's machine would still be in disrepair. I had to fix it sooner or later.)

I do need to replace the Fresnel lens again.

At this point I realized I'd forgotten something. It's an item I could have grabbed on my first pass through, actually. In its own way, it's just as important as the crystal bottle.

> Got Alarm Clock

It'll be a while before I use it, but it will be worth it. Trust me.

Now that I'm sure I've got everything, I swap out the old lens for a new one.

Then I have to reboot the computer again.

Pull the main lever...

And the portal opens anew. Unlike the Temple machine, Krick's device always brings you to the same place - the beach outside the Tower.

I'm done here. Let's go.

End of Chapter