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Part 17: The Volcano, part 3

In our last update, I kinda got my ass kicked by the Dark Being. Apparently waltzing right in his front door isn't the most effective strategy.

Now would someone like to explain why I woke up on the beach of all places? He straps Dr. Krick to a table, puts Amanda to work in the rock factory, but the person who actively hunted him down gets released into the wild? There's no reason that shouldn't have been a game over. It's not like they don't exist in this game.

I've even still got all my items!

Okay, okay, no more complaining. I haven't lost much time, really. I'll just hop in the submarine, retrace my steps, and...

...shit. The submarine's still at the volcano, isn't it?

The game won't even let me go down the stairs to the harbor. I think that's a yes.

All right, change of plans. If I can't go by sea, I'll go by air!

Uh. Hmm. Isn't there supposed to be a giant mechanical bat up here?

Ah, crap. Now I remember. I flew to the temple, then used the teleporter and portal machine to get back. The Batplane is still over there.

Let's fix that. Remember this? It's the electric whistle I found in Martin's desk waaaay back in Chapter 4.

If I set the dial to the highest setting and hit the button, no sound comes out, but...

Even from all the way out there, the bat hears it and returns home.

Yes, I have to charge it back up again. One round trip for just twelve turns of the crank!


Haloooo the temple!

Wise to the old ways, the priests burnt night candles, uncovering secrets long lost. In the fog, quiet as mice, they devised a device. Something to stop it for once and for all.

Lyra has absolutely nothing new to say. I'll give her those Nuts 'n' Bolts anyway.

Thank you, stranger. The priests used to bring me presents like these. Sometimes, I make things to pass the time. These will be perfect.

My pleasure. Could you take me up to the dome?

Didn't think we'd be using this baby again, did you?

It doesn't take as much work to reset the teleporter now that I've used it once. It's already turned on and charged. I just need to extend the podium...

And choose a destination. The volcano itself isn't on the list, probably so I can't strand myself like a dumbass, so I'll aim for the submarine instead.

I have to do this stupid realignment again, though.


And just like that, I'm back at the volcano. Or rather, I'm in the submarine, which is parked at the volcano.

Drilltrain is magically back at the entrance. I do not question my good fortune.

I'm back on track!

So. The main entrance to the Dark Being's lair was a bust. I'll have to find another way in - but first, I have some unfinished business to attend to.

To the rock factory!

I've pressurized the silver pipe, so I can work the remaining controls now.

First, I pull the right-hand lever towards me.

That moves a previously-unseen magnet into position behind me. Next, I press the button, and...

This would be a timing puzzle, but I can't work the controls if I'm not looking at them, so it works out to be more of a "press button until get lucky" puzzle.

There we go. One rock, fresh from the oven.

Now, I push the lever forward once, then twice.

The rock is in position. Push the button, Frank!

I don't know what the hell I just did, but I did it with style. Now, where'd the wee bairn go?

She's on the other side of this barrier, I think. It won't stay open long enough for me to climb through, though. What to do, what to do.

Paging Dr. Freud.

There she is! The brainwashing seems to have worn off, too. C'mere, you!

> Got Amanda.

I'll keep her in the handbag.

Okay, all done here. There's only one place left in the volcano I haven't explored yet.

Unlike... basically everything else in the volcano, the drawbridge isn't steam-powered. Actually, it's controlled by a switch, located further down the scaffolding. However, I'm not allowed to leave the train here, and even if I could get out I don't think I could reach it.

Time for Drilltrain to step up. You may have noticed that there's controls on the console that I haven't touched yet. For instance, the two little guys in the top left corner. Flip the switch, then slide the toggle right and left...


This is one of two places where the orientation of the train matters. The crane's mounted on the back, so I had to come here ass-first. Which would be rather annoying if I didn't know exactly where the junctions are - there's an indicator light, but I still need to be quick on the switch.

I really don't feel like driving all the way back to the crossroads just to turn around, so I'll keep going in reverse. According to the map back in the pipes room, it's a straight shot from here to the end of the line.

I'm sure nothing will go wrong.