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Part 48: Order and Chaos

Update 48: Order and Chaos (Polsy)


Lost Souls ~ Caius and Yeul



The Guardian's Choice

The unseen Chaos is made up of the amalgamated souls of the Yeuls who have been reborn in time. Those Yeuls shared the wish to see Caius once again, and that wish drew them together in a cancerous mass of hopes and dreams. The souls of Yeuls are no more than a great concentration of Chaos, unable to separate from one another any longer.

If Caius were to be reborn in the new world, those Yeuls would have to follow him there as well. And if they did, that world would soon be poisoned just as this one has been. Could it be that the reason Caius has decided to stay behind is for the sake of the world that is to come? Or does he simply loathe to leave the Yeuls, who no longer have a physical form to return to?


People: Odin

Odin, the silver eidolon, is Lightning's sworn ally.

The eidolons are powerful creatures from Valhalla, the realm of the goddess, and can only be called forth by special l'Cie. Odin takes on two different forms: that of a great warrior, whose blade can cleave through any foe, or a horse, which bears its sworn master aloft as it takes to the heavens.

Lightning never knew what happened to Odin after she was defeated in Valhalla, but he was in fact reborn as the Angel of Valhalla.