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Part 41: A Family Crisis

Update 41: A Family Crisis (Polsy)

So today we're doing nothing but sidequests. If all you're interested in is the plot, best check out and well see you in 5 videos. But I'm sure everyone can't wait to check in with our favorite dysfunctional family, so that shouldn't be an issue. Also, so as to not dredge up an entire LPs worth of arguments, the only thing I'm going to say with regards to 13-2 and LR is that I think LR works where 13-2 does not because it's more tonally consistent. Both games suffer heavily from "serious plot, less serious sidequests", but 13-2 varies wildly even among the main plot - For every scene where you defeat a boss by yelling at Hope through time and space, you had two more where an artificial Fal'Cie took over a city and was randomly turning civilians or Caius was killing you because you were aberrations in the timeline. LR, for better or worse, does not have this problem. When the plot is happening, it is deadly serious all the time.