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Part 56: Capital "F" Fashion

Update 56: Capital "F" Fashion (Polsy)



The False Savior

Is it alright for a god, who cannot see into the hearts of people, to decide their future? In order to truly save humanity, mustn't the savior turn her back on such a god and reclaim the world for the people themselves? But perhaps it is not possible to defeat the almighty Bhunivelze.

The seeress Yeul, who sees the truth of all things, speaks of the doubts and questions that fill Lightning's heart. And she tells Lightning that she cannot save anything as she is now. Not mankind's future, not even her sister's soul.

As she is, Lightning is no more than an incomplete existence held in God's palm. If she cannot find her true self again, she will never achieve true victory. And with this cruel truth imparted, Yeul disappears.