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Part 11: The Tower Revisited

Last time, we visited to the Lighthouse to pick up a crystal bottle (and an alarm clock), then cracked open a fresh portal and went back to para-land.

Dr. Krick's portal always goes to the same place. Bor~ing

I've got nothing to do out here, so straight to Martin's Roost I go.

Before I head for the submarine bay, I need something from the bedroom-study up here.

When I cleaned out this desk earlier, I deliberately skipped something. See that lightbulb-looking thing there? I can't open that compartment from the front, but...

I can shuffle those two vases into new locations, like so.

No, I can't just put them on the floor, or on the surface of the desk, or into my bottomless handbag. They're... uh... special vases. Special vases that can only exist on shelves. Look, just go with it, okay?

Now that this space is cleared out, I can open the compartment from the side and claim my prize.

> Got Artifact of Knowledge(the first of six)

Three down, three to go.

Nothing more to do upstairs.

On my way to the submarine cave, I stop by the workshop and grab another present for Lyra, just in case our paths cross again.

> Got Nuts 'n' Bolts.

That's the last item the Tower has to offer. From now on, this area is just a transportation hub.

There she is. Got a few things to do before I board her, though.

First, I'd better open the main gate.

I think this may be my single least favorite puzzle in the entire game, purely because it's so obvious. The crane works exactly the way you'd think, and it's used for precisely the purpose you'd imagine.

It doesn't even matter what order I do things in.

Whatever, gate's open.

Last puzzle before boarding the sub! If I spin the wheel here, the bridge extends - but it comes right back a moment later.

The metal crossbar there holds the wheel in place, so I can cross to the submarine properly.

Let's get nautical.

wait what